[vim] annotated tag v8.0.1401-1 created (now 943ec0c)

James McCoy jamessan at debian.org
Mon Dec 18 03:33:29 UTC 2017

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        at  943ec0c   (tag)
   tagging  9f6fe92c9a4d215c51d1d175905a5b3bfae5e3c6 (commit)
  replaces  v8.0.1257-2
 tagged by  James McCoy
        on  Sun Dec 17 22:33:06 2017 -0500

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
tagging package vim version 2:8.0.1401-1


Bram Moolenaar (150):
      patch 8.0.1258: 'ttymouse' is set to "sgr" even though it's not supported
      patch 8.0.1259: search test can be flaky
      patch 8.0.1260: using global variables for WaitFor()
      patch 8.0.1261: program in terminal window gets NL instead of CR
      patch 8.0.1262: terminal redir test is flaky
      patch 8.0.1263: others can read the swap file if a user is careless
      patch 8.0.1264: terminal debugger gets stuck in small window
      patch 8.0.1265: swap test not skipped when there is one group
      patch 8.0.1266: Test_swap_directory was commented out
      patch 8.0.1267: Test_swap_group may leave file behind
      patch 8.0.1268: PC install instructions are incomplete
      patch 8.0.1269: effect of autocommands on marks is not tested
      Update runtime files.
      patch 8.0.1270: mismatching file name with Filelist
      patch 8.0.1271: still too many old style tests
      patch 8.0.1272: warnings for unused variables in tiny build
      patch 8.0.1273: old test file remaining
      patch 8.0.1274: setbufline() fails when using folding
      patch 8.0.1275: CmdlineLeave autocmd prevents fold from opening
      patch 8.0.1276: key lost when window closed in exit callback
      patch 8.0.1277: terminal window CR-NL conversions may cause problems
      patch 8.0.1278: GUI window always resizes when adding scrollbar
      patch 8.0.1279: initializing menus can be slow
      patch 8.0.1280: Python None cannot be converted to a Vim type
      patch 8.0.1281: loading file type detection slows down startup
      patch 8.0.1282: script-local variable defined in the wrong script
      patch 8.0.1283: test 86 fails under ASAN
      patch 8.0.1284: loading file type detection slows down startup
      patch 8.0.1285: occasional crash when using a channel
      patch 8.0.1286: occasional crash when using a channel
      patch 8.0.1287: temp file used for viminfo may have wrong permissions
      patch 8.0.1288: GUI: cannot drag the statusline of a terminal window
      patch 8.0.1289: mkview always includes the local directory
      Update runtime files.
      patch 8.0.1290: seq_cur of undotree() wrong after undo
      patch 8.0.1291: C indent wrong when * immediately follows comment
      patch 8.0.1292: quick clicks in the WinBar start Visual mode
      patch 8.0.1293: setting a breakpoint in the terminal debugger sometimes fails
      patch 8.0.1294: GUI: get stuck when splitting a terminal window
      patch 8.0.1295: cannot automatically get a server name in a terminal
      patch 8.0.1296: checking the same condition twice
      patch 8.0.1297: +autoservername does not show enabled on MS-Windows
      patch 8.0.1298: missing test file
      patch 8.0.1299: bracketed paste does not work well in terminal window
      patch 8.0.1300: file permissions may end up wrong when writing
      patch 8.0.1301: generated license file for NSIS has a modeline
      patch 8.0.1302: still too many old style tests
      patch 8.0.1303: 'ttymouse' is not set to "sgr" for Terminal.app and Iterm2
      patch 8.0.1304: CTRL-G/CTRL-T don't work with incsearch and empty pattern
      patch 8.0.1305: writefile() never calls fsync()
      patch 8.0.1306: ASAN error stack trace is not useful
      patch 8.0.1307: compiler warning for ignoring return value
      patch 8.0.1308: the "Reading from stdin" message may be undesired
      patch 8.0.1309: cannot use 'balloonexpr' in a terminal
      patch 8.0.1310: cproto generates errors because of missing type
      patch 8.0.1311: no test for strpart()
      patch 8.0.1312: balloon_show() only works in terminal when compiled with GUI
      patch 8.0.1313: missing dependencies cause parallel make to fail
      patch 8.0.1314: build fails on Mac
      patch 8.0.1315: build still fails on Mac
      patch 8.0.1316: build still still fails on Mac
      patch 8.0.1317: accessing freed memory in term_wait()
      patch 8.0.1318: terminal balloon only shows one line
      patch 8.0.1319: can't build GUI on MS-Windows
      patch 8.0.1320: popup test fails on GUI-only build
      patch 8.0.1321: can't build huge version with Athena
      patch 8.0.1322: textformat test isn't run
      patch 8.0.1323: mouse events in a terminal window may cause endless loop
      patch 8.0.1324: some xterm sends different mouse move codes
      patch 8.0.1325: more tests are not run
      patch 8.0.1326: largefile test fails on CI, glob test on MS-Windows
      patch 8.0.1327: new proto file missing from distribution
      patch 8.0.1328: trouble when using ":term ++close" with autocmd
      patch 8.0.1329: when a flaky test fails it also often fails the second time
      patch 8.0.1330: MS-Windows: job in terminal can't get back to Vim
      Update runtime files.
      patch 8.0.1331: possible crash when window can be zero lines high
      patch 8.0.1332: highlighting in quickfix window could be better
      patch 8.0.1333: some tests are run twice
      patch 8.0.1334: splitting a window with a WinBar damages window layout
      patch 8.0.1335: writefile() using fsync() may give an error.
      patch 8.0.1336: cannot use imactivatefunc() unless compiled with +xim
      patch 8.0.1337: typo in #ifdef
      patch 8.0.1338: USE_IM_CONTROL is confusing and incomplete
      patch 8.0.1339: no test for what 8.0.1335 fixes
      patch 8.0.1340: MS-Windows: cannot build GUI without IME
      patch 8.0.1341: 'imactivatefunc' test fails on MS-Windows
      patch 8.0.1342: cannot build with Motif and multi-byte
      patch 8.0.1343: MS-Windows: does not show colored emojis
      patch 8.0.1344: using 'imactivatefunc' in the GUI does not work
      patch 8.0.1345: race condition between stat() and open() for viminfo
      patch 8.0.1346: crash when passing 50 char string to balloon_split()
      patch 8.0.1347: MS-Windows: build broken by misplaced curly
      patch 8.0.1348: make testclean deletes script file on MS-Windows
      patch 8.0.1349: options test fails when using Motif or GTK GUI
      patch 8.0.1350: cannot build with +eval and -multi_byte
      patch 8.0.1351: warning for unused variables building with MinGW
      patch 8.0.1352: dead URLs in the help go unnoticed
      patch 8.0.1353: QuickFixCmdPost is not used consistently
      patch 8.0.1354: Shift-Insert doesn't always work in MS-Windows console
      patch 8.0.1355: cursor keys don't work in MS-Windows console
      patch 8.0.1356: using simalt in a GUIEnter autocommand inserts characters
      patch 8.0.1357: startup test fails on OpenBSD
      patch 8.0.1358: undercurl is not used in the terminal
      patch 8.0.1359: libvterm ANSI colors can not always be recognized
      Update runtime files
      patch 8.0.1360: the Terminal highlighting doesn't work in a terminal
      patch 8.0.1361: some users don't want to diff with hidden buffers
      patch 8.0.1362: terminal window colors wrong when using Terminal highlighting
      patch 8.0.1363: recovering does not work when swap file ends in .stz
      patch 8.0.1364: there is no easy way to get the window position
      patch 8.0.1365: when one channel test fails others fail as well
      patch 8.0.1367
      patch 8.0.1367: terminal test hangs, executing abcde
      patch 8.0.1368: cannot drag status or separator of new terminal window
      patch 8.0.1369: MS-Windows: drawing underline slow, mFallbackDC not updated
      patch 8.0.1370: channel test for callback is flaky
      patch 8.0.1371: Shift-Insert doesn't always work in MS-Windows console
      patch 8.0.1372: profile log may be truncated halfway a character
      patch 8.0.1373: no error when settting 'renderoptions' before starting GUI
      patch 8.0.1374: CTRL-A does not work with an empty line
      patch 8.0.1375: window size wrong after maximizing with WinBar
      patch 8.0.1376: cursor in terminal not always updated
      patch 8.0.1377: cannot call a dict function in autoloaded dict
      patch 8.0.1378: autoload script sources itself when defining function
      patch 8.0.1379: configure check for selinux does not check for header file
      patch 8.0.1380: using "vim -r swapfile" the hit-enter prompt is misplaced.
      patch 8.0.1381: ch_readraw() waits for NL if channel mode is NL
      patch 8.0.1382: get "no write since last change" message if terminal is open
      patch 8.0.1383: local additions in help skips some files
      patch 8.0.1384: not enough quickfix help; confusing winid
      patch 8.0.1385: Python 3.5 is getting old
      patch 8.0.1386: cannot select modified buffers with getbufinfo()
      patch 8.0.1387: wordcount test is old style
      patch 8.0.1388: char not overwritten with ambiguous width char
      patch 8.0.1389: getqflist() items are missing if not set
      patch 8.0.1390: DirectX scrolling can be slow, vertical positioning is off
      move netrw back to the previous version
      patch 8.0.1391: encoding empty string to JSON sometimes gives "null"
      patch 8.0.1392: build fails with --with-features=huge --disable-channel
      patch 8.0.1393: too much highlighting with 'hlsearch' and 'incsearch' set
      patch 8.0.1394: cannot intercept a yank command
      patch 8.0.1395: it is not easy to see if a colorscheme is well written
      patch 8.0.1396: memory leak when CTRL-G in search command line fails
      patch 8.0.1397: pattern with \& following nothing gives an error
      patch 8.0.1398: :packadd does not load packages from the "start" directory
      patch 8.0.1399: warnings and errors when building tiny version
      patch 8.0.1400: color scheme check script shows up as color scheme
      Update runtime files
      patch 8.0.1401: cannot build with GTK but without XIM

James McCoy (5):
      debian.vim: Add MapExists() to check for map in multiple modes
      Merge tag 'v8.0.1401' into debian/sid
      Update changelogs/patches for 8.0.1401
      syntax/debcontrol.vim: Fix highlighting of javascript Section
      releasing package vim version 2:8.0.1401-1


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       new  9f6fe92   releasing package vim version 2:8.0.1401-1

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