[Pkg-virtualbox-devel] Bug#703494: system freezes appearently fixed by recent kernel update

Ingo ingo.steiner at gmx.net
Thu Oct 17 18:00:44 UTC 2013

According to my tests this nasty bug (which I observed mainly with
VirtualBox and OS/2 guest) has been fixed with the recent kernel update
in Wheezy to 3.2.0-51.

My guess is this commit which cured the freezes:

commit 884020bf3d2a3787a1cc6df902e98e0eec60330b upstream.

    After any "soft gfx reset" we must manually invalidate the TLBs
    associated with each ring. Empirically, it seems that a
    suspend/resume or D3-D0 cycle count as a "soft reset". The symptom is
    that the hardware would fail to note the new address for its status
    page, and so it would continue to write the shadow registers and
    breadcrumbs into the old physical address (now used by something
    completely different, scary). Whereas the driver would read the new
    status page and never see any progress, it would appear that the GPU
    hung immediately upon resume.

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