Bug#872164: vim: Unable to install vim due to versions to be installed

James McCoy jamessan at debian.org
Mon Aug 14 20:49:41 UTC 2017

On Mon, Aug 14, 2017 at 02:01:08PM -0400, debianuser wrote:
>    * What led up to the situation? I did a dist-upgrade which removed
>    vim-tiny, tried to install vim and was met with errors

The problem here is that there are some upstream bugs in the current
version which prevented the package from building for some
architectures.  Therefore the new _all packages (vim-common and
vim-gui-common) are available, but not the corresponding arch-specific

This is a known issue that I'm working through with upstream, but this
can also happen when transitions are underway.

That's why you should always review what a dist-upgrade is going to do
before you do it.  "apt-get upgrade" and "apt upgrade" are generally
safe to run, but "apt-get dist-upgrade" and "apt full-upgrade" will
remove packages.

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