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Wed Apr 4 09:11:06 BST 2018

Internal Audit, Monitoring, Consulting and Investigations Division
From: Ms. Heidi Lloce-Mendoza


The department of United Nations wish to let you know that your fund payment valued amount is still waiting for you to signal the go-ahead payment order hence you have been silent for whatever reasons and we noticed that you abandoned the rightful office that was supposed to help you get your fund and you went to deal with hoodlums, scammers, fraudsters and we noticed that you have paid/sent series of payment to these fake people for the past years and months.

Right now, this department want to give you another chance to claim your fund payment because the UN has got your fund approval re-invoked and re-approved hence you fail to claim your fund last time due to dealings with none recognized organization, we are also sorry for whatever difficulties you have faced while trying to claim your fund but right now we promise to make sure you receive your fund if only you will adhere to our instructions and directives.

You are required to respond to this message urgently and indicate your readiness to claim your fund once again and state how much you have spent in the hands of these hoodlums so far and if possible forward their names, email and office for proper investigation so that they will face the law because whatever a man sows thou shall he reaps.

We wait to hear from you and you are only required to reply to this message if you know that you are serious to complete the fund payment transaction this time around.

Yours Sincerely,
Ms. Heidi Lloce-Mendoza
Director, UN OIOS.

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