licensing of vim runtime files - runtime/ftplugin/logcheck.vim

Thilo Six T.Six at
Sun Jan 15 20:18:18 UTC 2012

Dear Vim Script Maintainer,

it has been revealed that there are files in the vim runtime distribution that
are *not* licensed under the terms of the vim license.
For details what the vim license is, please take a look at: ':help copyright' or
online at:

I writing to you, because you are mentioned as maintainer of one of those files.
For distributions that would like to include Vim it is getting very complicated
if there are files with a different license.  It would require a lawyer or a
judge to decide how this applies to the runtime files.
And then it might be a bit different for various countries.

Therefore we ask you kindly to change the license under which you release the
files mentioned.
Currently there are three ways of further progress on this matter:
I.   It is preferred that you relicense this particular vim runtime file(s)
     under the terms of the Vim license mentioned above.

II.  If you are not willing to relicense the runtime file(s) under the terms of
     Vim license solely then we ask you dual-license the runtime file(s) under
     the licese of your choice *and* the terms of the Vim license.

III. If neither I. nor II. is acceptable for you for what ever reason, then we
     might be forced to remove this runtime file(s) from the official vim
     runtime file distribution from

If you are willing to relicense the runtime file(s) please sent them to vim-dev,
so that your will is publicly documented and cc Bram and me.

Thank you for your attention. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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