[pkg-wine-party] [SCM] Debian Wine packaging annotated tag, wine-0.9.61-1, created. wine-0.9.61-1

Ove Kaaven ovek at arcticnet.no
Sat May 3 08:06:50 UTC 2008

The annotated tag, wine-0.9.61-1 has been created
        at  58ec687310a3730febaf31cd8d3315c188f0ef96 (tag)
   tagging  815a08778b68f4b2e595de9a5fe02389e7ee86e5 (commit)
  replaces  wine-0.9.61
 tagged by  Ove Kaaven
        on  Sat May 3 07:49:58 2008 +0200

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Debian release 0.9.61-1

Ove Kaaven (127):
      Deleted rpath stuff from configure. Closes: #359251.
      Patch wineinstall for Debian's precompiled binaries.
      Doubled size of MAX_FONTS. Closes: #145033.
      Patches for using libraries and support binaries in /usr/lib/wine.
      Patched regedit to accept input from stdin if a filename
      Look for libwine.so.1 instead of libwine.so.
      Various other winelauncher improvements accumulated over the years.
      Present a verification question if Wine is launched
      Made comdlg32 import winspool using delayed imports
      Debianization of Wine 0.9.25
      Merge branch 'deb/wineinstall'
      Merge branch 'deb/paths'
      Merge branch 'deb/no-rpath'
      Merge branch 'deb/regedit'
      Merge branch 'deb/winspool'
      Merge branch 'deb/xfont'
      Merge branch 'deb/winelauncher'
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.26
      Release 0.9.26-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.27
      Release 0.9.27-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.28
      Release 0.9.28-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.29
      Merge branch 'upstream' into deb/no-rpath
      Applied patch to mark stack executable. Closes: #401562.
      Merge branch 'deb/execstack'
      Release 0.9.29-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.30
      Release 0.9.30-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.31
      Release 0.9.31-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.32
      Release 0.9.32-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.33
      Release 0.9.33-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.34
      Release 0.9.34-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.35
      Release 0.9.35-1
      Release 0.9.35-2
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.36
      Release 0.9.36-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.37
      Release 0.9.37-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.38
      Release 0.9.38-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.39
      Release 0.9.39-1
      Applied patch to mark stack executable. Closes: #401562.
      Merge branch 'upstream' into deb/execstack
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.40 via branch 'deb/execstack'
      Merge branch 'upstream' into deb/no-rpath
      Merge branch 'deb/no-rpath'
      Release 0.9.40-1
      Merge branch 'upstream' into deb/execstack
      Merge branch 'upstream' into deb/no-rpath
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.41 via branch 'deb/no-rpath'
      Merge branch 'deb/execstack'
      Release 0.9.41-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.42
      Release 0.9.42-1
      Merge branch 'upstream' into deb/no-rpath
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.43 via branch 'deb/no-rpath'
      Release 0.9.43-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.44
      Merge branch 'upstream' into deb/paths
      Fixed the unsubstituted @libdir@ in the wine manpage
      Merge branch 'deb/paths'
      Release 0.9.44-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.45
      Release 0.9.45-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.46
      Release 0.9.46-1
      Merge branch 'upstream' into deb/regedit
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.47 via branch 'deb/regedit'
      Release 0.9.47-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.48
      Release 0.9.48-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.49
      Release 0.9.49-1
      Release 0.9.49-2
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.50
      Release 0.9.50-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.51
      Release 0.9.51-1
      Release 0.9.51-2
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.52
      Applied tools/c2man.pl patch from Roderich Schupp so that perl 5.10
      Merge branch 'deb/c2man'
      Release 0.9.52-1
      Release 0.9.52-2
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.53
      Release 0.9.53-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.54
      Merge branch 'upstream' into deb/winelauncher
      Fixed spelling error in wine-safe message (intented => intended).
      Patched winelauncher to allow the user to override WINEDLLPATH
      Patched winelauncher to only redirect stderr to the debug log,
      Commented out the echo "Wine exited with a successful status"
      Merge branch 'deb/winelauncher'
      Release 0.9.54-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.55
      Release 0.9.55-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.56
      Release 0.9.56-1
      Merge branch 'upstream' into deb/winspool
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.57 via branch 'deb/winspool'
      Release 0.9.57-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.58
      Release 0.9.58-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.59
      Release 0.9.59-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.60
      Release 0.9.60-1
      Release 0.9.60-2
      Release 0.9.60-3
      Release 0.9.60-4
      Added Vcs-* fields to debian/control, pointing at the new
      Merge branch 'upstream' into deb/winspool
      New upstream release 0.9.61, released May 2, 2008.
      Fix diff-amd64.sh to work if building out of the Git repository.
      Allow clean rule to succeed if invoked more than once with DEB_SAVEBUILD set.
      Added scripts to import new upstream releases and build packages using the pkg-wine Git repository.
      Added debian/watch file.
      With ia32-libs version 2.4, it's finally possible to build Wine properly on amd64, so I'll now finally disable the amd64 hack.
      Release 0.9.61-1


Debian Wine packaging

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