[pkg-wine-party] Problems with installer

Mark Phillips mark at phillipsmarketing.biz
Mon May 26 18:32:16 UTC 2008


Thanks for the fast reponse. I should have said that my system is an
uptodate lenny system. I performed an apt-get update and apt-get
upgrade, and my sources.list only point to lenny. My system is pinned to
testing. I expected wine to be upgraded to 1.0r1-1, but it remains at
0.9.44. What I want to do is upgrade to wine 1.0. I am hoping that will
help me get itunes running on Linux.



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Mark Phillips skrev:
> I currently have wine 0.9.44 running on my Debian lenny system. When I
> do an apt-get upgrade wine is not upgraded. When I try apt-get install
> wine=1.0-rc1-1, I get the following.
> Why is the wine installer removing apache, gnome-desktop, evolution,
> evolution-exchange, etc? I need those packages. Is this a bug in the
> installer, or is wine incompatible with these packages?

By installer, you mean apt-get? Well, typically apt-get chooses the 
"smallest" change; in these situations, it's likely that to keep apache 
installed, a ton *more* packages would have to be upgraded (including 
apache itself, which probably has new dependencies), so removing it 
seemed like a "smaller" operation.

You can add apache2 etc to the "apt-get install" line to prevent it from

being removed if you want, but it seems likely that this is going to ask

apt to upgrade almost your whole Debian system to lenny (or sid). If 
you're doing that, apt-get dist-upgrade first may be easier.

But if you need packages for etch, you can get them at 
http://www.backports.org (or my own etch-built packages at 
http://people.debian.org/~ovek/wine if you want the newest)

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