vim standard text editor after installation

James McCoy jamessan at
Tue Sep 13 00:54:00 UTC 2016

On Mon, Sep 12, 2016 at 02:17:32PM +0200, David Rabel wrote:
> Hi there,
> after installing vim a lot of files are opened in vim instead of gedit
> when doubleclicking them. I use cinnamon with nemo. Is this behaviour
> wanted?

With vim-gnome installed (at least prior to the 7.4.2330 upload),
vim.gnome was setup as one of the gnome-text-editor alternatives (albeit
at a lower priority than gedit).  All the Vim packages also are setup as
providers for the editor, view, ex, and a few other alternatives.

The Vim packages also add information about themselves into the MIME

Whether any of that matters depends on how whatever you're
doubleclicking on determines what to use to open files.

> Because if so, I would like to suggest rethinking it. When working with
> the command line I want to use vim, but when doubleclicking a file from
> a graphical desktop environment I would not expect it to be opened in vim.

Then maybe you don't want the gvim-providing packages installed and only
want vim/vim-nox?

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