[neovim] annotated tag v0.2.0-1 created (now f9430f5)

James McCoy jamessan at debian.org
Tue Aug 1 11:37:14 UTC 2017

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jamessan pushed a change to annotated tag v0.2.0-1
in repository neovim.

        at  f9430f5   (tag)
   tagging  ccf727bf47b81e889ecad0bb918675e4d9089242 (commit)
  replaces  v0.2.0
 tagged by  James McCoy
        on  Sun Jul 2 16:40:09 2017 -0400

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
tagging package neovim version 0.2.0-1


James McCoy (101):
      Initial packaging
      Add nvim as an alternative for /usr/bin/editor
      d/copyright: Add some runtime/doc/ files to Neovim section
      d/control: Remove libselinux1-dev Build-Depends
      d/control: Add Recommends: xsel | xclip
      Move architecture independent files to neovim-runtime
      d/rules: Pass --fail-missing to dh_install
      Add a README.source
      releasing package neovim version 0.1.1-2
      cmake: Search for both libmsgpackc and libmsgpack #4075
      releasing package neovim version 0.1.1-3
      debian/rules: Disable debug logging to ~/.nvimlog
      debian/copyright: Add terminal and tui files to Neovim stanza
      debian/gbp.conf: Add config for importing upstream tarball
      Merge tag 'v0.1.2' into debian/sid
      Bump package version to 0.1.2-1
      Revert "debian/gbp.conf: Add config for importing upstream tarball"
      releasing package neovim version 0.1.2-1
      Remove unnecessary luarocks Build-Depends
      Add libkvm-dev Build-Depends for kfreebsd-*
      debian/rules: Use dh_auto_build in override_dh_auto_build
      Add python(3)-neovim to Recommends
      Merge tag 'v0.1.3' into debian/sid
      Update d/{copyright,changelog} for new release
      Declare compiance with policy 3.9.8
      Add new lua5.1 dependency for functionaltests
      releasing package neovim version 0.1.3-1
      Merge tag 'v0.1.4' into debian/sid
      Replace lua-messagepack Build-Depends with lua-mpack
      releasing package neovim version 0.1.4-1
      Merge tag 'v0.1.5' into debian/sid
      Update d/copyright for v0.1.5
      releasing package neovim 0.1.5-1
      Exclude libjemalloc-dev from Build-Depends on hurd
      releasing package neovim version 0.1.5-2
      Fall back to lua5.1 if luajit/luajit-5.1-dev aren't available
      releasing package neovim version 0.1.5-3
      Arch-qualify the luajit-related Build-Depends
      Add xxd Recommends to neovim
      releasing package neovim version 0.1.5-4
      Run Neovim's tests during the build
      Annotate test-related Buid-Depends with nocheck profile
      Remove unnecessary autoconf, automake Build-Depends
      tests/ui: Stop the terminal job after testing
      Cherry-pick df99e43b to cleanup test processes
      Add changelog for alternatives
      releasing package neovim version 0.1.5-5
      Set id/gid based on the user running the build.
      releasing package neovim version 0.1.5-6
      Only run tests for "arch" builds
      Use id -u/-g instead of output parsing
      window: Fix cmd_with_count's formatting when sizeof(long) != 8
      releasing package neovim version 0.1.5-7
      releasing package neovim version 0.1.5-8
      Expand test coverage on the buildds
      Merge tag 'v0.1.6' into debian/sid
      Add gperf to Build-Depends, as needed for 0.1.6
      test: Fix shada/marks_spec.lua failure
      Update d/copyright for 0.1.6
      Set $USERNAME/$HOSTNAME when building to improve reproducibility
      releasing package neovim version 0.1.6-1
      Use int as the standard type for boolean options.
      object_to_vim: Fix buffer/window/tabpage conversion on BE systems
      nvim_win_get_number: Use int as rv to fix BE issues
      releasing package neovim version 0.1.6-2
      test: window_spec: Remove flaky terminal resize test
      releasing package neovim version 0.1.6-3
      Add changelog entry for CVE-2016-1248 fix
      releasing package neovim version 0.1.6-4
      Disable lua tests on mipsel
      releasing package neovim version 0.1.6-5
      Merge tag 'v0.1.7' into debian/sid
      Initial changelog for v0.1.7-1
      releasing package neovim version 0.1.7-1
      ftplugin/man: Finish early if &filetype is not man
      Add changelog entry for ftplugin/man.vim fix
      Add changelog entry for tty-test fix
      Add changelog entry for TUI responsiveness/OOM test fixes
      releasing package neovim version 0.1.7-2
      Disable global_spec.lua since it's rather flaky
      Adjust test execution mips*
      releasing package neovim version 0.1.7-3
      Add changelog entry for undo/spellfile fixes
      releasing package neovim version 0.1.7-4
      Point Vcs-Git at experimental
      Merge tag 'v0.2.0' into debian/experimental
      Skip known flaky tests by setting $TEST_SKIP_FRAGILE
      Update debian/copyright
      d/rules: Switch to invoking cmake directly
      Bump lua-nvim Build-Depends
      Note that 0.2.0 fixed test failures with msgpack-c >= 2.1.0
      Set $DESTDIR to make install target work again
      test: expand_env_esc: Pass correct buffer size for outlen and assertion
      Cherry-pick 4d017256 to fix a test failure with long $HOME
      releasing package neovim version 0.2.0-1

Josh Triplett (1):
      Install alternatives for ex, rvim, rview, vi, vim, view, and vimdiff

Justin M. Keyes (7):
      tui/suspend_event(): set STDIN to "blocking"
      test: Handle SIGHUP in tty-test fixture.
      tui: "backpressure": Drop messages to avoid flooding.
      os/shell: Throttle :! output, pulse "..." message.
      os/shell: do_os_system(): Always show last chunk.
      out_data_decide_throttle(): Avoid too-small final chunk.
      out_data_decide_throttle(): timeout instead of hard limit.


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