[Pkg-virtualbox-devel] Bug#621061: Bug#621061: locks daemon startup directory

Eduard Bloch edi at gmx.de
Wed Apr 6 15:51:26 UTC 2011

#include <hallo.h>
* Frank Mehnert [Wed, Apr 06 2011, 10:28:52AM]:
> The VBoxSVC daemon as well as the VBoxXPCOMIPCD daemons will terminate
> themself about 10 seconds after the last client stopped. What you
> observed is not a bug but a feature. If these daeomns don't terminate
> themself after that time then this is a bug but so far we don't have
> such reports for VirtualBox 4.0.4.

If keeping the startup directory is considered a feature than I fail to
see the use case for it.

The background process are really terminated after 10 seconds. But in
the meantime, I would like to be able to release the startup directory
because it's really unrelated to the work of the running VM (no other
handle is open on that FS while the VM runs).


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