[SCM] vim-addon-manager packaging branch, master, updated. v0.4.4-52-geef7258

Antonio Terceiro terceiro at debian.org
Tue Jan 31 23:33:16 UTC 2012

The following commit has been merged in the master branch:
commit 99e25c0b0faa6e3261f258c0072329287ee9651a
Author: Antonio Terceiro <terceiro at debian.org>
Date:   Sun Jan 22 10:44:02 2012 -0200

    Run all tests by default

diff --git a/Rakefile b/Rakefile
index d363551..259d665 100644
--- a/Rakefile
+++ b/Rakefile
@@ -1,5 +1,19 @@
-task :default do
-  %w[ ruby1.9.1 ruby1.8 ].each do |rubyversion|
-    sh rubyversion, '-w', '-S', 'rspec', '--color', 'spec'
+task :default => [:rspec, :cucumber]
+def each_ruby
+  %w[ ruby1.9.1 ruby1.8 ].each do |ruby_version|
+    yield(ruby_version)
+  end
+task :rspec do
+  each_ruby do |ruby_version|
+    sh ruby_version, '-w', '-S', 'rspec', '--color', 'spec'
+  end
+task :cucumber do
+  each_ruby do |ruby_version|
+    sh ruby_version, '-S', 'cucumber', '--format', 'progress'

vim-addon-manager packaging

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