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James Vega jamessan at debian.org
Sun Oct 11 16:44:23 UTC 2009

The annotated tag, v20091011 has been created
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 tagged by  James Vega
        on  Sun Oct 11 12:43:45 2009 -0400

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Debian version 20091011
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


James Vega (97):
      Fix debian/patches/disabledby-themes.dpatch to use endif instead of fi[nish].  (Closes: #413468)
      * Updated addons:
      Prepare release
      Update git-commit addon.  (Closes: #452954)
      * Updated addons:
      * New addons:
      Updated web pages for bufexplorer and NERD Commenter
      Update debPlugin and add bug closure note for new bufexplorer
      Add python-indent script
      Add python-indent webpage and update webpages for the other updated scripts.
      Remove old TODO item since scripts should be handled by vim-addons now
      * Add disabledby-pythonindent patch, which allows blacklisting the
      - Bufexplorer (Closes: #455883), NERD Commenter, Supertab, Align, cvsmenu,
      Add surround plugin (Closes: #462431)
      Update web pages for supertab, bufexplorer, Align, gnupg, cvsmenu, and NERD Commenter plugins
      Update the registry file
      - markdown-syntax: markdown syntax file (Closes: #426680)
      * Remove the old compatibility symlink from
      * Actually install indent/python.vim.  (Closes: #464088)
      Update vcscommand
      * Updated addons:
      Release 7.1.6
      * debian/control:
      * patches/disabledby-xml.dpatch:
      * Updated addons:
      Remove debian/copyright and debian/vim-registry/vim-scripts.yaml from svn since they are automatically generated at build time.
      New addons:
      - xmledit, surround
      Update debPlugin
      Update Markdown syntax
      Update NERD Commenter
      Update Enhanced Commentify
      Update vcscommand
      Update calendar
      Refresh disabledby-calendar.dpatch
      Correct the use of inputlist() and its results so the user is able to
      Fix lbdbq-inputlist.dpatch so stupid dpatch knows how to apply it
      - snippetsEmu: Emulate TextMate's snippet expansion. (Closes: #473744)
      Add the "snippets bundles" to the package
      Release 7.1.7
      Correct the capitalization of Vim
      Remove CHANGES.CVSCommand.txt since that is included in the new vcscommand documentation.
      Change doc-base section to Editors
      Update changelog and really release 7.1.7
      Update vim-scripts.status and documentation for the new mkd version.
      Update NERD commenter plugin
      Update vcscommand plugin
      Use the proper upstream version for vcscommand
      * Added patches:
      Update NERD commenter to 2.1.16
      Update cvsmenu to 1.147
      Actually apply closetag-sanity
      lbdbq-query.dpatch: Ensure there are enough fields to build the results
      Acknowledge Luca Invernizzi for providing the patch.
      * debian/control: Bump standards-version to 3.8.0 -- no changes needed.
      Release 20080705-1
      Invoke debian/vim-scripts.pl via perl instead of relying on it being +x (which
      Make sure debian/vim-registry exists
      Stub 20080705-2
      Add securemodelines script and upload
      * Updated addons:
      Update NERD_commenter
      * Renamed addons:
      Update xmledit (Closes: #503707)
      Update vcscommand
      Update Align
      Updated gnupg
      Update bufexplorer
      Update patch list for themes -> color_sample_pack rename
      Update disabledby-supertab.dpatch for new version
      Add xmledit's documentation
      syntax/mkd.vim: Do not restrict preformatted text from containing '*',
      Require character following whitespace to be non-whitespace for pre-formatted text.
      debian/control: Simply use vim instead of both vim and gvim for
      Release 20081206-1
      Update markdown-syntax addon
      Update supertab to 0.49
      debian/control: Change Vcs-* fields to point at git repo.
      Switch from dpatch to quilt.
      Remove git-commit script.  Vim is shipped with more complete scripts. (Closes: #539380)
      Update supertab to 0.51
      Update DoxygenToolkit to 0.2.5
      Update NERD_commenter to 2.2.2
      Update Color Sampler Pack to 7.01
      Update xmledit to 1.84
      Update VCSCommand to 1.99.31
      Update Align to 35/41.
      Update gnupg to 2782
      calendar: Updated to 1.8
      cvsmenu: Updated to 1.150
      supertab: Updated to 0.60
      control: Bump Standards-Version to 3.8.3
      Release 20091011

Stefano Zacchiroli (80):
      checked in vim-scripts work in progress package
      completed review/addition of all scripts
      - removed closetag.vim
      changed copyright format, added a perl script to download all html pages
      wrote vim-scripts.pl, which parses changelog in the vim-scripts format and can
      added back entry for Chdir.vim
      added back entry for Chdir.vim
      moved to the debian package
      - patched debianization (install in /usr/share/vim-scripts/)
      fixed lintian warnings: wrong symlinks and 0-byte html for winmanager.vim
      - added svncommand.vim plugin
      - added TODO.Debian (mentioning debconf question)
      - added EnhancedCommentify
      - removed old "upstream" README (all info are available in html/)
      - upgraded a.vim, cvsmenu.vim, svncommand.vim
      - made vim Suggests vim-scripts and vim-scripts Enhances vim
      - upgraded cvsmenu.vim and cvscommand.vim
      - added the "extras" field to scripts status so that automatic installation will be possible
      vim-scripts 6-3 is coming
      added todo item abourt NERD_commenter
      started a new version
      renamed pkg dir according to new version
      bumped dir version number according to the last mv
      updated several plugins
      removed vimspell.vim, no longer needed with vim7
      added nerd commenter plugin
      added news item about cvs/svncommand merging
      added the X-VCS-SVN field to debian/control, so that user can know where to find the latest version of the package we are working on
      added the project plugin, fixed changelog entry
      ready for the upload
      - integrated support for vim-addons
      more standard directory structure for the vim-scripts package
      treat vim-scripts as a native debian package (together with the dir restructuring this also means that vim-scripts can now happily be built using svn-buildpackage, yuppie)
      updated documentation
      bug fix in vim-scripts.pl: now also the last addon in the registry will have a corresponding yaml registry entry
      round of script updates
      bugfix: last registry entry should be generated only if action is "registry"
      ready for a new upload to unstable
      added configuration for tags dir
      towards the next release ...
      added dtd2vim
      describe the requirement of dtd2vim -> perlsgml
      fixed typo: vcscommit.vim resides under syntax/
      added html doc for dtd2vim
      support for disabling of system-wide plugins
      moved games under plugin/
      regenerated registry and copyright
      - added a description of what the shipped web pages are
      rewritten usage notes pointing to vim-addons
      changed a todo item
      fix: exists() should be passed a string containing the variable name to be checked for existence
      added the manpage for dtd2vim, other cosmetic things for dtd2vim
      added a TODO item, nicer formatting
      switched debian/rules to cdbs
      added vimplate (closing a wishlist bug report)
      more info about how to use vimplate in debian
      added vimplate manpage, generated with pod2man
      debian specific default for vimplate binary path
      ready for an upload to unstable
      added missing XS-Vcs-* fields (notably XS-Vcs-Browser)
      updated addons
      added doxygen toolkit addon
      fixed disabledby field for doxygen-toolkit
      added omnicppcomplete
      changed version to match vim package one
      - added git-commit by madcoder
      ported patch to upstream version
      recommends vim-addons
      fixing typo
      * addons adds/removals/upgrades
      - added: lbdbq (Closes: #430685) ... which now quotes expanded names to
      - add git-defaults, provides a default for g:git_diff_spawn_mode to avoid
      - upgraded: bufexplorer, which now use ":drop" only if a gui is available
      * add Homepage debian/control field
      add patch lbdbq-detect-lbdbq to detect whether the lbdbq executable is
      * Removing myself from Uploaders list. So long.
      remove a disapparead patch from patch list
      fix changelog line for "orphaning"

martin f. krafft (2):
      use/enable new Vcs-* syntax
      Updated mkd.vim syntax file to version 8


vim-scripts packaging

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