[neovim] annotated tag v0.1.4 created (now 0c8c68f)

James McCoy jamessan at debian.org
Tue Jun 28 03:19:03 UTC 2016

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jamessan pushed a change to annotated tag v0.1.4
in repository neovim.

        at  0c8c68f   (tag)
   tagging  4dcd19d9bc2417051ddbda177010ca8c0cb2cf73 (commit)
  replaces  v0.1.3
 tagged by  Justin M. Keyes
        on  Sun Apr 24 22:05:19 2016 -0400

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
NVIM v0.1.4

Björn Linse (7):
      tests: fix indeterministic oldfiles! test
      Merge pull request #4583 from KillTheMule/robust-completion
      Merge pull request #3951 from cacplate/misc1_Wconversion
      eval: let getreg() return valid list for an undefined register
      Merge pull request #4618 from bfredl/regcrash
      tests/ui: screen tests for completion popupmenu
      Merge pull request #4571 from bfredl/pumtest

Case Nelson (2):
      test: remote/define.vim: range
      test: format

Charles Joachim (1):
      misc1.c: enable -Wconversion

Chiel Kooijman (1):
      doc: formatting #4543

Dan Elkouby (1):
      rplugin: Ignore modeline while chaining events

Daniel Hahler (1):
      vim-patch.sh: fix/improve pattern with find_git_remote

David Barnett (8):
      vim-patch:fc39ec (runtime/filetype.vim)
      vim-patch:f913281 (runtime/doc/)

Grzegorz Milka (1):

HiPhish (1):
      Implement tab-local working directory feature.

James McCoy (1):
      vim-patch.sh: Query git for name of neovim remote

Jurica Bradaric (12):
      eval: Fix linter error.
      eval: Update documentation.
      Fix linter errors.
      Merge tempfile.c back into fileio.c
      delete_spec: Fix linter errors.
      Fix another linter error.

Justin M. Keyes (44):
      version bump
      Merge pull request #4546 from KillTheMule/vim-patch-sh
      Merge pull request #4357 from jbradaric/vim-7.4.1105
      Merge pull request #4505 from watiko/vim-runtimes
      spellfile.vim: less pestering
      spell: Fix argument and avoid redundant prompt.
      Merge pull request #4555 from justinmk/spell
      Merge pull request #4557 from mikewadsten/bugfix/issue-4537-cscope-segfault
      Merge pull request #4559 from ZyX-I/undodir-undo-doc-update
      Merge pull request #4562 from dbarnett/vim-f2571c
      Merge pull request #4566 from ZyX-I/more-lint
      defaults: Enable syntax/filetype for real.
      test: move server_spec.lua
      test: defaults_spec.lua
      Merge pull request #4558 from justinmk/filetype
      Merge pull request #4579 from Shougo/lemonade
      Merge pull request #4586 from oni-link/fix.on.process.exit
      Merge pull request #4574 from oni-link/fix.utfc_ptr2char_len
      Merge pull request #4592 from oni-link/fix.issue.4582
      Merge pull request #4585 from dbarnett/vim-fc39ec
      Merge pull request #4565 from KillTheMule/vim-patch-1282
      Merge pull request #4131 from ZyX-I/json-functions
      Merge pull request #4594 from dbarnett/vim-88774f
      Merge pull request #4595 from dbarnett/vim-fc39ec
      Merge pull request #4590 from Streetwalrus/issue4471
      test: convert test_marks.in.
      vim-patch.sh: recognize malformed patches.
      Merge pull request #4018 from justinmk/vim-35e7594
      test: remote/define.vim: Add some spice.
      Merge #4553
      Merge pull request #4599 from Shougo/fixerror
      Merge pull request #4601 from dbarnett/vim-f913281
      Merge pull request #4602 from dbarnett/vim-12969c0
      Merge pull request #4603 from dbarnett/vim-ca63501
      doc: remove redundant, outdated section.
      Merge pull request #4604 from dbarnett/vim-60cce2f
      Merge pull request #4589 from gregorias/patch_1113
      Merge pull request #4610 from KillTheMule/vim-7.4.819
      tcd: doc, error messages
      Merge #3229 ':tcd'
      Merge pull request #4367 from jbradaric/vim-7.4.1107
      Merge pull request #4636 from blueyed/vim-patch-fix-find_git_remote
      release.sh: Automate release process.
      NVIM v0.1.4

KillTheMule (10):
      Update version.c to 7.4.1284
      Satisfy the linter
      Add new style test test_viml.vim to the build
      Make completion_spec.lua more robust

Mike Wadsten (1):
      cscope: Fix mismatched types in ':cscope show' output

Panashe Fundira (1):
      doc: Fix tiny typo in :bufdo section

Paul Jolly (1):
      remote/define.vim: support remote function "range"

Rui Abreu Ferreira (1):
      v:windowid #4608

Shougo Matsushita (4):
      complete: noinsert/noselect should not set 'modified'. #4509
      clipboard: support "lemonade" tool
      Fix loading remote plugin error
      version.c: update. #4301

Thiago de Arruda (9):
      main.c: Free msgpack packer in --api-info handler to make ASAN happy
      Synchronize shada reset helper with other functional tests
      Allow a lua debugger to be specified on `functionaltest-lua` target
      Remove indeterminism in oldfiles_spec.lua
      Mark cursor_spec.lua indeterministic test as pending
      Add luv as a third party dependency
      third-party: Add missing *_host dependencies to luarocks packages
      Update lua client to 0.0.1-24
      Merge PR #4398 'Update lua client'

ZyX (85):
      documentation: Update information about default location of undo files
      clint: Add diagnostics for things like `char* foo` or `(char*)`
      clint: Add rule for preincrement/predecrement
      eval: Split out typval_T dumping functions to nvim/encode.c
      functests(msgpack): Fix test names
      functests(msgpack): Fix location of one of the tests
      eval: Add jsonencode() function
      encode: Add a hint for static analyzer that cur_tv is not NULL
      eval: Add special variable type
      eval: Add special variables v:false, v:null, v:none
      runtime/msgpack: Add support for special values
      functests/msgpack: Test dumping special nil and bool dicts
      encode: Do not use default case for v_type
      eval: Add jsondecode() function
      cmake: Refactor code that creates directories and lists C files
      eval: Move encode.c to eval/encode.c
      vim: Move *MSG* macros to message.h
      eval: Get rid of VV_LEN constant
      eval: Move some decoding functions to eval/decode.c
      eval/decode: Replace INIT_SPECIAL_DICT macros with inline function
      eval/decode: Make msgpackparse() function use new v: vars
      eval/decode: Fail on control and invalid unicode characters
      eval/decode: Fix surrogate pairs processing
      doc: Update documentation regarding converting from/to &encoding
      eval/*: Fix some linter errors
      eval/decode: Parse strings with NUL to special dictionaries
      eval/decode: Add support for special maps
      eval: Remove get_vim_var_tv function
      eval: Remove v:none
      *: Fix linter errors
      eval/decode: Fix vim_str2nr invocation
      eval: Change dv_lock type to VarLockStatus
      *: Fix gcc warnings
      eval: Make assert_true and assert_false accept v:true and v:false
      eval: Port parts of 7.4.1267 that are not already present
      shada: Make sure that NIL and EXT values can also be parsed back
      *: Fix memory leaks found by clang sanitizer
      eval/encode: Fix non-utf-8 &encoding handling, add tests
      version: Record that vim-7.4.1271 is kinda of there
      eval: Fix QuickBuild failures
      eval/encode: Fix writing strings starting with NL to list
      eval/encode: Fix invalid UTF-8 strings handling:
      eval/encode: Reduce length of encode_list_write
      eval/encode: Free memory just in case
      eval/encode: Remove unneeded variable, add missing include
      api: Replace set_var(name, NIL) with del_var(name)
      eval: Rename json* functions to json_*
      api/documentation: Add a warning that nil may mean v:null
      encode: Fail to dump NaN and infinity
      encode: Handle incomplete surrogates like `\uSURR\uOTHR` properly
      eval: Do not break when VimVarIndex and vimvars order mismatches
      eval: Remove assert expression
      eval/decode: Also use VAR_UNLOCKED in old code
      eval/decode: Record that `obj` may be freed
      eval/decode: Rename brackets in error messages
      eval/decode: Avoid overflow when parsing incomplete null/true/false
      functests: Make sure that json functions are tested with C messages
      eval/decode: Make sure that U+00C3 is parsed correctly
      eval/decode: Make sure that blank input does not crash Neovim
      eval/decode: Make sure that parsing strings does not overflow
      eval/decode: Make sure that error messages do not cause overflow
      eval/decode: Do not loose high surrogates followed by high surrogates
      eval/decode: Reject more numbers, accept 1e5
      eval/decode: Rewrite json_decode_string end as suggested by oni-link
      message: Remove useless emsg* functions, leaving only emsgf
      documentation: Update type() documentation
      *: Fix linter errors
      eval/decode: Reject even more numbers
      eval/decode: Fix typo in internal error message
      eval/decode: Clarify meaning of some pointer arguments
      eval/decode: Do not overflow when parsing `-`
      eval/decode: Accept `\r` as space character
      documentation,functests: State that UTF-8-only support is intentional
      api: Add warnings about the returned value to \*del_var functions
      documentation: Update assert_{false,true}() and empty() documentation
      eval: Fix overflow in error message in f_json_decode
      eval: Treat [] and [""] as any other empty string
      *: Make set_vim_var_\* functions have proper argument types
      eval/encode: Dump FF character correctly
      functests: Replace \xXX escapes with \DDD in lua code
      eval/encode: Adjust buffer sizes passed to vim_snprintf
      eval/encode: Make sure that encoder can encode NULL variables
      eval/encode: Simplify loop in encode_list_write
      *: Fix preincrement lint errors
      functests: Make json_functions_spec use new NIL where appropriate

oni-link (6):
      mbyte.c: Fix invalid memory access in utfc_ptr2char_len
      mbyte.c: Unittest for utfc_ptr2char_len()
      eval.c: Fix cut off of terminal exit message
      mbyte_spec.lua: Fix wording
      mbyte_spec.lua: Fix indentation
      eval.c: Fix heap corruption error when constructing sourcing_name

pips.linux (1):
      vim-patch.sh: Fetch the whole vim repository and fix a regexp

watiko (3):


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