[vim] annotated tag v8.0.0937-1 created (now 474ee3f)

James McCoy jamessan at debian.org
Mon Aug 14 22:07:08 UTC 2017

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        at  474ee3f   (tag)
   tagging  400a88dc2737055e272c5544bec605e5caba9df4 (commit)
  replaces  v8.0.0197-5
 tagged by  James McCoy
        on  Sun Aug 13 16:07:18 2017 -0400

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
releasing package vim version 2:8.0.0937-1


Bram Moolenaar (762):
      Update runtime files.
      patch 8.0.0198: some syntax arguments take effect even after "if 0"
      patch 8.0.0199: compiler warnings for libcall
      patch 8.0.0200: some syntax arguments are not tested
      patch 8.0.0201: completion of highlight groups includes cleared names
      patch 8.0.0202: no test for invalid syntax group name
      patch 8.0.0203: order of complication flags is sometimes wrong
      patch 8.0.0204: compiler warns for uninitialized variable
      patch 8.0.0205: wrong behavior after :undojoin
      patch 8.0.0206: test coverage for :retab insufficient
      patch 8.0.0207: leaking file descriptor when system() fails
      patch 8.0.0208: internally used commands end up in history
      patch 8.0.0209: cursor binding does not work with :substitute
      patch 8.0.0210: no support for bracketed paste
      patch 8.0.0211: cannot build without the multi-byte feature
      patch 8.0.0212: buffer for key name may be too small
      patch 8.0.0213: Netbeans specialKeys command does not check argument length
      patch 8.0.0214: leaking memory when syntax cluster id is unknown
      patch 8.0.0215: NULL pointer use if cscope line looks like emacs tag
      patch 8.0.0216: decoding js style json may fail
      patch 8.0.0217: build fails without cscope feature
      patch 8.0.0218: no completion for :cexpr and similar commands
      patch 8.0.0219: ubsan reports errors for overflow
      patch 8.0.0220: completion of highlight names misses a few values
      patch 8.0.0221: unnecessary condition on PROTO
      patch 8.0.0222: blockwise put on multi-byte character misplaced
      patch 8.0.0223: Coverity warns for an uninitialized variable
      patch 8.0.0224: change to 'fileformats' from autocmd does not take effect
      patch 8.0.0225: put in Visual block mode terminates early
      patch 8.0.0226: test for patch 8.0.0224 missing CR characters
      patch 8.0.0227: crash with ff=dos when first line in file has no CR
      patch 8.0.0228: pasting in xterm on the command line has PasteStart
      patch 8.0.0229: local 'formatprg' option value leaks
      patch 8.0.0230: bracketed paste does not support line breaks
      patch 8.0.0231: bracketed paste mode is not tested
      patch 8.0.0232: paste does not work when 'esckeys' is off
      patch 8.0.0233: paste test fails in the GUI
      patch 8.0.0234: crash when using put in Visual mode
      patch 8.0.0235: memory leak in diff mode
      patch 8.0.0236: gcc complains about uninitialized variable
      patch 8.0.0237: when 'wildoptions' is "tagfile" completion may not work
      patch 8.0.0238: bracketed paste does not disable autoindent
      patch 8.0.0239: no CI with an address sanitizer
      patch 8.0.0240: failure with one build on CI
      patch 8.0.0241: fallback implementation of mch_memmove is unused
      patch 8.0.0242: no tests for user command completion
      patch 8.0.0243: tolower() does not work if the byte count changes
      patch 8.0.0244: making t_BE empty only has an effect before startup
      patch 8.0.0245: zh_CN.cp936.po has a conversion error
      patch 8.0.0246: compiler warnings for int to pointer conversion
      patch 8.0.0247: need to type Ctrl-N twice to select a completion
      patch 8.0.0248: vim_strcat() cannot handle overlapping arguments
      patch 8.0.0249: CI failure when a submit is close to previous one
      patch 8.0.0250: virtcol() does not work well for multi-byte characters
      patch 8.0.0251: not easy to select Python 2 or 3
      patch 8.0.0252: not properly recognizing word characters between 128 and 255
      patch 8.0.0253: error when loading session if winminheight is 2
      patch 8.0.0254: error message of assert functions is sometimes incomplete
      patch 8.0.0255: setpos() does not use the buffer argument for all marks
      patch 8.0.0256: missing changes to one file breaks test
      Update runtime files.
      patch 8.0.0257: test file missing in distribution
      patch 8.0.0258: mksession test leaves file behind
      patch 8.0.0259: tab commands do not handle count correctly
      patch 8.0.0260: build fails with tiny features
      patch 8.0.0261: not enough test coverage for eval functions
      patch 8.0.0262: Farsi support is barely tested
      patch 8.0.0263: Farsi support is not tested enough
      patch 8.0.0264: memory error reported by ubsan
      patch 8.0.0265: may get ml_get error when :pydo deletes lines
      patch 8.0.0266: compiler warning for using uninitialized variable
      patch 8.0.0267: channel test sometimes fails on Mac
      patch 8.0.0268: may get ml_get error when :luado deletes lines
      patch 8.0.0269: may get ml_get error when :perldo deletes lines
      patch 8.0.0270: may get ml_get error when :rubydo deletes lines
      patch 8.0.0271: may get ml_get error when :tcldo deletes lines
      patch 8.0.0272: crash on exit is not detected when running tests
      patch 8.0.0273: dead code detected by Coverity
      patch 8.0.0274: possible recursive screen updating causes trouble
      patch 8.0.0275: the screen may be updated at the wrong time
      patch 8.0.0276: unnecessary #ifdefs
      patch 8.0.0277: the GUI test may trigger fontconfig and take a long time
      patch 8.0.0278: GUI test fails on MS-Windows
      patch 8.0.0279: MSVC 2015 uses a different dll name
      patch 8.0.0280: problem setting multi-byte environment var on MS-Windows
      patch 8.0.0281: some files are still using ARGSUSED instead of UNUSED
      patch 8.0.0282: need to use CTRL-O twice when in Visual-Insert mode
      patch 8.0.0283: mode() does not indicate Insert mode completion
      patch 8.0.0284: collapse buffers test failed once
      patch 8.0.0285: tests fail with tiny build on Unix
      patch 8.0.0286: not always redrawing after screen resize
      patch 8.0.0287: debug mode: cannot access function arguments
      patch 8.0.0288: errors reported while running tests
      patch 8.0.0289: no test for "ga" and :ascii
      patch 8.0.0290: cursor positioning wrong if wide character wraps
      patch 8.0.0291: Visual block insertion does not insert in all lines
      patch 8.0.0292: the stat test is a bit slow
      patch 8.0.0293: some tests have a one or three second wait
      patch 8.0.0294: argument list is not stored correctly in a session file
      patch 8.0.0295: test_viml hangs
      patch 8.0.0296: bracketed paste can only append, not insert
      patch 8.0.0297: double free on exit when using a closure
      patch 8.0.0298: Ex command range with repeated search does not work
      patch 8.0.0299: a window resize is sometimes not taking effect
      patch 8.0.0300: cannot stop diffing hidden buffers
      patch 8.0.0301: not enough testing for setting options
      patch 8.0.0302: cannot set terminal key codes with :let
      patch 8.0.0303: bracketed paste does not work in Visual mode
      patch 8.0.0304: assign test fails in the GUI
      patch 8.0.0305: invalid memory access when option has duplicate flag
      patch 8.0.0306: mode() not sufficiently tested
      patch 8.0.0307: asan detects a memory error when EXITFREE is defined
      patch 8.0.0308: 'runtimepath' not update correctly when using symbolic link
      patch 8.0.0309: cannot use an empty key in json
      patch 8.0.0310: not enough testing for GUI functionality
      patch 8.0.0311: linebreak tests are old style
      patch 8.0.0312: failure when a channel receives a split json message
      patch 8.0.0313: not enough testing for GUI functionality
      patch 8.0.0314: getcmd*() functions are not tested
      patch 8.0.0315: :help :[range] does not work
      patch 8.0.0316: :help z? does not work
      patch 8.0.0317: no test for setting 'guifont'
      patch 8.0.0318: small mistake in 7x13 font name
      patch 8.0.0319: insert mode completion does not respect 'backspace'
      patch 8.0.0320: warning for unused variable with small build
      patch 8.0.0321: errors when trying to use scripts in tiny version
      patch 8.0.0322: possible overflow with corrupted spell file
      patch 8.0.0323: one second pause when running cmdline test
      patch 8.0.0324: illegal memory access with a wrong yank range
      patch 8.0.0325: packadd test does not clean up symlink
      patch 8.0.0326: packadd test uses wrong directory name
      patch 8.0.0327: error message in cmdline window is not translated
      patch 8.0.0328: the "zero count" error doesn't have a number
      patch 8.0.0329: xfontset and guifontwide are not tested
      patch 8.0.0330: illegal memory access after "vapo"
      patch 8.0.0331: restoring help snapshot accesses freed memory
      patch 8.0.0332: GUI test fails on some systems
      patch 8.0.0333: illegal memory access when 'complete' ends in a backslash
      patch 8.0.0334: can't access b:changedtick from a dict reference
      patch 8.0.0335: functions test fails
      patch 8.0.0336: flags of :substitute not sufficiently tested
      Updated runtime files.
      patch 8.0.0337: invalid memory access in :recover command
      patch 8.0.0338: :recover test fails on MS-Windows
      patch 8.0.0339: illegal memory access with vi'
      patch 8.0.0340: not checking return valud of dict_add()
      patch 8.0.0341: undo does not work properly when using completion
      patch 8.0.0342: double free with EXITFREE and setting 'ttytype'
      patch 8.0.0343: b:changedtick can be unlocked
      patch 8.0.0344: unlet command leaks memory
      patch 8.0.0345: islocked('d.changedtick') does not work
      patch 8.0.0346: Vim relies on limits.h to be included indirectly
      patch 8.0.0347: when using completion comment leader wont work
      patch 8.0.0348: using shadow dir on Mac lack +clipboard
      patch 8.0.0349: redrawing errors with GTK 3
      patch 8.0.0350: not enough test coverage for Perl
      patch 8.0.0351: no test for concatenating an empty string
      patch 8.0.0352: not easy to see when a typval needs to be cleared
      patch 8.0.0353: if [RO] is translated it may be truncated
      patch 8.0.0354: test to check that setting termcap key fails sometimes
      patch 8.0.0355: using uninitialized memory when 'isfname' is empty
      patch 8.0.0356: leaking memory when setting 'ttytype'
      patch 8.0.0357: crash when setting 'guicursor' to weird value
      patch 8.0.0358: invalid memory access in C-indent code
      patch 8.0.0359: 'number' and 'relativenumber' are not properly tested
      patch 8.0.0360: sometimes VimL is used instead of "Vim script"
      patch 8.0.0361: GUI initialisation is not sufficiently tested
      patch 8.0.0362: tests fail on MS-Windows
      patch 8.0.0363: Travis is too slow to keep up with patches
      patch 8.0.0364: ]s does not move cursor with two spell errors in one line
      patch 8.0.0365: might free a dict item that wasn't allocated
      patch 8.0.0366: build fails with tiny features
      patch 8.0.0367: types in include files may be inconsistent
      patch 8.0.0368: not all options are tested with a range of values
      patch 8.0.0369: a few options are not defined, depending on features
      patch 8.0.0370: invalid memory access when setting wildchar empty
      patch 8.0.0371: leaking memory when setting v:completed_item
      patch 8.0.0372: more options are not always defined
      patch 8.0.0373: build fails without +folding
      patch 8.0.0374: invalid memory access when using :sc in Ex mode
      patch 8.0.0375: the "+ register is not tested
      patch 8.0.0376: size computations in spell file reading are off
      patch 8.0.0377: possible overflow when reading corrupted undo file
      patch 8.0.0378: possible overflow when reading corrupted undo file
      patch 8.0.0379: CTRL-Z and mouse click use CTRL-O unnecessary
      patch 8.0.0380: with 'linebreak' double wide char wraps badly
      patch 8.0.0381: diff mode is not sufficiently tested
      patch 8.0.0382: warning in tiny build for unused variable
      patch 8.0.0383: misplaced #ifdef
      patch 8.0.0384: timer test failed for no apparent reason
      patch 8.0.0385: no tests for arabic
      patch 8.0.0386: tiny build has a problem with generating the options test
      patch 8.0.0387: compiler warnings
      patch 8.0.0388: filtering lines changes folds
      patch 8.0.0389: test for arabic does not check what is displayed
      patch 8.0.0390: when the window scrolls the popup menu may be garbled
      patch 8.0.0391: arabic support is verbose and not well tested
      patch 8.0.0392: GUI test fails with Athena and Motif
      patch 8.0.0393: order of duplicate tags is not preserved
      patch 8.0.0394: tabs are not aligned when scrolling horizontally
      patch 8.0.0395: testing the + register fails with Motif
      patch 8.0.0396: 'balloonexpr' only works synchronously
      patch 8.0.0397: can't build with +viminfo but without +eval
      patch 8.0.0398: illegal memory access with "t"
      patch 8.0.0399: crash when using balloon_show() when not supported
      patch 8.0.0400: some tests have a one second delay
      patch 8.0.0401: test fails with missing balloon feature
      patch 8.0.0402: :map completion does not have <special>
      patch 8.0.0403: GUI tests may fail
      patch 8.0.0404: not enough testing for quickfix
      patch 8.0.0405: v:progpath may become invalid after :cd
      patch 8.0.0406: arabic shaping code is verbose
      patch 8.0.0407: filtering folds with marker method not tested
      patch 8.0.0408: updating folds does not always work properly
      patch 8.0.0409: set_progpath is defined but not always used
      patch 8.0.0410: newer gettext/iconv library has extra dll file
      patch 8.0.0411: menu translations don't match when case is changed.
      patch 8.0.0412: menu test fails on MS-Windows
      patch 8.0.0413: menu test fails on MS-Windows using gvim
      patch 8.0.0414: balloon eval is not tested
      patch 8.0.0415: balloon test fails on MS-Windows
      patch 8.0.0416: setting v:progpath is not quite right
      patch 8.0.0417: test for the clipboard fails sometimes
      patch 8.0.0418: ASAN logs are disabled
      patch 8.0.0419: test for v:progpath fails on MS-Windows
      Runtime file updates.
      patch 8.0.0420: text garbled when the system encoding differs from 'encoding'
      patch 8.0.0421: diff mode wrong when adding line at end of buffer
      patch 8.0.0422: Python test fails with Python 3.6
      patch 8.0.0423: changing 'cinoptions' does not always work
      patch 8.0.0424: compiler warnings on MS-Windows
      patch 8.0.0425: build errors when building without folding
      patch 8.0.0426: insufficient testing for statusline
      patch 8.0.0427: 'makeencoding' missing from the options window
      patch 8.0.0428: git and hg see new files after running tests
      patch 8.0.0429: options test does not always test everything
      patch 8.0.0430: options test fails or hangs on MS-Windows
      patch 8.0.0431: 'cinoptions' cannot set indent for extern block
      patch 8.0.0432: "make shadow" creates an invalid link
      patch 8.0.0433: beeps when running tests
      patch 8.0.0434: clang version not correctly detected
      patch 8.0.0435: some functions are not tested
      patch 8.0.0436: running the options test sometimes resizes the terminal
      patch 8.0.0437: packadd test does not fully work
      patch 8.0.0438: the fnamemodify test may cause later tests to fail
      patch 8.0.0439: ":%argdel" gives an error for an empty arglist
      patch 8.0.0440: not enough test coverage in Insert mode
      patch 8.0.0441: dead code in #ifdef
      patch 8.0.0442: patch shell command not well escaped
      patch 8.0.0443: terminal width is set to 80 in test3
      patch 8.0.0444: diffpatch fails when the file name has a quote
      patch 8.0.0445: getpgid is not supported on all systems
      patch 8.0.0446: the ";" command does not work after some characters
      patch 8.0.0447: getting font name does not work on X11
      patch 8.0.0448: some macros are in lower case
      patch 8.0.0449: part of fold patch accidentally included
      patch 8.0.0450: v:progpath is not reliably set
      patch 8.0.0451: some macros are in lower case
      patch 8.0.0452: some macros are in lower case
      patch 8.0.0453: adding fold marker creates new comment
      patch 8.0.0454: compiler warnings for "always true" comparison
      patch 8.0.0455: the mode test may hang
      Fix duplication of patch.
      patch 8.0.0456: typo in MinGW test makefile
      patch 8.0.0457: using :move messes up manual folds
      patch 8.0.0458: potential crash if adding list or dict to dict fails
      patch 8.0.0459: old fix for :move and folding no longer needed
      patch 8.0.0460: can't build on HPUX
      patch 8.0.0461: test 45 hangs on MS-Windows
      patch 8.0.0462: failure of an MS-Windows test may go unnoticed
      patch 8.0.0463: side effects from resetting 'compatible' in defaults.vim
      patch 8.0.0464: can't find executable name on Solaris and FreeBSD
      patch 8.0.0465: off-by-one error in using :move with folding
      patch 8.0.0466: still macros that should be all-caps
      Update runtime files.
      patch 8.0.0467: using g< after :for does not show the right output
      patch 8.0.0468: after aborting an Ex command g< does not work
      patch 8.0.0469: compiler warnings on MS-Windows
      patch 8.0.0470: not enough testing for help commands
      patch 8.0.0471: exit callback test sometimes fails
      patch 8.0.0472: when a test fails another test may also fail
      patch 8.0.0473: no test covering arg_all()
      patch 8.0.0474: the client-server feature is not tested
      patch 8.0.0475: not enough testing for the client-server feature
      patch 8.0.0476: missing change to main.c
      patch 8.0.0477: the client-server test may hang when failing
      patch 8.0.0478: tests use assert_true(0) and assert_false(1) to report errors
      patch 8.0.0479: remote_peek() is not tested
      patch 8.0.0480: the remote_peek() test fails on MS-Windows
      patch 8.0.0481: unnecessary if statement
      patch 8.0.0482: the setbufvar() function may mess up the window layout
      patch 8.0.0483: illegal memory access when using :all
      patch 8.0.0484: :lhelpgrep does not fail after a successful one
      patch 8.0.0485: not all windows commands are tested
      patch 8.0.0486: crash and endless loop when closing windows in autocmd
      patch 8.0.0487: the autocmd test hangs on MS-Windows
      patch 8.0.0488: running tests leaves an "xxx" file behind
      patch 8.0.0489: clipboard and "* register is not tested
      patch 8.0.0490: vertical split makes 'winfixwidth' window smaller
      patch 8.0.0491: quotestar test fails when features are missing
      patch 8.0.0492: a failing client-server request can make Vim hang
      patch 8.0.0493: crash with cd command with very long argument
      patch 8.0.0494: build failure with older compiler on MS-Windows
      patch 8.0.0495: quotestar test uses timer instead of timeout
      patch 8.0.0496: insufficient testing for folding
      patch 8.0.0497: arabic support is not fully tested
      patch 8.0.0498: two autocmd tests are skipped on MS-Windows
      patch 8.0.0499: taglist() does not prioritize tags for a buffer
      patch 8.0.0500: quotestar test is still a bit flaky
      Update runtime files.  Add Rust support.
      patch 8.0.0501: on MS-Windows ":!start" does not work as expected
      patch 8.0.0502: Coverity complains about possible NULL pointer
      patch 8.0.0503: endless loop in updating folds with 32 bit ints
      patch 8.0.0504: looking up an Ex command is a bit slow
      patch 8.0.0505: failed window split for :stag not handled
      patch 8.0.0506: can't build with ANSI C
      patch 8.0.0507: client-server tests fail when $DISPLAY is not set
      patch 8.0.0508: Coveralls no longer shows per-file coverage
      patch 8.0.0509: no link to codecov.io results
      patch 8.0.0510: typo in link to codecov.io results
      patch 8.0.0511: message for skipping client-server tests is unclear
      patch 8.0.0512: check for available characters takes too long
      patch 8.0.0513: getting name of cleared highlight group is wrong
      patch 8.0.0514: script for creating cmdidxs can be improved
      patch 8.0.0515: ml_get errors in silent Ex mode
      patch 8.0.0516: a large count on a normal command causes trouble
      Update runtime files.
      patch 8.0.0517: there is no way to remove quickfix lists
      patch 8.0.0518: bad fold text when a multi-byte char has a zero byte
      patch 8.0.0519: character classes are not well tested
      patch 8.0.0520: using a function pointer while the function is known
      patch 8.0.0521: GtkForm handling is outdated
      patch 8.0.0522: Win32: when 'clipboard' is "unnamed" yyp does not work
      patch 8.0.0523: dv} deletes part of a multi-byte character.
      patch 8.0.0524: folds messed up
      patch 8.0.0525: completion for user command argument not tested
      patch 8.0.0526: Coverity complains about possible negative value
      patch 8.0.0527: leftover file from RISC OS
      patch 8.0.0528: highlight wrong text when 'wim' includes "longest"
      patch 8.0.0529: line in test commented out
      patch 8.0.0530: buffer overflow when 'columns' is very big
      patch 8.0.0531: test with long directory name fails on non-unix systems
      patch 8.0.0532: test with long directory name fails on Mac
      patch 8.0.0533: abbreviation doesn't work after backspacing newline
      patch 8.0.0534: defaults.vim does not work well with tiny features
      patch 8.0.0535: memory leak when exiting from within a user function
      patch 8.0.0536: quickfix window not updated when freeing quickfix stack
      patch 8.0.0537: illegal memory access with :z and large count
      patch 8.0.0538: no test for falling back to default term value
      patch 8.0.0539: startup test fails on Mac
      patch 8.0.0540: building unit tests fails
      patch 8.0.0541: compiler warning on MS-Windows
      patch 8.0.0542: getpos() can return a negative line number
      patch 8.0.0543: test_edit causes older xfce4-terminal to close
      patch 8.0.0544: cppcheck warnings
      patch 8.0.0545: edit test may fail on some systems
      patch 8.0.0546: swap file exists briefly when opening the command window
      patch 8.0.0547: extra line break in verbosefile
      patch 8.0.0548: saving the redo buffer only works one time
      patch 8.0.0549: no test for the 8g8 command
      patch 8.0.0550: cannot parse some etags format tags file
      patch 8.0.0551: the typeahead buffer is reallocated too often
      patch 8.0.0552: toupper and tolower don't work properly for Turkish
      patch 8.0.0553: toupper/tolower test fails on Mac
      patch 8.0.0554: toupper and tolower don't work properly for Turkish
      patch 8.0.0555: toupper/tolower test fails on OSX without Darwin
      patch 8.0.0556: getting window position fails if GUI and term possible
      patch 8.0.0557: GTK: using static gravities is not useful
      patch 8.0.0558: :ownsyntax is not tested
      Update runtime files.
      patch 8.0.0559: setting ttytype to xxx does not always fail
      patch 8.0.0560: :windo allows for ! but it's not supported
      patch 8.0.0561: undefined behavior when using backslash after empty line
      patch 8.0.0562: not enough test coverage for syntax commands
      patch 8.0.0563: crash when getting the window position in tmux
      patch 8.0.0564: cannot detect Bazel BUILD files on some systems
      patch 8.0.0565: using freed memory in :caddbuf
      patch 8.0.0566: setting nocompatible for the tiny version moves the cursor
      patch 8.0.0567: call for requesting color and ambiwidth is too early
      patch 8.0.0568: 1gd may hang
      patch 8.0.0569: bracketed paste is still enabled in a shell command
      patch 8.0.0570: can't run make with several jobs
      patch 8.0.0571: negative line number when using :z^ in an empty buffer
      patch 8.0.0572: building the command table requires Perl
      patch 8.0.0573: running parallel make after distclean fails
      patch 8.0.0574: get only one quickfix list after :caddbuf
      patch 8.0.0575: using freed memory when resetting 'indentexpr'
      patch 8.0.0576: can't build when configure choses "install-sh"
      patch 8.0.0577: warning for uninitialized variable
      patch 8.0.0578: :simalt on MS-Windows does not work properly
      patch 8.0.0579: duplicate test case for quickfix
      patch 8.0.0580: cannot set the valid flag with setqflist()
      patch 8.0.0581: moving folded text is sometimes not correct
      patch 8.0.0582: illegal memory access with z= command
      patch 8.0.0583: fold test hangs on MS-Windows
      patch 8.0.0584: memory leak when executing quickfix tests
      Updated runtime files.
      patch 8.0.0585: test_options fails when run in the GUI
      patch 8.0.0586: no test for mapping timing out
      patch 8.0.0587: configure check for return value of tgetent skipped
      Runtime file updates
      patch 8.0.0588: job_stop() often assumes the channel will be closed
      patch 8.0.0589: :simalt still does not work
      patch 8.0.0590: cannot add a context to locations
      patch 8.0.0591: changes to eval functionality not documented
      patch 8.0.0592: if a job writes to a buffer screen is not updated
      patch 8.0.0593: duplication of code for adding a list or dict return value
      patch 8.0.0594: build failure when windows feature is missing
      patch 8.0.0595: Coverity warning for not checking return value
      patch 8.0.0596: crash when complete() called after complete_add()
      patch 8.0.0597: off-by-one error in size computation
      patch 8.0.0598: building with gcc 7.1 yields new warnings
      patch 8.0.0599: diff mode is insufficiently tested
      patch 8.0.0600: test_recover fails on some systems
      patch 8.0.0601: no test coverage for :spellrepall
      patch 8.0.0602: when gF fails to edit the file the cursor still moves
      patch 8.0.0603: gF test fails on MS-Windows
      patch 8.0.0604: gF test fails still on MS-Windows
      Update runtime files.
      patch 8.0.0605: the quickfix cached buffer may become invalid
      patch 8.0.0606: cannot set the context for a specified quickfix list
      patch 8.0.0607: after :bwipe + :new bufref might still be valid
      patch 8.0.0608: cannot manipulate other than the current quickfix list
      patch 8.0.0609: some people still don't know how to quit
      patch 8.0.0610: the screen is redrawn when default 'background' is detected
      patch 8.0.0611: the screen is not redrawn after sending t_u7
      patch 8.0.0612: pack dirs are added to 'runtimepath' too late
      patch 8.0.0613: the conf filetype is used before ftdetect from packages
      patch 8.0.0614: float2nr() is not exactly right
      patch 8.0.0615: using % with :hardcopy wrongly escapes spaces
      patch 8.0.0616: not always setting 'background' correctly after :hi Normal
      patch 8.0.0617: hardcopy test hangs on MS-Windows
      patch 8.0.0618: NFA regex engine handles [0-z] incorrectly
      patch 8.0.0619: GUI gets stuck if timer uses feedkeys()
      Update runtime files.
      patch 8.0.0620: checking for HAVE_GTK_MULTIHEAD is not needed
      patch 8.0.0621: :stag does not respect 'switchbuf'
      patch 8.0.0622: selecting quoted text fails with 'selection' "exclusive"
      patch 8.0.0623: error for invalid regexp is not very informative
      patch 8.0.0624: warning for unused variable in tiny build
      patch 8.0.0625: shellescape() always escapes a newline
      patch 8.0.0626: in the GUI the cursor may flicker
      patch 8.0.0627: "gn" selects only one character with 'nowrapscan'
      patch 8.0.0628: cursor disappears after silent mapping
      patch 8.0.0629: checking for ambigous width is not working
      patch 8.0.0630: it is not easy to work on lines without a match
      patch 8.0.0631: can't build with Perl 5.26
      patch 8.0.0632: the quotestar test is still a bit flaky
      patch 8.0.0633: the client-server test is still a bit flaky
      patch 8.0.0634: cannot easily get to the last quickfix list
      patch 8.0.0635: when 'ignorecase' is set script detection is inaccurate
      patch 8.0.0636: when reading the undo file fails may use uninitialized data
      patch 8.0.0637: crash when using some version of GTK 3
      patch 8.0.0638: cannot build with new MSVC version
      patch 8.0.0639: the cursor position is set when editing a new commit message
      patch 8.0.0640: mismatch between help and actual message
      patch 8.0.0641: cannot set a separate highlighting for the quickfix line
      Update runtime files.
      patch 8.0.0642: writefile() continues after detecting an error
      patch 8.0.0643: when a pattern search is slow Vim becomes unusable
      patch 8.0.0644: the timeout for 'hlsearch' is not tested
      patch 8.0.0645: no error for illegal back reference in NFA engine
      patch 8.0.0646: the hlsearch test fails on fast systems
      patch 8.0.0647: syntax highlighting can make cause a freeze
      patch 8.0.0648: possible use of NULL pointer
      patch 8.0.0649: when opening a help file the filetype is set several times
      patch 8.0.0650: for extra help files the filetype is set more than once
      patch 8.0.0651: build failure without the auto command feature
      patch 8.0.0652: unicode information is outdated
      patch 8.0.0653: the default highlight for QuickFixLine is not good
      patch 8.0.0654: no warning for text after :endfunction
      patch 8.0.0655: not easy to make sure a function does not exist
      patch 8.0.0656: cannot use ! after some user commands
      patch 8.0.0657: cannot get and set quickfix list items
      patch 8.0.0658: spell test is old style
      patch 8.0.0659: no test for conceal mode
      patch 8.0.0660: silent install on MS-Windows shows dialog
      patch 8.0.0661: recognizing urxvt mouse codes does not work well
      patch 8.0.0662: stray FIXME for fixed problem
      patch 8.0.0663: unexpected error message only when 'verbose' is set
      patch 8.0.0664: mouse does not work in tmux
      patch 8.0.0665: warning for uninitialized variable
      patch 8.0.0666: dead for loop
      patch 8.0.0667: memory access error when command follows :endfunc
      patch 8.0.0668: nsis installer script does not work
      patch 8.0.0669: CTRL-N at start of the buffer does not work correctly
      patch 8.0.0670: can't use input() in a timer callback
      patch 8.0.0671: hang when typing CTRL-C in confirm() in timer
      patch 8.0.0672: third item of synconcealed() changes too often
      patch 8.0.0673: build failure without conceal feature
      patch 8.0.0674: cannot build with eval but without timers
      patch 8.0.0675: 'colorcolumn' has a higher priority than 'hlsearch'
      patch 8.0.0676: crash when closing quickfix window in autocmd
      patch 8.0.0677: setting 'filetype' may switch buffers
      patch 8.0.0678: closing a window does not trigger resizing
      patch 8.0.0679: using freed memory
      patch 8.0.0680: plugins in start packages are sourced twice
      patch 8.0.0681: unnamed register only contains the last deleted text
      patch 8.0.0682: no test for synIDtrans()
      patch 8.0.0683: visual bell flashes too quickly
      patch 8.0.0684: old style tests are not nice
      patch 8.0.0685: when conversion fails written file may be truncated
      patch 8.0.0686: extra redraw when using CTRL-L in second window
      patch 8.0.0687: minor issues related to quickfix
      patch 8.0.0688: cannot resize the window in a FileType autocommand
      patch 8.0.0689: ~ character not escaped when extending search pattern
      patch 8.0.0690: compiler warning on non-Unix system
      patch 8.0.0691: compiler warning without the linebreak feature
      patch 8.0.0692: CTRL-G with 'incsearch' and ? goes in the wrong direction
      patch 8.0.0693: no terminal emulator support
      patch 8.0.0694: building in shadow directory does not work
      patch 8.0.0695: missing dependencies breaks parallel make
      patch 8.0.0696: .inc files missing in git
      patch 8.0.0697: recorded key sequences may become invalid
      patch 8.0.0698: crash on exit when using Python function in timer.
      patch 8.0.0699: checksum tests are not actually run
      patch 8.0.0700: segfault with QuitPre autocommand closes the window
      patch 8.0.0701: system test failing when using X11 forwarding
      patch 8.0.0702: an error in a timer can make Vim unusable
      patch 8.0.0703: illegal memory access with empty :doau command
      patch 8.0.0704: problems with autocommands when opening help
      patch 8.0.0705: crash when there is an error in a timer callback
      patch 8.0.0706: crash when cancelling the cmdline window in Ex mode
      patch 8.0.0707: freeing wrong memory with certain autocommands
      patch 8.0.0708: some tests are old style
      patch 8.0.0709: libvterm cannot use vsnprintf()
      patch 8.0.0710: a job that writes to a buffer clears completion
      patch 8.0.0711: cannot build without the wildmenu feature
      Updated runtime files and translations.
      patch 8.0.0712: the terminal implementation is incomplete
      patch 8.0.0713: 'termkey' option not fully implemented
      patch 8.0.0714: when a timer causes a command line redraw " goes missing
      patch 8.0.0716: not easy to start Vim cleanly
      patch 8.0.0717: terminal feature precence unclear
      patch 8.0.0718: output of job in terminal is not displayed
      patch 8.0.0719: build failure without +terminal feature
      patch 8.0.0720: unfinished mapping not displayed when running timer
      patch 8.0.0721: :argedit can only have one argument
      patch 8.0.0722: screen is messed by timer up at inputlist() prompt
      patch 8.0.0723: arglist test fails if file name case is ignored
      patch 8.0.0724: the message for yanking doesn't indicate the register
      patch 8.0.0725: a terminal window does not handle keyboard input
      patch 8.0.0726: translations cleanup script is too conservative
      patch 8.0.0727: message about what register to yank into is not translated
      patch 8.0.0728: the terminal structure is never freed
      patch 8.0.0729: the help for the terminal configure option is wrong
      patch 8.0.0730: terminal feature only supports Unix-like systems
      patch 8.0.0731: cannot build the terminal feature on MS-Windows
      patch 8.0.0732: when updating a buffer modeless selection is lost
      patch 8.0.0733: can only add entries to one list in the quickfix stack
      patch 8.0.0734: the script to check translations can be improved
      Update translations.
      patch 8.0.0735: no indication that the quickfix window/buffer changed
      patch 8.0.0736: OptionSet not triggered when entering diff mode
      patch 8.0.0737: crash when X11 selection is very big
      patch 8.0.0738: cannot use the mouse to resize a terminal window
      patch 8.0.0739: terminal resizing doesn't work well.
      patch 8.0.0740: cannot resize a terminal window by the command
      patch 8.0.0741: cannot build with HPUX
      patch 8.0.0742: terminal feature does not work on MS-Windows
      patch 8.0.0743: the 'termsize' option can be set to an invalid value
      patch 8.0.0744: terminal window does not use a pty
      patch 8.0.0745: multi-byte characters in a terminal don't display well
      patch 8.0.0746: when :term fails the job is not properly cleaned up
      patch 8.0.0747: :terminal without an argument doesn't work
      patch 8.0.0748: running Vim in terminal window doesn't use the right colors
      patch 8.0.0749: some unicode digraphs are hard to remember
      patch 8.0.0750: OpenPTY missing in non-GUI build
      patch 8.0.0751: OpenPTY missing with some combination of features
      patch 8.0.0752: build fails on MS-Windows
      patch 8.0.0753: no size reports to a job running in a terminal
      patch 8.0.0754: terminal window does not support colors
      patch 8.0.0755: terminal window does not have colors in the GUI
      patch 8.0.0756: cannot build libvterm with MSVC
      patch 8.0.0757: libvterm MSVC Makefile not included in the distribution
      patch 8.0.0758: possible crash when using a terminal window
      patch 8.0.0759: MS-Windows: terminal does not adjust size
      patch 8.0.0760: terminal window colors wrong with 'termguicolors'
      patch 8.0.0761: options not set properly for a terminal buffer
      patch 8.0.0762: ml_get error with :psearch in buffer without a name
      patch 8.0.0763: libvterm can be improved
      Documentation updates.
      patch 8.0.0764: 'termkey' does not work yet
      patch 8.0.0765: build fails with tiny features
      patch 8.0.0766: option test fails with +terminal feature
      patch 8.0.0767: build failure with Athena and Motif
      patch 8.0.0768: terminal window status shows "[Scratch]"
      patch 8.0.0769: build problems with terminal on MS-Windows
      patch 8.0.0770: compiler warning for missing field initializer
      patch 8.0.0771: cursor in terminal window not always updated in GUI
      patch 8.0.0772: other stdbool.h dependencies in libvterm
      patch 8.0.0773: mixing 32 and 64 bit libvterm builds fails
      patch 8.0.0774: build failure without the multi-byte feature
      patch 8.0.0775: in a terminal the cursor is updated too often
      patch 8.0.0776: function prototypes missing without the quickfix feature
      patch 8.0.0777: compiler warnings with 64 bit compiler
      patch 8.0.0778: in a terminal the cursor may be hidden
      patch 8.0.0779: :term without an argument uses empty buffer name
      patch 8.0.0780: build failure on Travis
      patch 8.0.0781: MS-Windows: memory leak when using :terminal
      patch 8.0.0782: using freed memory in quickfix code
      patch 8.0.0783: job of terminal may be freed too early
      patch 8.0.0784: job of terminal may be garbage collected
      patch 8.0.0785: wildcards are not expanded for :terminal
      Switch travis back to precise temporarily
      Remove ruby-dev from travis config.
      Do not invoke rvm reset
      Do not run coverage with clang, currently fails.
      patch 8.0.0786: build failures on Travis
      patch 8.0.0787: cannot send CTRL-W command to terminal job
      patch 8.0.0788: MS-Windows: cannot build with terminal feature
      patch 8.0.0789: splitting terminal window has resizing problems
      patch 8.0.0790: MSVC compiler warning for strncpy in libvterm
      patch 8.0.0791: terminal colors depend on the system
      patch 8.0.0792: spell test leaves files behind
      patch 8.0.0793: using wrong terminal name for terminal window
      patch 8.0.0794: checking translations fails with multiple NL
      patch 8.0.0795: terminal feature does not build with older MSVC
      patch 8.0.0796: no coverage on Travis with clang
      patch 8.0.0797: finished job in terminal window is not handled
      patch 8.0.0798: no highlighting in a terminal window with a finished job
      patch 8.0.0799: missing semicolon
      patch 8.0.0800
      patch 8.0.0801: terminal window title says "running" after job exits
      patch 8.0.0802: last line of terminal window has no color
      patch 8.0.0804: terminal window functions not yet implemented
      patch 8.0.0804: running tests fails when stdin is /dev/null
      patch 8.0.0805: GUI test fails with gnome2
      patch 8.0.0806: tests may try to create XfakeHOME twice
      patch 8.0.0807: terminal window can't handle mouse buttons
      patch 8.0.0808: cannot build with terminal feature and DEBUG defined
      patch 8.0.0809: MS-Windows: tests hang
      patch 8.0.0810: MS-Windows: tests still hang
      patch 8.0.0811: MS-Windows: test_expand_dllpath fails
      patch 8.0.0812: terminal window colors shift when 'number' is set
      patch 8.0.0813: cannot use a terminal window while the job is running
      patch 8.0.0814: file in Filelist does not exist
      patch 8.0.0815: terminal window not correctly updated
      patch 8.0.0816: crash when using invalid buffer number
      patch 8.0.0817: cannot get the terminal line at the cursor
      patch 8.0.0818: cannot get the cursor position of a terminal
      patch 8.0.0819: cursor not positioned in terminal window
      patch 8.0.0820: GUI: cursor in terminal window lags behind
      patch 8.0.0821: cannot get the title and status of a terminal window
      patch 8.0.0822: Test_with_partial_callback is a tiny bit flaky
      patch 8.0.0823: cannot paste text into a terminal window
      patch 8.0.0824: in Terminal mode the cursor and screen gets redrawn
      patch 8.0.0825: not easy to see that a window is a terminal window
      patch 8.0.0826: cannot use text objects in Terminal mode
      patch 8.0.0827: Coverity: could leak pty file descriptor
      patch 8.0.0828: Coverity: may dereference NULL pointer
      patch 8.0.0829: job running in terminal can't communicate with Vim
      patch 8.0.0830: translating messages is not ideal
      patch 8.0.0831: with 8 colors the bold attribute is not set properly
      patch 8.0.0832: terminal function arguments are not consistent
      patch 8.0.0833: terminal test fails
      patch 8.0.0834: can't build without the client-server feature
      patch 8.0.0835: translations check with msgfmt does not work
      patch 8.0.0836: can abandon a terminal buffer after making a change
      Updated runtime files
      patch 8.0.0837: signs can be drawn on top of console messages
      patch 8.0.0838: buffer hangs around whem terminal window is closed
      patch 8.0.0839: cannot kill a job in a terminal with CTRL-C
      patch 8.0.0840: MS-Windows: fopen() and open() prototypes are wrong
      patch 8.0.0841: term_getline() may cause a crash
      patch 8.0.0842: using slave pty after closing it
      patch 8.0.0843: MS-Windows: compiler warning for signed/unsigned
      patch 8.0.0844: wrong function prototype because of missing static
      patch 8.0.0845: MS-Windows: missing semicolon in terminal code
      patch 8.0.0846: cannot get the name of the pty of a job
      patch 8.0.0847: :argadd without argument can't handle space in file name
      patch 8.0.0848: using multiple ch_log functions is clumsy
      patch 8.0.0849: crash when job exit callback wipes the terminal
      patch 8.0.0850: MS-Windows: error message while starting up may be broken
      patch 8.0.0851: 'smartindent' is used even when 'indentexpr' is set
      patch 8.0.0852: MS-Windows: possible crash when giving a message on startup
      patch 8.0.0853: crash when running terminal with unknown command
      patch 8.0.0854: no redraw after terminal was closed
      patch 8.0.0855: MS-Windows: can't get tty name of terminal
      patch 8.0.0856: MS-Windows: terminal job doesn't take options
      patch 8.0.0857: terminal test fails on MS-Windows
      patch 8.0.0858: can exit while a terminal is still running a job
      patch 8.0.0859: NULL pointer access when term_free_vterm called twice
      patch 8.0.0860: side effects when channel appends to a buffer
      patch 8.0.0861: still many old style tests
      patch 8.0.0862: file size test fails on MS-Windows
      patch 8.0.0863: a remote command does not work in the terminal window
      patch 8.0.0864: cannot specify the name of a terminal
      patch 8.0.0865: cannot build with channel but without terminal feature
      patch 8.0.0866: Solaris also doesn't have MIN and MAX
      patch 8.0.0867: job and channel in a dict value not quoted
      patch 8.0.0868: cannot specify the terminal size on the command line
      patch 8.0.0869: job output is sometimes not displayed in a terminal
      patch 8.0.0870: mouse escape codes sent to terminal unintentionally
      patch 8.0.0871: status line for a terminal window always has "[+]".
      patch 8.0.0872: no mouse scroll with a terminal window
      patch 8.0.0873: in terminal cannot use CTRL-\ CTRL-N to start Visual mode
      patch 8.0.0874: can't build with terminal feature
      patch 8.0.0875: crash with weird command sequence
      patch 8.0.0876: backslashes and wildcards in backticks don't work
      patch 8.0.0877: using CTRL-\ CTRL-N in terminal is inconsistent
      patch 8.0.0878: no completion for :mapclear
      patch 8.0.0879: crash when shifting with huge number
      patch 8.0.0880: Travis uses an old Ubuntu version
      patch 8.0.0881: win32.mak no longer included in Windows SDK
      patch 8.0.0882: term_scrape() and term_getline() require two arguments
      patch 8.0.0883: invalid memory access with nonsensical script
      patch 8.0.0884: can't specify the wait time for term_wait()
      patch 8.0.0885: terminal window scrollback is stored inefficiently
      patch 8.0.0886: crash when using ":term ls"
      patch 8.0.0887: can create a logfile in the sandbox
      patch 8.0.0888: compiler warnings with 64 bit build
      patch 8.0.0889: gcc gives warnings for uninitialized variables
      patch 8.0.0890: still many old style tests
      patch 8.0.0891: uninitialized memory use with empty line in terminal
      patch 8.0.0892: when opening a terminal the pty size doesn't always match
      patch 8.0.0893: cannot get the scroll count of a terminal window
      patch 8.0.0894: there is no test for runtime filetype detection
      patch 8.0.0895: filetype test fails on MS-Windows
      patch 8.0.0896: cannot close a terminal window when the job ends
      patch 8.0.0897: wrong error message for invalid term_finish value
      patch 8.0.0898: can't use the alternate screen in a terminal window
      patch 8.0.0899: function name mch_stop_job() is confusing
      patch 8.0.0900: :tab options doesn't open a new tab page
      patch 8.0.0901: asan suppress file missing from distribution
      patch 8.0.0902: cannot specify directory or environment for a job
      Update runtime files.
      patch 8.0.0903: early return from test function
      patch 8.0.0904: cannot set a location list from text
      patch 8.0.0905: MS-Windows: broken multi-byte characters in the console
      patch 8.0.0906: don't recognize Couchbase files
      patch 8.0.0907: with cp932 font names might be misinterpreted
      patch 8.0.0908: cannot set terminal size with options
      patch 8.0.0909: channel test fails
      patch 8.0.0910: cannot create a terminal in the current window
      patch 8.0.0911: terminal test takes too long
      patch 8.0.0912: cannot run a job in a hidden terminal
      patch 8.0.0913: MS-Windows: CTRL-C kills shell in terminal window
      patch 8.0.0914: highlight attributes are always combined
      patch 8.0.0915: wrong initialisation of global
      patch 8.0.0916: cannot specify properties of window for terminal open
      patch 8.0.0917: MS-Windows:CTRL-C handling in terminal window is wrong
      patch 8.0.0918: cannot get terminal window cursor shape or attributes
      patch 8.0.0919: cursor color isn't set on startup
      patch 8.0.0920: cursor wrong after switching altscreen in terminal
      patch 8.0.0921: terminal window cursor shape not supported in the GUI
      patch 8.0.0922: quickfix list always added after current one
      patch 8.0.0923: crash in GUI when terminal job exits
      patch 8.0.0924: terminal window not updated after using term_sendkeys()
      patch 8.0.0925: MS-Windows GUI: channel I/O not handled right away
      patch 8.0.0926: when job in terminal window ends topline is wrong
      patch 8.0.0927: if a terminal job sends a blank title "running" is not shown
      patch 8.0.0928: MS-Windows: passing arglist to job has escaping problems
      patch 8.0.0929: :term without argument does not work
      patch 8.0.0930: terminal buffers are stored in the viminfo file
      patch 8.0.0931: getwininfo() does not indicate a terminal window
      patch 8.0.0932: terminal may not use right characters for BS and Enter
      patch 8.0.0933: terminal test tries to start GUI when it's not possible
      patch 8.0.0934: change to struts.h missing in patch
      patch 8.0.0935: cannot recognize a terminal buffer in :ls output
      patch 8.0.0936: mode() returns wrong value for a terminal window
      patch 8.0.0937: user highlight groups not adjusted for terminal

James McCoy (35):
      Merge tag 'v8.0.0606' into debian/experimental
      Update changelog for 8.0.0606
      policy: Change "name" to "addon", as expected by vam
      Merge tag 'v8.0.0646' into debian/experimental
      Bump version to 2:8.0.0646-1
      Merge DEB_VENDOR-guarded changes from Ubuntu
      Remove test's pyc files during cleanup
      Merge tag 'v8.0.0691' into debian/experimental
      Remove src/po/vim.pot during clean
      debcontrol.vim: Add support for Build-(Depends|Conflicts)-Arch
      debcontrol.vim: Fix highlighting of javascript in debcontrolSection
      Use machine readable copyright format
      Merge branch 'debian/experimental' into debian/sid
      Merge tag 'v8.0.0921' into debian/sid
      Update changelog & copyright for v8.0.0921
      Mark vim-doc and xxd Multi-Arch: foreign
      Declare compliance with policy 4.0.1
      d/copyright: Remove leftovers from pre-DEP5 conversion
      rules: Always include /usr/share/dpkg/default.mk
      Merge tag 'v8.0.0923' into debian/sid
      Rebase patches on 8.0.0923
      Adjust Provides/Description if ruby/perl bindings are disabled
      Actually bump Standards-Version to 4.0.1
      Reference Python 3 instead of Python in long descriptions
      Fix some more errors in debian/copyright
      Remove explicit Priorty field when it matches Source Priority
      rules: Remove explicit setting of SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH
      Bump debhelper compat to 10
      Add changelog entry for X selection crash fix
      Merge tag 'v8.0.0931' into debian/sid
      Enable terminal everywhere except vim-tiny
      Merge tag 'v8.0.0937' into debian/sid
      Remove version constraints that are satisifed in oldstable
      Remove extra line break in vim-gtk3 long description
      releasing package vim version 2:8.0.0937-1


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