[Pkg-virtualbox-devel] Bug#631612: virtualbox-guest-x11: Buggy xserver-xorg-* in Provides

Cyril Brulebois kibi at debian.org
Sat Jun 25 10:58:54 UTC 2011

Package: virtualbox-guest-x11
Version: 4.0.8-dfsg-2
Severity: important


currently, you have in debian/control:
| Package: virtualbox-guest-x11
| Section: x11
| Architecture: amd64 i386
| Depends: ${shlibs:Depends},
|          ${misc:Depends},
|          ${xserver:Depends},
|          virtualbox-guest-utils (= ${binary:Version})
| Provides: ${xviddriver:Provides},
|           ${xinpdriver:Provides}

In debian/rules:
| ifeq ($(XORG_PKG_ABI),new)
| […]
|         VIDDRIVER_PROVIDES = xserver-xorg-video-$(VIDEOABI)
|         INPDRIVER_PROVIDES = xserver-xorg-input-$(INPUTABI)
| else
| […]

That's incorrect. VIDEOABI and INPUTABI are empty, since
/usr/share/xserver-xorg/{video,input}abiver are gone. Instead, you
should be providing unversioned xorg-driver-{video,input}.

So you're actually providing:
| Provides: xserver-xorg-input-, xserver-xorg-video-

which means that upon installation through d-i, virtualbox-guest-x11
gets installed, but installing xserver-xorg pulls both
xserver-xorg-video-all and xserver-xorg-input-all (since the alternative
dependencies on xorg-driver-video and xorg-driver-input are not


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