New syntax files need feedback

Vincent Cheng vincentc1208 at
Sat Sep 22 02:36:15 UTC 2012

[Dropping from cc, given that this is a mostly Debian/Ubuntu
specific discussion. I'm not subscribed to the pkg-vim mailing list,
so please keep me cc'ed]

Hi quidame,

On Tue, Sep 18, 2012 at 6:13 PM, bilibop project <quidame at> wrote:
> 3. conky.vim
> Works only for conky 1.x conkyrc. (next generation is lua script)
> I hope they will be included into Vim. Feedback is welcome.

Have you forwarded this upstream to conky's developers? As I'm not a
vim user, I don't know whether this file should be installed inside
the conky package, or with vim instead. If this is to be distributed
with conky's source package and installed with conky rather than vim,
please make sure you forward this upstream, and let me know what I'm
supposed to do with this conky.vim file to integrate conkyrc syntax
highlighting within vim (where am I supposed to install this file?
Presumably somewhere in /usr/share/vim? Or will debhelper take care of
the nitty gritty details?).

Due to the freeze, this probably won't be done anytime soon; feel free
to file a bug report so I don't forget about this. :)


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