[SCM] vim-addon-manager packaging annotated tag, 0.5.0, created. debian/0.5.0

Antonio Terceiro terceiro at debian.org
Sun Sep 30 20:26:10 UTC 2012

The annotated tag, 0.5.0 has been created
        at  159fdb9257d925b622abdc585cb9924d95e77333 (tag)
   tagging  2c1063c6cfd8e2bec4a3642bc96a1812bda4e38c (commit)
  replaces  v0.4.4
 tagged by  Antonio Terceiro
        on  Mon Jun 4 19:55:16 2012 -0300

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Debian release 0.5.0

Antonio Terceiro (73):
      Revert "Restructure source layout"
      Turning vim-addon-manager in a proper Ruby project
      Add new changelog entry
      move Makefile to doc/
      Bump standards version and debhelper dependency
      Add missing debian/source/format
      Minimal build-time testing
      Install only *.txt at /usr/share/doc
      Fix indentation
      update changelog
      Reorganize library code
      Fix indentation
      First rspec test, for registry
      Simpler implementation of "load all addons"
      Fixcrash with empty registry files on Ruby 1.8
      Fix logger usage
      Make it possible to silence the logger
      Add some tests for the AddonManager class
      Add basic tests for addon status
      Add silent mode
      Basic integration tests
      Run all tests by default
      Remove warning on Ruby 1.9 caused by ambiguous syntax
      Move install logic to the addon itself
      Move remove logic to the addon itself
      Move auxiliary method into private area
      Move legacy addon bahavior to a separate class
      rename spec file for legacy addon class
      Change class name in example group header
      Making the Addon class select an implementation
      Implement new style addons
      Run tests with rake during build
      Use 'bundle' instead of 'bundles'
      Add test wrapper to perform manual testing
      Add a TODO list
      Console to fiddle with the environment loaded
      I am the new maintainer
      mode TODO items
      Allow addons to specify their own directory
      another TODO item
      one more TODO item
      Test that the symlink actually points to the right place
      Sorting the TODO list; priority = top to bottom
      yet another TODO item
      Using 'vambundle' instead of 'bundle' for dir name
      new TODO item
      Support files for adding v-a-m dirs to runtimepath
      Copyright update; debian/copyright in DEP-5
      Don't run tests with -w for now
      Manipulate &runtimepath without pathogen
      Pending: get vim to load /etc/vim/vimrc.d/*.vim
      Better test console
      Testing documentation indexing
      New-style addons must provide pre-built tags files
      test script to run vim with a clean enviroment
      cucumber is a new build dependency
      Fix all lower case copyright notices
      Listing files in `vim-addons show`
      TODO: rename main program to vim-addon-manager
      Ignore tags files
      upgrade-from-legacy action
      Change "vambundle" to just "vam"
      Main program is now 'vim-addon-manager'
      ignore tmp directory
      Update documentation
      Add symlinks to alternative program names
      Add completion for all alternative program names
      symlink manpages for alternative names
      Remove vimrc.d stuff
      Release to unstable
      Change name in manpage
      Missing Build-Depends on rspec
      Nees vim-common to run the tests because of helpztags

James McCoy (1):
      Add debconf TODO

James Vega (2):
      Remove obsolete d/svn-deblayout
      Restructure source layout


vim-addon-manager packaging

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