Bug#864074: defaults.vim: broken configuration

Rudi Daemen info at kratjebierhosting.nl
Mon Jun 11 11:41:42 BST 2018

Hi all,

For all of those that are googling for this issue and want a quick 
work-around in place until the order-of-inclusion is fixed upstream, I 
have added the following two lines to the beginning of the system-wide 
vimrc.local on all debian servers I am managing:

runtime! defaults.vim
let g:skip_defaults_vim = 1

The first line, ofcourse, is only needed if you actually want some of 
the values from the "defaults.vim" file, otherwise it can be omitted. 
The second line avoids it from being loaded again at any later stage. I 
can confirm this works as it does load the defaults.vim (and thus some 
config options I do like) but it does this before processing the 
remainder in vimrc.local. As a result, it now no longer overrides any 
config options I did not like and thus changed in vimrc.local (e.g. set 

Just adding these two lines to the vimrc.local file resolved my problems 
with vim.

Kind regards,

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