Newbie help request and RFS: vim-autopep8

James McCoy jamessan at
Thu Dec 3 05:47:15 UTC 2015

On Sun, Nov 29, 2015 at 01:35:56PM +0530, Balasankar C wrote:
> I am a regular user of Vim and would like to package some of my favorite
> vim plugins. I am a Debian Maintainer and have the idea of packaging.
> However, I am a newbie on Vim plugin packaging and would like to get
> some help to get me started. I have prepared the packaging of
> vim-autopep8 plugin that lets a user to apply autopep8 on the current
> file. It would be a great help if some of you could take a look at it
> and suggest modifications/corrections. The code is hosted here -

Looks good, however the preinst/postinst/prerm files aren't needed.  Vim
addons aren't enabled by default currently.

> One doubt I have is, the upstream contains a docs folder which is for
> using sphinx to generate documentation. It requires some of the
> not-yet-packaged python libraries to do so. Is it necessary to do that,
> or can I simply install the readme file (which is in rst format, but is
> very much readable) ?

Just the README is fine.

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