Bug#729924: Default to Python3 builds, add Python2 variants

Matthias Klose doko at debian.org
Wed Apr 6 10:21:33 UTC 2016


please find attached a debdiff which builds with Python3 as the default, and 
adds Python2 variants as extra packages.  I worked with the ycmd amd 
vim-youcompleteme maintainer to test these packages in Ubuntu.  Ubuntu's 
motivation was to get rid off Python2 from some CD images, defaulting to 
Python3.  People still can install the -py2 variants, but it would be nice to 
move to Python3 by default in vim for the next Debian release as well.


PS: I left the ubuntu patches in the diff, at least for the unsupported status 
of trusty, the Debian package is doing it wrong.

PPS: The python extensions are not linked against libpython to avoid 
dependencies on more than one Python version when we have more than one 
Python3.x version in the archive.
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