Bug#592239: Remove markdown syntax in favor of Vim 7.3's

Denis Laxalde dlaxalde at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 16:05:51 UTC 2011

James Vega <jamessan at debian.org> wrote [2011-03-01]:
> > But such redundancy isn't desirable, now is it?  
> Especially given that the officially sanctioned filetype name is
> markdown, not mkd as used by this script.  By using mkd as the
> filetype, you now lose any benefit of the other official scripts
> since you're not using the same filetype name.  This is one of the
> reasons I try to push people to maintain their scripts within Vim
> upstream.  In an ideal world, the vim-scripts package wouldn't exist.

That's indeed a reasonable position.

> Is there anything this syntax script supports that the official one
> doesn't?  If so, it probably makes better sense to try and merge that
> functionality into the official script.

At least one thing: folding. I will investigate further though.

Denis Laxalde

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