Bug#705007: E763: Word characters differ between spell files

Marcin Szewczyk Marcin.Szewczyk at wodny.org
Mon Jun 10 10:45:27 UTC 2013

On Mon, Apr 08, 2013 at 07:08:01PM +0200, Uwe Storbeck wrote:
> [...] spell files. They are not compatible with spell files which vim
> automatically downloads from ftp.vim.org:
> [...] 
> When I manually download the current English spell files from
> http://ftp.vim.org/pub/vim/runtime/spell/ and copy them to
> /home/uwe/.vim/spell spell checking works as expected without
> any error messages.

An interesting part is my Vim reported errors for English UTF-8 .spl
even after downloading a new version from ftp.vim.org to ~/.vim/spell.
What actually caused an error was an old Polish UTF-8 dictionary. After
downloading it from ftp.vim.org the problem stopped and I still use
packaged English spell files.

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