Behavior of 'b' changed?

James McCoy jamessan at
Sun May 31 03:49:28 UTC 2015

On Sun, May 31, 2015 at 12:22:25PM +0900, shogikento at wrote:
> Hello Vim maintainers,
> I've been a long time vi(m) user.  I would like to
> thank all the efforts by you, the maintainer team.
> I have a question.

This list is just about maintenance of Debian's Vim packages, not
general Vim support.  You'll be better off asking such questions on the
Vim user list.  See for details.

> Let's say I have this string:
> "abcd.efgh"
> and the cursor is on the last character, "h."
> Now I type 'b.'  Then I expect the cursor to
> move to 'e,' which is the behavior I have seen
> until now.

Something is likely changing the 'iskeyword' option by adding the .
character to it.  The command “:verbose set iskeyword?” should confirm
that and report which script is doing so.

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