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Fri May 23 13:54:49 UTC 2008

Hello My Freind

I excuse myself if I have to violate your intimacy.That must appear strange
to you but I do not have an other choice torequest your assistance because I
am convinced that you are worthy ofconfidence for a partnership.

I present myself, Mrs Wadja JeanneLouise of Philippines.i stays the mistress
of our former president,Joseph Estrada, and during his function with the
head of the government,I was often to employed like a diplomat by depositing
his goods inEurope and Africa because of my sincerity and my bonafide,

 but hiswife legitimates Madam law and his/her son shows me to have
maritalrelation with the president, this led to the manufacture of all kinds
ofallogation against me just to discredit my honesty. We were stopped,
hiswife, her son, and me on July 27, 2003, following the coup of the stateto
fail because I was employed with the presidency of the expresidentJoseph
Estrada. Freedom later was granted to me.

because there wasno substantial obviousness against me, i was to release and
I currentlylive in residence to supervise thus giving the limiting
opportunity tome to reach the outside world to prove my innocence. All that
I ask younow is to help itself has to make complaints of some funds which I
havedeposited in one limps mettallic box in company of safety in
ivorydimension more precisely none as Abidjan.

but the same company it isunaware of the exact capacity of the case because
it was to record likethe family goods. Will know that the other goods
belonging to me wereconfiscated to me by the government of Mrs Gloria the
new president ofthe republic of Philippines, this case was not confiscated
to me becauseit is in Africa and in more I have my possession the
certificate ofdeposit and the draft-agreement of deposit, these various

are in safety. The sum that I maintained in limps is 17 milliondollars
American, as it was the money which was censer to be employed bythe
president to acquire real goods in Africa.My principal goal to sendthis mail
to you is because of the manner that I have to find you isworthy of
confidence to give you this priority to receive the money casehas any
address which you think of being well in seccurity in yourcountry in order
to keep this sum in your account for the goal of thefuture investment with
your percentage of which we will discuss soon.Iwill send the various
documents of the deposit to you to allow you toturn over in connection with
the company of safety in my next email.

I say to you thank you and I await your answer impatiently becausetime for
me is very important.
Wadja Jeanne Louise
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