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James McCoy jamessan at debian.org
Sat Nov 22 04:42:40 UTC 2014

On Thu, Nov 20, 2014 at 10:11:31AM -0700, David Mohr wrote:
> I just wanted to say that this is an active issue for me. I am developing
> code in Python 3, and python-mode etc don't work when started with Python 2
> since then they don't recognize the Python 3 syntax. While Python 2 is still
> in widespread use, Python 3 usage is rising and it is a shame that vim can't
> handle it out of the box.

Vim can, but not the way Debian currently packages libpython.  Also,
given the reasons I've already stated in this bug, enabling Vim's
dynamic loading of language bindings isn't something that I think is an
acceptable middle ground even though it would give a little more leeway
in your situation.

> I don't have time to actively work on this issue, but I'd be more than happy
> to test any patches.

Unfortunately, I don't have any patches that can be tested.  It either
requires changing how libpython is packaged or seriously overhauling how
Vim implement dynamic loading of its language bindings.

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