[pkg-wine-party] [SCM] Debian Wine packaging annotated tag, wine-1.1.15, created. wine-1.1.15

Alexandre Julliard julliard at winehq.org
Sat Feb 21 00:42:54 UTC 2009

The annotated tag, wine-1.1.15 has been created
        at  477e8d9ae057fc2aa7d03625475a20638105300a (tag)
   tagging  6a1537c4b5037be5253c33021fda3a02430533f7 (commit)
  replaces  wine-1.1.14
 tagged by  Alexandre Julliard
        on  Fri Feb 13 18:01:33 2009 +0100

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Release 1.1.15
Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (GNU/Linux)


Alexandre Julliard (57):
      winegcc: Make platform-specific behaviors depend on variables instead of #ifdefs.
      winegcc: Support -b option for cross-compiling.
      configure: Remove no longer needed check for -fshort-wchar.
      ntoskrnl.exe: Correctly remove the vectored exception handler.
      ntdll: Add a trace when calling vectored exception handlers too.
      kernel32/tests: Print some more details on directory test failures.
      kernel32/tests: Allow more error codes from GetDiskFreeSpace.
      kernel32/tests: Use a better invalid filename than "foo".
      kernel32/tests: Don't hardcode C drive for CreateDirectory tests.
      kernel32/tests: Add another error code in the CreateDirectory test.
      setupapi/tests: Don't compare the drive letter of expanded file paths.
      dbghelp: Fix pool allocation routines to be able to support arbitrary sizes.
      dbghelp: Allocate enough memory initially for regexps instead of growing the buffer.
      dbghelp: Fall back to string comparison if regex support is missing.
      dbghelp: Moved SymEnumLines to symbol.c to reuse the regex support.
      include: Define LANGID in wtypes.idl.
      winebuild: Determine the appropriate as/ld/nm commands at the time they are needed.
      winebuild: Append the correct options for as and ld when forcing a 32/64-bit build.
      winebuild: Search for the as/ld/nm tools in the PATH under various names.
      winegcc: Pass the -m32/-m64 options to winebuild too.
      fonts: Copy the TrueType fonts to the build directory for out-of-tree builds.
      Fix position of CDECL qualifier for functions that return pointers.
      widl: Avoid using GetExceptionCode outside of an exception handler.
      widl: Add a dummy reference to the filter function to avoid a warning.
      widl: Replace unsigned long and size_t by unsigned int where appropriate.
      widl: Add printf format attribute on all printf-like functions and fix resulting warnings.
      widl: Print all NdrFcShort parameters as shorts to avoid warnings for negative values.
      makefiles: Pass the target flags to winegcc.
      winegcc: Don't pass the as/ld/nm commands to winebuild.
      winmm: Disable system thread if poll() support is missing.
      programs: Don't make apps Unicode if they don't use the command line.
      winepath: Fixed the wmain() definition.
      include: Undefine a few Unicode macros that conflict with interface functions.
      rsaenh: Rename the HANDLETABLE structure to avoid conflicts with wingdi.h.
      jscript: Rename the GetObjectW variable to avoid conflict with the function of the same name.
      setupapi: Don't use 'interface' as variable name, since it can be defined to a keyword.
      include: Moved VWIN32 ioctl definitions out of winioctl.h.
      dbghelp: Fix handling of empty file regexp (Coverity).
      user32/tests: Fix some window test failures on various Windows platforms.
      widl: Change write_type_def_or_decl and write_type_decl to take an argument name instead of a printf format.
      user32/tests: Try to fix some more failures in the message test.
      winmm/tests: Don't test upper bound on sound duration, it's not guaranteed.
      configure: Move down the X11 checks to allow defaulting to --without-x for the Windows build.
      configure: Print an error and fail if we don't have libpthread.
      configure: Set the target flags from the --host option even if cross-compiling is not detected.
      winegcc: Hardcode the various gcc tool names when cross-compiling.
      loader: Start phasing out the LinuxThreads support.
      dbghelp: Avoid size_t in a trace.
      user32/tests: Fix Z-order tests in the presence of owned popups.
      user32/tests: Add some more optional messages we get on Windows.
      user32/tests: Print the wrong accelerator values in the resource test.
      user32/tests: Better handling of the *.* wildcard in the listbox test.
      user32/tests: Fix more message tests on XP and Vista.
      user32/tests: Skip tests if we fail to inject mouse or keyboard events.
      user32/tests: GetClassInfo doesn't set last error reliably, remove test.
      user32/tests: Cope with lack of support for color cursors.
      Release 1.1.15.

Alistair Leslie-Hughes (14):
      mshtml: Add missing StyleSheet interfaces.
      mshtml: Add missing coclass's.
      mshtml: Add support for IHTMLStyle3 interface.
      mshtml: Add support for IHTMLStyle4 interface.
      shdocvw: OnAmbientPropertyChange should refresh all properties with a DISPID_UNKNOWN.
      shdocvw: Correct OnAmbientPropertyChange regression.
      mshtml: Implement IHTMLStyle_put_fontWeight.
      mshtml: Implement IHTMLStyle_get_backgroundColor.
      msxml3: Use our parent doc if we don't have one.
      mshtml: Implement IDispatch for IHTMLLocation.
      mshtml: Do a case-insensitive compare of type.
      mshtml: Implement IHTMLStyle_get_paddingLeft.
      mshtml: Implement IHTMLStyle_put_textDecorationLineThrough.
      mshtml: Implement IHTMLStyle_put_textDecorationUnderline.

Andre Wisplinghoff (1):
      comdlg32: Update German and French translation.

Andrew Talbot (21):
      wininet: Declare some functions static.
      winmm: Declare some functions static.
      wintrust: Declare a functions static.
      wnaspi32: Declare some functions static.
      ole32: Remove superfluous shadow variables.
      cabinet: Declare a function static.
      itss: Remove unused function.
      inetcomm: Remove unused function.
      dsound: Remove unused function.
      dplayx: Remove unused functions.
      dbghelp: Remove unused function.
      msi: Remove unused functions.
      netapi32: Remove unused functions.
      cabinet: Declare a function static.
      qcap: Remove an unused function.
      riched20: Remove unused functions.
      gphoto2.ds: Replace malloc() with HeapAlloc().
      itss: Replace malloc() with HeapAlloc().
      winedos: Replace malloc/calloc with HeapAlloc().
      winemp3.acm: Replace malloc() with HeapAlloc().
      winenas.drv: Replace malloc() with HeapAlloc().

André Hentschel (1):
      winemaker: Add odbccp32 to default link list.

Aric Stewart (33):
      msctf: Add ITfDocumentMgr interface.
      msctf: Implement SetFocus and GetFocus.
      msctf: Only 1 ITfThreadMgr is created per thread.
      include: Add beginning textstor.idl.
      msctf: Implement stub ITfContext.
      msctf: Implement ITfDocumentMgr::Push.
      msctf: Implement ITfDocumentMgr::Pop.
      msctf: Implement ITfDocumentMgr::GetTop.
      msctf: Implement ITfDocumentMgr::GetBase.
      msctf: Add definition of ITfSource interface.
      msctf: Add ITfSource interface to Context.
      msctf: Add ITfSource interface to ThreadMgr.
      msctf: Add ITfSource interface to DocumentMgr.
      advapi32: Add Security Label sids used by IE7.
      msctf: Add stub implementation of ITfInputProcessorProfiles.
      msctf: Implement InputProcessorProfiles::GetCurrentLanguage.
      msctf: Implement ITfInputProcessorProfiles::Register.
      msctf: Implement ITfInputProcessorProfiles::AddLanguageProfile.
      msctf: Stub implementation of ITfCategoryMgr.
      msctf: Implement ITfCategoryMgr::RegisterCategory.
      msctf: Flesh out spec file with stubs.
      msctf: Implement TF_CreateThreadMgr.
      msctf: Implement TF_GetThreadMgr.
      mlang: Handle non Japanese case in ConvertUnknownJapaneseToUnicode.
      msctf: Add sink framework and implement ITfTextEditSink in Context.
      msctf: Stub for SetInputScope.
      msctf: Stub implementation of SetInputScopes.
      msctf: Add stub ITextStoreACPSink.
      msctf: Define ITextStoreACP.
      msctf: When a Context is created connect to the ITextStoreACP if provided and create and advise our ITextStoreACPSink.
      msctf: Define ITfContextOwnerCompositionSink. This is implemented by a tsf aware application.
      msctf: Hook up ITfContextOwnerCompositionSink if present.
      wininet: Print better stubs for the internet options IE7 uses.

Artem Reznikov (2):
      avifil32: Ukranian translation.
      wininet: Ukranian translation.

Aurimas Fischer (3):
      include: Add GdipSetStringFormatFlags prototype.
      gdiplus: Implement GdipSetStringFormatFlags with tests.
      notepad: Add Lithuanian translation.

Austin English (1):
      configure.ac: Check for icps_outhist struct.

Christian Costa (4):
      d3dxof: Fix object files size limitation by mapping them into memory.
      d3dxof: Make is_keyword handle end of file correctly.
      d3dxof: Cleanup IDirectXFileImpl_CreateEnumObject a bit.
      d3dxof: Add support for DXFILELOAD_FROMRESOURCE source.

Christoph von Wittich (1):
      kernel32: DeviceIoControl: lpBytesReturned must not be NULL if lpOverlapped is NULL.

David Adam (17):
      d3dx9_36: Fix failing tests in Windows.
      d3dx8: Allow output pointer to be equal to input pointer.
      d3dx8: Simplify some functions.
      d3dx8: Implement D3DXFresnelTerm.
      d3dx8: Implement D3DXIntersectTri.
      d3dx9_36: Implement D3DXIntersectTri.
      d3dx9_36: Remove useless traces.
      d3dx8: Move some functions into core.c to match the header file layout.
      d3dx8: Remove useless includes.
      d3dx8: Change the debug channel into the generic d3dx.
      d3dx8: Implement D3DXGetFVFVertexSize.
      d3dx8: Implement D3DXComputeBoundingSphere.
      d3dx8: Implement D3DXComputeBoundingBox.
      d3dx9_36: Implement D3DXComputeBoundingBox.
      d3dx9_36: Implement D3DXComputeBoundingSphere.
      d3dx9_36: Implement D3DXGetFVFVertexSize.
      d3dx9_36: Remove a duplicate declaration for D3DXGetFVFVertexSize.

David Hedberg (2):
      msvcrt: Implement _mbcjistojms.
      winecfg: Fix for paths containing utf-8.

Detlef Riekenberg (10):
      comctl32: Make the status control height dpi and theme aware.
      comctl32/tests: Make the test dpi and theme aware by using SM_CYSIZE.
      winspool/tests: Run more tests on Win64.
      winspool: Enable environment "Windows x64" for Win64.
      localspl: Enable environment "Windows x64" for Win64.
      spoolss: Move routing functions to a seperate file.
      localspl: Move provider functions to a seperate file.
      winspool: Move EnumPortsW to the backend.
      spoolss: Implement EnumMonitors.
      comctl32/tests: The status control use a different formula in XP and up for the height.

Dmitry Timoshkov (6):
      winex11.drv: The MAT2 parameter of GetGlyphOutline is mandatory.
      wineps.drv: The MAT2 parameter of GetGlyphOutline is mandatory.
      gdi32: The MAT2 parameter of GetGlyphOutline is mandatory.
      gdi32: Add a test for the MAT2 parameter of GetGlyphOutline, make it pass under Wine.
      mlang: Get rid of ICOM_THIS_MULTI macro.
      gdi32: Make sure that World2Vport DC transformation is valid before using it.

Dylan Smith (22):
      richedit: Use width from EM_SETTARGETDEVICE for wrapping.
      richedit: Implement EM_GETTEXTMODE.
      richedit: Fixed EM_FINDTEXT to pass todo tests.
      richedit: Simplified the character length delete protection.
      richedit: Removed unnecessary calls to ME_WrapMarkedParagraphs.
      richedit: Properly destroy context in two places.
      richedit: Get the paragraph with ME_RunOfsFromCharOfs.
      richedit: Accept paragraph as parameter for ME_CharOfsFromRunOfs.
      richedit: Add paragraph field to wrap context to avoid searching for it.
      richedit: Removed incorrect FIXME comment.
      richedit: Avoided searching for adjacent paragraphs through runs.
      richedit: Wrap even when message says not to repaint.
      richedit: Directly get start and end of text on Ctrl-Home or Ctrl-End.
      richedit: Simplified ME_UpdateSelectionLinkAttribute.
      richedit: Prevent string trunction due to NULL characters.
      richedit: Avoid duplication in make string functions using ME_MakeStringB.
      richedit: Removed some conditions that are always taken.
      richedit: Got rid of useless function ME_VPosToPos.
      richedit: Removed ME_StrLen and ME_StrVLen field access functions.
      richedit: Got rid of ME_GetCharFwd and ME_GetCharBack.
      richedit: Removed ME_StrRelPos, ME_StrRelPos2, & ME_PosToVPos functions.
      richedit: Store paragraph in cursors.

Eric Pouech (1):
      dbghelp: Fix bad call to free() instead of pdb_free().

Erich Hoover (1):
      wcmd: Properly cleanup redirects when there are no in/out/error pipes.

Florian Tobias Schandinat (2):
      winedos: Improve PIT emulation.
      winedos: Adjust get_timer_val calls to prevent buffer overflow.

Francois Gouget (34):
      twain_32/tests: Add a trailing '\n' to ok() calls.
      shell32/tests: Remove spaces before a '\n's.
      taskmgr: Reorder some functions to avoid forward declarations in applpage.c.
      taskmgr: Reorder some functions to avoid forward declarations in graphctl.c.
      taskmgr: Make TrayIcon_GetProcessorUsageIcon() static.
      rsaenh: {alloc,release}_handle_table() are not used so remove them.
      d3dx8/tests: Make compare() static.
      progman: Reorder some functions to avoid forward declarations in dialog.c.
      winex11.drv: X11DRV_XF86VM_SetExclusiveMode() is unused so remove it.
      xrandr: X11DRV_XRandR_Cleanup() is unused so remove it.
      winedos: Remove spaces before '\n's.
      notepad: Make the Lithuanian resources SUBLANG_NEUTRAL.
      user32: Remove unneeded forward declarations in edit.c.
      user32: Reorder some functions to avoid forward declarations in edit.c.
      user32: Make EditWndProcW() static, fix its documentation.
      urlmon: Make create_http_protocol() static.
      winealsa.drv: ALSA_PeekRingMessage() is not used anymore so remove it.
      shell32: Remove some unused functions in clipboard.c.
      shell32: Get rid of TRASH_ELEMENT and TRASH_DisposeElement().
      shell32: HCR_GetDefaultIconFromGUIDW() is unused so remove it.
      taskmgr: Make some functions static.
      progman: Make DIALOG_Symbol() static.
      d3dx9_36: The d3dx debug channel is unused so remove it.
      uxtheme: UXINI_ResetINI() is unused so remove it.
      user32: LookupIconIdFromDirectory16() is unused so remove it.
      shell32: Make ILGetDisplayNameExA() static, remove WINAPI and fix its documentation.
      winapi_test: Improve the usage message.
      twain_32/tests: Add a trailing '\n' to an ok() call.
      Assorted spelling fixes.
      shell32: Make SHILCreateFromPathA() static and remove WINAPI.
      d3dx8: The d3dx debug channel is unused so remove it.
      mssign32: The mssign32 debug channel is unused so remove it.
      ntdll/tests: Remove WINAPI on static functions where not needed.
      wined3d: Add a trailing '\n' to shader_addline() calls.

Gerald Pfeifer (2):
      comctl32: Simplify four functions by removing unused parameters.
      wnaspi32: Invoke ASPI_SendASPICommand() on non-Linux platforms, too.

Hans Leidekker (3):
      mlang: Implement IMLangFontLink2_GetScriptFontInfo.
      mlang: Export a couple of functions by ordinal.
      wininet: Properly drain content for chunked transfers.

Huw Davies (3):
      gdi32: Correct the font family values returned in the text metrics.
      gdi32: Add missing serif types.
      gdi32/tests: Use the ANSI text metrics so the tests work on win9x.

Hwang YunSong(황윤성) (2):
      cryptui: Updated Korean resource.
      crypt32: Updated Korean resource.

Jacek Caban (10):
      jscript: Add IActiveScriptParse64 declaration and use it on Win64.
      mshtml: Return nsIDocumentObserver as nsISupport of nsDocumentObserver object.
      mshtml: Wine Gecko 0.9.1 release.
      mshtml: Remove document observer before releasing nsdoc.
      activscp.idl: Added IActiveScriptParseProcedure*64 interfaces and use it on Win64.
      wininet: Move FtpOpenFile[AW] implementation to avoid forward declaration.
      wininet: Fixed handling empty string password.
      wininet: Added QueryDataAvailable implementation for FTP files.
      wininet: Make sure that we have some data buffered before sending INTERNET_STATUS_REQUEST_COMPLETE notification.
      wininet: Don't send INTERNET_STATUS_REQUEST_COMPLETE notification from FTP_Connect.

Jeremiah Flerchinger (1):
      winedos: Unify Fake BIOS & VGA display mode selection information and algorithms.

Jeremy White (17):
      twain_32: Add the ability to thoroughly test basic capability types, and add that test for the one capability Wine supports, ICAP_XFERMECH.
      sane.ds: Pass MSG_QUERYSUPPORT requests to the capability driver.
      sane.ds: More completely implement ICAP_XFERMECH, with helper functions.
      sane.ds: Simplify SANE_SaneCapability.
      sane.ds: Rearrange function position to avoid the need for forward function declarations.
      sane.ds: More correctly stub CAP_XFERCOUNT, and tests.
      sane.ds: Eliminate incorrect TWRC_FAILURE return.
      sane.ds: Return a 0 for MSG_QUERYSUPPORT even for capabilities we don't support.
      sane.ds: Add partial stub support for ICAP_PIXELTYPE, with tests. Fixes a first crash in Adobe Acrobat scanning support.
      sane.ds: Add support for CAP_UICONTROLLABLE.
      twain_32: Change get requirements such that we require only a minimum level of support.
      twain_32: Prevent an incorrect test warning message on get checks.
      sane.ds: Add stub support for ICAP_COMPRESSION.
      sane.ds: Revise the logic around processing events to reflect the need for us to generate and post a message to drive Sane events.
      sane.ds: Indicate that we used a modal dialog.
      sane.ds: Remove a duplicate assignment.
      sane.ds: Add a log message to flag unsupported operations.

Juan Lang (67):
      crypt32: Remove test of a corner case that failed on older crypt32 versions.
      mapi32: Fix many test failures on Win9x.
      mapi32: Fix some test failures on Win9x.
      mapi32: Fix a couple more test failures on Win9x.
      secur32: Fix a handful of test failures on Win9x.
      wintrust: Use GetSystemDirectory rather than GetWindowsDirectory to find the CatRoot directories.
      rsaenh: Fix failing tests on Windows ME.
      shell32: Fix a couple test failures on NT4.
      shell32: Use list of allowed PIDL types rather than assuming there are no more than two.
      mapi32/tests: Fix typo.
      shell32: Remove a test that fails on Win64.
      shell32: Use the normal list checks for CSIDL_PERSONAL.
      shell32: Remove an obsolete comment.
      mshtml: Pass bytes written pointer to WriteFile.
      advapi32: Test LookupAccountName with the computer name as the account name.
      advapi32: Support the computer name as an account name in LookupAccountNameW.
      mapi32: Fix failing tests on some Win9x versions.
      shell32: Fix a few tests on Windows 98 and Vista.
      crypt32: Fix some test failures on older versions of Windows.
      crypt32: Fix a regression in chain tests.
      cryptui: Prompt whether to export the private key from CryptUIWizExport.
      cryptui: Make a copy of export info in CryptUIWizExport.
      cryptui: Set default export format based on whether the private key is to be exported.
      cryptui: Enable/disable PFX choice based on whether the private key is to be exported.
      cryptui: Add a password page to the export wizard.
      cryptui: Only show password page if the private key is to be exported.
      cryptui: Validate password in export wizard.
      cryptui: Skip password page when moving backward through the export wizard if it wasn't shown in the first place.
      cryptui: Implement exporting to a PFX file.
      cryptui: Correct return value of the user cancels the export wizard.
      cryptui: Ensure a certificate's private key is exportable before allowing it to be selected for export.
      cryptui: Save private key in temporary store when exporting it.
      cryptui: Delete the private keys if requested when they're successfully exported.
      rpcrt4: Don't abort reading from a pipe if a single read is short.
      crypt32: Fix a few more test failures on older versions of Windows.
      crypt32: Fix some tests on Windows 98.
      crypt32: Relax a test whose results are ignored on Windows anyway.
      crypt32: Fix a compiler warning.
      crypt32: Fix a test failure on Windows 98.
      crypt32: Fix a typo.
      crypt32: Include more info about skipped checks in skip message.
      crypt32: Add chain debugging channel for debugging certificate chaining errors.
      crypt32: Change some traces to the chain channel.
      crypt32: Don't assume intermediate certificates are allowed to be CAs.
      crypt32: Set the info status on the last element of a chain even if its issuer can't be found.
      kernel32: Add more tests for getting/setting a named pipe's state.
      crypt32: Remove a test that fails on some Windows 98 systems, and document it.
      crypt32: Fix a couple tests on some Windows 98 systems.
      crypt32: Fix test failures on some Windows 98 systems.
      crypt32: Support an alternate OID in order to fix a test on some Windows 98 systems.
      crypt32: Fix a couple test failures on some Windows 98 systems.
      wintrust: Don't fail if a registry value doesn't exist.
      wintrust: Remove a couple tests that fail on a variety of systems.
      wintrust: Fix a couple tests on a variety of systems.
      crypt32: Removed unneeded strcmp.
      wintrust: Fix typo.
      shell32: Let caller determine whether a shell path function must succeed or fail.
      setupapi: Add stub entries for CM_Query_And_Remove_SubTreeA/W and CM_Query_And_Remove_SubTree_ExA/W.
      crypt32: Allow an alternate chain policy status for broken systems.
      netapi32: Fix tests on systems with reduced privilege.
      advapi32: Fix a test failure on systems that are domain members.
      crypt32: Fix a few test failures on some Windows 98 systems.
      kernel32: Fix some test failures on systems with reduced privilege.
      kernel32: Log more information in case of a test failure, and don't run tests that are guaranteed to fail.
      kernel32: Fix some more failures on systems with reduced privilege.
      kernel32: Fix test failures on NT4.
      crypt32: Fix some test failures on Windows 98.

Ken Thomases (1):
      winecoreaudio.drv: Add support for waveOutBreakLoop/WODM_BREAKLOOP.

Lei Zhang (1):
      oleaut32/tests: Add a VarFormat test for date and time.

Luis C. Busquets Pérez (1):
      d3dx8: Add tests for D3DXGetFVFVertexSize.

Marcus Meissner (24):
      shell32: Fixed potential buffer overwrite in execute_from_key (Coverity).
      advapi32: Fixed NULL ptr deref in QueryServiceConfig2A (Coverity).
      services: Handle realloc failures better (Coverity).
      kernel32: Handle username conversion failure (Coverity).
      oleaut32: Removed useless NULL ptr check (Coverity).
      winedbg: Check for buffer being NULL.
      msacm32: Add missing HeapALloc failure checks (Coverity).
      wrc: Free type to avoid leaks (Coverity).
      dmloader: Fixed some pointer read/write checks (Coverity).
      dbghelp: Check for wImageName being NULL (Coverity).
      winhlp32: Check hlpfile for being NULL (Coverity).
      dmstyle: Another NULL ptr check added (Coverity).
      itss: Move buffer initialization a bit up (Coverity).
      dmime: Added missing NULL ptr check (Coverity).
      mshtml: Fixed last argument to MultiByteToWideChar.
      atl: Fixed second buffer size to MultiByteToWideChar.
      mshtml: Fixed second buffer argument to MultiByteToWideChar.
      urlmon: Fixed target buffer length to MultiByteToWideChar.
      cryptui: Check NULL ptr differently (Coverity).
      mshtml: Call install_cab_file() with name directly on non-Wine.
      advapi32: Fixed size of userName.
      mshtml: Fixed size passed to MultiByteToWideChar.
      advapi32: LookupAccountNameW removed redundant NULL check (Coverity).
      winegcc: Added some strarray_free() (Coverity).

Michael Stefaniuc (29):
      jscript: Remove superfluous pointer casts.
      wined3d: Remove some unused defines.
      wined3d: Remove superfluous pointer casts.
      include: Change some DWORD to DWORD_PTR in mmddk.h.
      twain_32/tests: Don't leak memory on an error path (Smatch).
      include: Change some DWORD to DWORD_PTR in msacm.h.
      include: Remove struct PORTALLOC from mmddk.h.
      include: Change some DWORD to DWORD_PTR in msacmdrv.h.
      user32/tests: Remove superfluous pointer casts.
      winhttp: Remove superfluous pointer casts.
      winmm: SendDriverMessage takes LPARAM as 3rd and 4th argument.
      winejack.drv: The dwParam1/dwParam2 function arguments are DWORD_PTR.
      comctl32/tests: Remove superfluous pointer casts.
      spoolss: Add missing LeaveCriticalSection on error path (Smatch).
      riched20: Fix some Win64 compiler warnings.
      include: Change two DWORD to DWORD_PTR in vfw.h to match the DDK.
      oleaut32: Remove superfluous pointer casts.
      winenas.drv: dwParam1 and dwParam2 cwhave the type DWORD_PTR.
      ole32: Use GetWindowLongPtr/SetWindowLongPtr for pointers.
      msvfw32: Remove some Win64 compiler warnings.
      wineesd.drv: Remove superfluous pointer casts.
      wineesd.drv: dwParam1 and dwParam2 have the type DWORD_PTR.
      ole32: Remove superfluous pointer casts.
      imm32: Make space for a 64bit pointer in the IMM window.
      dsound: Arguments 3,4,5 of a CALLBACK are of type DWORD_PTR.
      atl: Remove superfluous pointer casts.
      tools: Remove unused alloca.h include.
      comctl32: Remove an one-off macro.
      comctl32: Remove superfluous pointer casts.

Mikołaj Zalewski (5):
      comctl32: toolbar: Move common TB_ADDBUTTONS and TB_INSERTBUTTONS code into a helper function, makes TB_INSERTBUTTON with a text perform a recalc (with testcase).
      comctl32: toolbar: Use different function for dumping of TBUTTON_INFO and TBBUTTON.
      comctl32: toolbar: TB_SETBUTTONINFO should do a relayout instead of a recalc.
      comctl32: toolbar: Unlike in listview, TB_SETEXTENDEDSTYLE takes the actual style, not a mask.
      comctl32: toolbar: Only changing TBSTYLE_EX_MIXEDBUTTONS should cause a recalc.

Nikolay Sivov (15):
      gdiplus: Implemented GdipIsEqualRegion.
      gdiplus: Implemented GdipTranslateRegion.
      gdiplus: Implemented GdipTranslateRegionI.
      gdiplus: Implemented GdipGetRegionBounds/GdipGetRegionBoundsI.
      gdiplus: Implemented GdipTranslateClip/GdipTranslateClipI.
      gdiplus: Implemented GdipCreateBitmapFromHICON (with tests).
      gdiplus: Implemented GdipGetClipBounds/GdipGetClipBoundsI.
      gdiplus: Implemented GdipSetClipHrgn.
      gdiplus: Add testing for ObjectBusy in some Graphics methods.
      gdiplus: Implemented GdipFillRegion.
      gdiplus: Implemented GdipGetLogFontA.
      propsys: Stub for PSRegisterPropertySchema.
      reg: Don't close not open reg key (Coverity).
      gdiplus: Some tests for LinearGradientBrush.
      gdiplus: Handle zero width/height in GdipAddPathPie.

Paul Bryan Roberts (1):
      ntdll: Avoid potential infinite loop.

Paul TBBle Hampson (1):
      winefile: Don't use child after it has been freed.

Paul Vriens (16):
      wininet/tests: Fix tests failures on W2K and below and some early XP.
      kernel32/tests: Fill the buffer and check for double-NULL to show a bug in Wine.
      kernel32/tests: Fix some tests on Win9x and WinME (GetPrivateProfileSection).
      kernel32/tests: Fix some test failures on Win9x and WinME.
      kernel32/tests: Fix remaining failures on Win9x and WinME.
      riched32/tests: Skip some tests on Win9x, WinME and NT4.
      winetest: Make sure we can test .NET dlls on Windows.
      fusion/tests: Do the conversion before testing.
      fusion/tests: Run tests correctly on Win98.
      fusion/tests: Fix some test failures on systems with .NET 1.1.
      fusion/tests: Fix a test failure on Win64.
      fusion/tests: Fix some tests failures on .NET 1.1 (and Win98).
      fusion/tests: Skip tests on .NET 1.1.
      fusion/tests: Mark some tests as broken() on .NET 1.0.
      fusion/tests: Mark test as skipped when we don't have enough rights.
      fusion/tests: Fix some typos.

Ricardo Filipe (1):
      include: Fix commdlg hook procedures return type.

Rob Shearman (12):
      Change parameter type from size_t to SIZE_T for MIDL_user_allocate.
      ole32: Initialise more of the context passed into user marshaling functions in the tests for these functions.
      oleaut32: Initialise more of the context passed into user marshal functions in the tests for these functions.
      ole32: Fix an ole2 test failure on Win9x and NT4.
      rpcrt4: Change the test of CStdStubBuffer->pPSFactory to only test for the field not being NULL.
      ole32: Fix CLIPFORMAT marshalling on 64-bit platforms by not using the wireCLIPFORMAT type.
      ole32: Fix some test failures in the HGLOBAL marshalling tests on 64-bit Windows.
      ole32: Output the size that we didn't expect in the HGLOBAL marshalling tests.
      ole32: Add framework in the ole2 tests for having optionally called methods.
      ole32: Allow some optional methods to be called in the OleCreate tests.
      ole32: Fix some test failures in the free threaded marshaller tests on Win9x & NT4.
      ole32: Fix a test failure in the moniker tests on Win9x.

Stefan Dösinger (4):
      WineD3D: Put vertex shader duplication infrastructure in place.
      wined3d: Properly set the fog frag coord according to the FOGTABLEMODE.
      wined3d: Implement EXP and EXP2 fog in GLSL.
      d3d9: Test table fog and exp fog in the shader fog test.

Stefano Guidoni (4):
      msadp32: ADPCM allows other sample rates other than 8000, 11025, 22050 and 44100.
      msadp32: Block align size is proportional to the number of channels.
      msadp32: MSDN suggests "wfx.nBlockAlign * 2 / wfx.nChannels - 12" as the formula for calculating wSamplesPerBlock.
      msadp32: ADPCM_FormatSuggest compare source format tag with destination format tag.

Ulrich Czekalla (1):
      user32: Don't scale draw text margin params by character width units.

Vincent Pelletier (5):
      dinput: Move gain support from effect to device.
      dinput: Fix effect direction conversion from DIEFF_CARTESIAN coordinates.
      msadp32.acm: Block align the adpcm extra data.
      msadp32.acm: Make destination aligned on destination block size (copy/paste error).
      ddraw: Use ddraw_from_d3d7 to make a (IDirectDrawImpl *) from a (IDirect3D7 *).

Vitaliy Margolen (3):
      dinput: Consume mouse & keyboard events in exclusive mode.
      comctl32: Fix propsheet size calculation.
      comctl32: Use style to distinguish between embedded and standalone propsheets.


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