Bug#768256: vim-gui-common: GNOME's "open with" menu displays a huge vim icon rendering the menu unusable

Raphael Hertzog hertzog at debian.org
Thu Nov 6 09:43:11 UTC 2014

On Thu, 06 Nov 2014, Raphaël Hertzog wrote:
> On a freshly installed Jessie system where you install "vim-gnome" (and/or
> likely vim-gtk too), when you right click on a text file in nautilus and
> then open the "open with" sub-menu, you will see a huge vim icon taking
> almost the full screen and rendering the sub-menu useless.

In fact, you don't need vim-gnome or vim-gtk, the problem also affects
"vim-common" since it ships a vim.desktop that also has "Icon=vim".

Effectively I have two entries named in the exact same way "GVim" when
in fact one is gvim and the other is "vim in a terminal". This is also

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