[pkg-wine-party] [SCM] Debian Wine packaging annotated tag, wine-1.1.27-1, created. wine-1.1.27-1

Ove Kaaven ovek at arcticnet.no
Sun Aug 9 14:26:00 UTC 2009

The annotated tag, wine-1.1.27-1 has been created
        at  a93ab1910969be45b303429eb633b9b9007958ef (tag)
   tagging  614609b18f252431c7a6b5f3b81287e990baa2c2 (commit)
  replaces  wine-1.1.27
 tagged by  Ove Kaaven
        on  Sun Aug 9 15:54:05 2009 +0200

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Debian release 1.1.27-1

Arthur Loiret (6):
      Start a new changelog entry.
      Build-Depends and Depends on ia32-libs (>= 2.5).
      Add myself to Uploaders.
      Revert "Build-Depends and Depends on ia32-libs (>= 2.5)."
      New upstream release 1.0-rc3, released May 30, 2008.
      Release 1.0-rc3-1

Ove Kaaven (301):
      Deleted rpath stuff from configure. Closes: #359251.
      Patch wineinstall for Debian's precompiled binaries.
      Doubled size of MAX_FONTS. Closes: #145033.
      Patches for using libraries and support binaries in /usr/lib/wine.
      Patched regedit to accept input from stdin if a filename
      Look for libwine.so.1 instead of libwine.so.
      Various other winelauncher improvements accumulated over the years.
      Present a verification question if Wine is launched
      Made comdlg32 import winspool using delayed imports
      Debianization of Wine 0.9.25
      Merge branch 'deb/wineinstall'
      Merge branch 'deb/paths'
      Merge branch 'deb/no-rpath'
      Merge branch 'deb/regedit'
      Merge branch 'deb/winspool'
      Merge branch 'deb/xfont'
      Merge branch 'deb/winelauncher'
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.26
      Release 0.9.26-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.27
      Release 0.9.27-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.28
      Release 0.9.28-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.29
      Merge branch 'upstream' into deb/no-rpath
      Applied patch to mark stack executable. Closes: #401562.
      Merge branch 'deb/execstack'
      Release 0.9.29-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.30
      Release 0.9.30-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.31
      Release 0.9.31-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.32
      Release 0.9.32-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.33
      Release 0.9.33-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.34
      Release 0.9.34-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.35
      Release 0.9.35-1
      Release 0.9.35-2
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.36
      Release 0.9.36-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.37
      Release 0.9.37-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.38
      Release 0.9.38-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.39
      Release 0.9.39-1
      Applied patch to mark stack executable. Closes: #401562.
      Merge branch 'upstream' into deb/execstack
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.40 via branch 'deb/execstack'
      Merge branch 'upstream' into deb/no-rpath
      Merge branch 'deb/no-rpath'
      Release 0.9.40-1
      Merge branch 'upstream' into deb/execstack
      Merge branch 'upstream' into deb/no-rpath
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.41 via branch 'deb/no-rpath'
      Merge branch 'deb/execstack'
      Release 0.9.41-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.42
      Release 0.9.42-1
      Merge branch 'upstream' into deb/no-rpath
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.43 via branch 'deb/no-rpath'
      Release 0.9.43-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.44
      Merge branch 'upstream' into deb/paths
      Fixed the unsubstituted @libdir@ in the wine manpage
      Merge branch 'deb/paths'
      Release 0.9.44-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.45
      Release 0.9.45-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.46
      Release 0.9.46-1
      Merge branch 'upstream' into deb/regedit
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.47 via branch 'deb/regedit'
      Release 0.9.47-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.48
      Release 0.9.48-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.49
      Release 0.9.49-1
      Release 0.9.49-2
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.50
      Release 0.9.50-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.51
      Release 0.9.51-1
      Release 0.9.51-2
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.52
      Applied tools/c2man.pl patch from Roderich Schupp so that perl 5.10
      Merge branch 'deb/c2man'
      Release 0.9.52-1
      Release 0.9.52-2
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.53
      Release 0.9.53-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.54
      Merge branch 'upstream' into deb/winelauncher
      Fixed spelling error in wine-safe message (intented => intended).
      Patched winelauncher to allow the user to override WINEDLLPATH
      Patched winelauncher to only redirect stderr to the debug log,
      Commented out the echo "Wine exited with a successful status"
      Merge branch 'deb/winelauncher'
      Release 0.9.54-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.55
      Release 0.9.55-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.56
      Release 0.9.56-1
      Merge branch 'upstream' into deb/winspool
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.57 via branch 'deb/winspool'
      Release 0.9.57-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.58
      Release 0.9.58-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.59
      Release 0.9.59-1
      Merge upstream Wine 0.9.60
      Release 0.9.60-1
      Release 0.9.60-2
      Release 0.9.60-3
      Release 0.9.60-4
      Added Vcs-* fields to debian/control, pointing at the new
      Merge branch 'upstream' into deb/winspool
      New upstream release 0.9.61, released May 2, 2008.
      Fix diff-amd64.sh to work if building out of the Git repository.
      Allow clean rule to succeed if invoked more than once with DEB_SAVEBUILD set.
      Added scripts to import new upstream releases and build packages using the pkg-wine Git repository.
      Added debian/watch file.
      With ia32-libs version 2.4, it's finally possible to build Wine properly on amd64, so I'll now finally disable the amd64 hack.
      Release 0.9.61-1
      Seems ia32-libs is not in shape yet after all. Re-enabled amd64 hack.
      Made debian/diff-amd64.sh handle the new SHA checksums.
      Improved debian/maint/build-final's generation of changelogs for Debian revisions.
      Release 0.9.61-2
      Moved libwine's Recommends on libwine-print and libwine-gl to a Suggests in wine-bin instead,
      Made the pkg-wine-party mailing list the official maintainer of the Wine packages, and myself a mere uploader.
      Make the dummy changelog entry created with debian/maint/import-done just say "UNRELEASED", like git-dch does.
      Fixed watch file for Wine "rc" release versions.
      Changed debian/maint/import to put announce.tmp in current directory, not in the debian directory.
      Fixed debian/maint/import to check if origfilename is a symlink before dereferencing it.
      New upstream release 1.0-rc1, released May 9, 2008.
      Reverted patch to mark stack executable.
      Change comments to reflect that the amd64 hack should probably still be used on etch builds (backports).
      Don't fail debian/maint/build-final if git-cat-file fails.
      Release 1.0-rc1-1
      Make libwine-oss depend on oss-compat.
      debian/rules clean now depends unconditionally on clean-arch32 and clean-arch64.
      On amd64, symlink in libraries from ia32-libs for Wine to link against,
      Disable the old amd64 hack in favor of the new ia32-libs symlink hack.
      Merge branch 'upstream' into deb/wineinstall
      New upstream release 1.0-rc2, released May 23, 2008.
      Reverted Debian modifications to tools/wineinstall, they won't be needed anymore.
      Deleted debian/wine-utils.undocumented.
      winhelp has been renamed to winhlp32, updated debian/wine-bin.install accordingly.
      Release 1.0-rc2-1
      New upstream release 1.0-rc4, released Jun 6, 2008.
      Moved hh.exe from wine-utils to wine-bin.
      Major update of README.Debian.
      There's no longer an official upstream changelog file.
      Release 1.0-rc4-1
      Updated dependencies to use the new CUPS package names.
      New upstream release 1.0-rc5, released Jun 13, 2008.
      Release 1.0-rc5-1
      New upstream release 1.0, released Jun 17, 2008.
      Release 1.0.0-1
      New upstream release 1.1.0, released Jun 27, 2008.
      Release 1.1.0-1
      New upstream release 1.1.1, released Jul 11, 2008.
      Release 1.1.1-1
      New upstream release 1.1.2, released Jul 25, 2008.
      Release 1.1.2-1
      New upstream release 1.1.3, released Aug 22, 2008.
      Release 1.1.3-1
      New upstream release 1.1.4, released Sep 5, 2008.
      The make target for installing API manpages changed from install to install-man; updated debian/rules accordingly.
      Release 1.1.4-1
      New upstream release 1.1.5, released Sep 19, 2008.
      Release 1.1.5-1
      New upstream release 1.1.6, released Oct 10, 2008.
      Added build-dependency alternatives libgl1-mesa-dev and libglu1-mesa-dev.
      Removed fontforge from Build-Depends
      Added libgnutls-dev to Build-Depends (why can't Wine settle with *either* OpenSSL *or* GnuTLS, instead of requiring both?)
      Release 1.1.6-1
      New upstream release 1.1.7, released Oct 24, 2008.
      Release 1.1.7-1
      New upstream release 1.1.8, released Nov 7, 2008.
      Release 1.1.8-1
      New upstream release 1.1.9, released Nov 21, 2008.
      Made the debian/maint/import script run date in the C locale.
      Upstream added a --disable-tests configure option.
      Support the "parallel" option of DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS.
      The wineshelllink script has been obsoleted.
      Release 1.1.9-1
      New upstream release 1.1.10, released Dec 5, 2008.
      Try again to run debian/maint/import's date in the C locale.
      Comment out currently-unnecessary mensis invocation in debian/rules. Closes: #510762.
      Removed unneeded dh_testroot from the clean-arch32/arch64 rules.
      Release 1.1.10-1
      New upstream release 1.1.11, released Dec 20, 2008.
      Add dh_installman to debian/rules.
      Added manpages written by Francois Wendling.
      Try to install wine-kthread, wine-pthread, and wine-preloader only if they were built
      Release 1.1.11-1
      New upstream release 1.1.12, released Jan 2, 2009.
      Release 1.1.12-1
      Fix a minor copy&paste error I did for copying wine-preloader etc into the packages
      Install control panel modules into wine-bin.
      Added a more general way to only install certain binaries into libwine if they were actually built;
      Installed clock.exe.so and icinfo.exe.so into the wine-utils package, for some kind of completeness's sake.
      New upstream release 1.1.13, released Jan 16, 2009.
      Release 1.1.13-1
      New upstream release 1.1.14, released Jan 30, 2009.
      Try to fix a PowerPC build failure.
      Merge branch 'deb/powerpc'
      Release 1.1.14-1
      New upstream release 1.1.15, released Feb 13, 2009.
      Added build-dependency alternative libjack-dev.
      Release 1.1.15-1
      Try to install *.vxd.so only if they were built.
      Changed "git-cat-file" to "git cat-file" in debian/maint/import.
      New upstream release 1.1.16, released Feb 27, 2009.
      Changed uninstaller.desktop to execute "wine uninstaller".
      Wine no longer installs progman, uninstaller, and winebrowser as their own binaries.
      Install stand-alone 16-bit modules (if they were built) into libwine.
      Installed lodctr.exe.so, unlodctr.exe.so, and cacls.exe.so into wine-bin.
      Release 1.1.16-1
      New upstream release 1.1.17, released Mar 13, 2009.
      README.twain is no more, was removed upstream.
      Permanently removed the amd64 binaries-in-diff hack.
      Worked on the experimental 64-bit support in debian/rules a bit. Since gcc-4.4 is now in Debian, the 64-bit build rules will now use that.
      Release 1.1.17-1
      New upstream release 1.1.18, released Mar 27, 2009.
      Changed section of libwine-dbg to the new "debug" section.
      The logic for only installing binaries that are actually built
      Instead of splitting up libwine with a long list of "mv" commands in debian/rules,
      Release 1.1.18-1
      New upstream release 1.1.19, released Apr 10, 2009.
      Merge branch 'upstream' into deb/powerpc
      Merge branch 'deb/powerpc'
      Made filenames in libwine.split tidier.
      Split libwine-gphoto2 and libwine-sane with libwine.split instead of with *.install files.
      Removed *.dirs files, rely on dh_install (and split.sh) to create directories as needed.
      Recommend ttf-liberation, and changed msttcorefonts suggestion to ttf-mscorefonts-installer. Closes: #490861.
      Removed application/x-zip-compressed from wine.desktop. Closes: #452957.
      Made the /usr/share/doc/<package> directory in all binary packages (except libwine) be a symlink to /usr/share/doc/libwine.
      Release 1.1.19-1
      New upstream release 1.1.20, released Apr 24, 2009.
      Merge branch 'upstream' into deb/c2man
      Merge branch 'deb/c2man'
      Killed the libwine-twain transitional package.
      Renamed remaining debian/*.install files to debian/*.install-common.
      Installed termsv.exe.so into wine-bin.
      On amd64, winelib is now installed into /usr/lib32 instead of /usr/lib.
      Release 1.1.20-1
      New upstream release 1.1.21, released May 8, 2009.
      Made it possible to easily add a suffix to all package names.
      Release 1.1.21-1
      New upstream release 1.1.22, released May 22, 2009.
      Added workaround to debian/maint/build-final for current git-dch not working like it's supposed to.
      Release 1.1.22-1
      New upstream release 1.1.23, released Jun 5, 2009.
      Add "-unstable" suffix to package names for the Wine development branch, and upload to sid.
      Release 1.1.23-1
      Fix up package names of dependencies when adding a suffix.
      Fix cleanup after building a package with a suffix and extra dependencies.
      Release 1.1.23-1 (for real this time)
      Exclude wine.bin from stripping, so that this will compile on lenny.
      Changed "git-cat-file" to "git cat-file" in debian/maint/build-final.
      Install binaries into the packages by overriding DESTDIR instead of prefix.
      Removed obsolete configure option --enable-opengl.
      Include the prefix in the LIBDIR substitutions in debian/rules.
      On amd64, install into /emul/ia32-linux/usr/lib instead of into /usr/lib32.
      Fixed git-dch workaround in debian/maint/build-final to work with package updates that aren't new upstream releases.
      Release 1.1.23-2
      Check at build time whether /usr/lib32 is a symlink (and what it symlinks to).
      New upstream release 1.1.24, released Jun 19, 2009.
      Name the upstream tarball properly in debian/maint/import (with -unstable for the 1.1.* series).
      Release 1.1.24-1
      Removed versioned dependency on ia32-libs.
      In the scripts for preprocessing debhelper files to add package suffixes,
      Added code to generate transition packages for amd64 in the event that ia32-apt-get completely replaces ia32-libs.
      If installing into /usr/lib32 (on an amd64 system), and it is not a symlink on the build system,
      Updated winelauncher for the new realities in the amd64 world.
      Updated year in debian/copyright.
      Split out yet another binary package, libwine-bin, which now contains everything wine-bin used to ship in /usr/lib/wine.
      Moved all winelib programs in wine-utils to libwine-bin and wine-bin.
      Now build with multiarch library paths.
      New upstream release 1.1.25, released Jul 3, 2009.
      Release 1.1.25-1
      Removed wine-utils from README.Debian.
      Restore a necessary blank line that was deleted from debian/control.in.
      Provide correct library paths to dh_shlibdeps.
      Release 1.1.25-1 (for real)
      New upstream release 1.1.26, released Jul 17, 2009.
      Release 1.1.26-1
      New upstream release 1.1.27, released Aug 7, 2009.
      Added libgsm1-dev build-dependency.
      Automatically substitute the current library paths into the lintian overrides.
      Made it possible to add suffixes to the dependencies of autogenerated transition packages.
      Added a script to generate Recommends lines.
      Added wineconsole and wine-safe manpages by Francois Wendling.
      Added lintian override for wine.bin being unstripped.
      Annotate binary packages with the Multi-Arch field as appropriate.
      Release 1.1.27-1


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