Bug#290507: vim does not close file upon :sh

James Vega jamessan at debian.org
Fri Sep 11 18:51:47 UTC 2009

On Fri, Sep 11, 2009 at 01:36:45PM +0200, Bram Moolenaar wrote:
> James -
> > Updated patch attached.  The flags are retrieved first and F_SETFD is
> > only called if that was successful and FD_CLOEXEC isn't already set.
> > I've also added an autoconf check which defines HAVE_FD_CLOEXEC if it is
> > successful.  That is also used to guard the related code instead of the
> > previous "#ifdef UNIX".
> > 
> > I followed the model of similar autoconf checks for the FD_CLOEXEC
> > check.  I think it should be sufficient but I don't have any systems
> > which have fcntl.h yet don't define FD_CLOEXEC.
> Now that I wanted to look into this I notice that you forgot to attach
> the patch.

Sorry about that.  Actually attached this time. :)

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