Bug#622650: perl_fold=1 makes vim absurdly slow

James Vega jamessan at debian.org
Thu Apr 14 01:03:18 UTC 2011

forcemerge 563924 622650
retitle 563924 foldmethod=syntax may cause drastic performance problems

On Wed, Apr 13, 2011 at 12:54:04PM -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
> Recently (in the past half year or so), editing perl code in vim has begun to
> drag horribly. There are sometimes pauses of many seconds, and often vim
> responds as if it were on the other side of a transatlantic link.
> I commented out perl_fold=1 in my vimrc and this went away.

This looks like another artifact of patch 7.2.274.  That has caused a
couple items to be added to Vim's todo list:

  Change to C syntax folding to make it work much faster, but a bit less
  reliable. (Lech Lorens, 2009 Nov 9)  Enable with an option?
  Most time is spent in in_id_list().

  Slow combination of folding and PHP syntax highlighting.  Script to reproduce
  it.  Caused by "syntax sync fromstart" in combination with patch 7.2.274.
  (Christian Brabandt, 2010 May 27)
  Generally, folding with 'foldmethod' set to "syntax" is slow.  Do profiling to
  find out why.

Merging with the other bug.

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