Bug#820628: Menu item just opens terminal

Stephen Paul Weber singpolyma at singpolyma.net
Sun Apr 10 19:08:53 UTC 2016

Package: vim-common
Version: 2:7.4.488-7

Under LXDE there is a menu icon (created by 
/usr/share/applications/vim.desktop) with the vim icon, but when I click it 
it just opens a new terminal (vim does not launch in that terminal).

It seems not very useful to put in an icon to a graphical menu to launch 
non-graphical version of vim (I have only `vim` installed, not gvim or 
anything), but if others want to keep the icon then at least it should open 
vim and not only a terminal, I think.


Stephen Paul Weber, @singpolyma
See <http://singpolyma.net> for how I prefer to be contacted
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