[pkg-wine-party] [SCM] Debian Wine packaging annotated tag, wine-1.1.11, created. wine-1.1.11

Alexandre Julliard julliard at winehq.org
Wed Jan 7 19:12:02 UTC 2009

The annotated tag, wine-1.1.11 has been created
        at  3f52d60ed36257658d7a31e72f0557ca55c6ccb4 (tag)
   tagging  0b3b6e67ea663e853cc6bb93f4da447ab934e50d (commit)
  replaces  wine-1.1.10
 tagged by  Alexandre Julliard
        on  Sat Dec 20 15:55:38 2008 +0100

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Release 1.1.11
Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (GNU/Linux)


Alex Balut (1):
      mshtml: Removed the reference counting of the DLL.

Alexander Morozov (2):
      hal: Add missing WINAPI.
      ntoskrnl.exe: Add stubs for Io{Allocate,Get}DriverObjectExtension.

Alexander Nicolaysen Sørnes (1):
      kernel32: Add stub for GetConsoleAliasW.

Alexandre Julliard (74):
      server: Convert the registry key modification time to a win32-style time.
      server: The name len in the get_directory_entry request must be a data_size_t.
      kernel32/tests: Added some tests for behavior of 64-bit kernel handles.
      include: Fix the 64-bit value of magic handle constants.
      server: Make object handles ints instead of pointers.
      server: Add functions for conversions between server object handles and pointer-style handles.
      widl: Use local functions where possible instead of STUB_FORWARDING_FUNCTION in stub vtables.
      user32/tests: Added some tests for behavior of 64-bit user handles.
      server: Make user handles ints instead of pointers.
      server: Add functions for conversions between server user handles and pointer-style handles.
      winebuild: Make the cpu flag more generic to allow supporting a given entry point on multiple platforms.
      include: Implemented inline asm functions for x86_64. Export Interlocked* only on i386.
      include: Added some definitions for x86_64 exception handling.
      ntdll: Added stubs for RtlLookupFunctionEntry and RtlVirtualUnwind.
      kernel32/tests: Fixed the handle test for Win9x.
      include: Added the msvcrt memory.h header.
      wininet: Include ws2tcpip.h before anything else for the Windows build.
      server: Get rid of the support for module snapshots, it is no longer needed.
      server: Don't use size_t for module sizes, they are limited to 2Gb anyway.
      configure: Add a wrapper macro for mkdir on Windows.
      configure: Add a check for the grp.h header.
      shell32: Disable the Unix folder for the Windows build.
      include: Disable the asm optimizations for the Windows build.
      include: Fix the definition of 64-bit types for Mingw64.
      configure: Add detection of Mingw64 for crosstests.
      include: Fix a few compiler warnings for the Mingw64 build.
      ntdll: Add a function to export the host OS type and version.
      winetest: Report information about the CPU and host OS.
      wininet/tests: Use new test URLs on test.winehq.org.
      server: Define an lparam_t type for message parameters that can hold all sorts of data.
      server: Windows properties are actually generic params, not handles.
      tools: Re-use the file updating routines from make_makefiles in make_requests.
      tools: Keep track of requests sizes and alignments in make_requests.
      ntdll: Add a heuristic to detect dlls that are wrongly marked as using native subsystem.
      cabinet: Don't allocate a huge buffer on the stack.
      ntdll: Enforce correct protection values in virtual memory functions.
      include: Fix typo in the 64-bit version of GetProcessHeap().
      ntdll: Convert the handles to server handles in NTDLL_wait_for_multiple_objects.
      ntdll: Fix heap management for 64-bit.
      libwine: Don't try to use the preloader on non-i386.
      msi: Don't include msvcrt headers.
      setupapi: Don't include msvcrt headers.
      msvcrt: Don't include msvcrt headers, instead duplicate the definitions in msvcrt.h.
      include: Add the msvcrt/crtdefs.h header and include it where needed.
      msvcrt: Use intptr_t or size_t instead of long where appropriate.
      msvcrt: Use iob_func instead of p__iob on non-x86.
      msvcrt/tests: Load __mb_cur_max and _mbctype dynamically since they may not be available to link against.
      msvcrt: Avoid truncated relocations on 64-bit.
      winegcc: Fix the file mode check.
      server: Add an apc_param_t type to store APC client-side parameters.
      server: Make async I/O transfer sizes always 32-bit.
      include: Allow 64-bit pointers to pass through LDT functions unmolested.
      ntdll: NtCurrentTeb is not exported on x86_64.
      msvcrt: The _CI* math functions are only exported on i386.
      msvcrt: Add a few more *_func functions to replace the __p_* ones.
      msvcrt: The __p_* functions are only exported on i386.
      msvcrt: Rename _ftime to avoid conflicts.
      widl: Use ULONG_PTR instead of unsigned long for pointer casts in generated code.
      winetest: Use main instead of WinMain as entry point.
      winebuild: Generate stub entry points for x86_64.
      ntdll: Add support for dynamically generated stub entry points.
      msvcrt: Rewrite va_list to string conversions to avoid depending on va_copy.
      configure: Get rid of the va_copy checks.
      msvcrt: Add __cdecl to all function prototypes.
      include: Use __p__iob on i386 to avoid problems with Mingw libraries.
      server: Add a mem_size_t type to represent memory sizes and offsets.
      server: Make mem_size_t always 64-bit.
      server: Use mem_size_t instead of file_pos_t for memory mapping sizes.
      server: Make apc_param_t always 64-bit.
      cryptui: Commit checks.bmp missed in a previous patch.
      d3dxof/tests: Avoid size_t in a trace.
      msi/tests: Avoid sizeof in traces.
      msvcrt/tests: Avoid sizeof in a trace.
      Release 1.1.11.

Alistair Leslie-Hughes (11):
      mshtml: Implement IHTMLStyle get/put posWidth.
      mshtml: Implement IHTMLStyle get/put posHeight.
      mshtml: Add support for V_I4 in IHTMLStyle put_zIndex.
      mshtml: Implement IHTMLStyle put_fontStyle.
      mshtml: Implement IHTMLStyle get/put fontVariant.
      mshtml: Implement IHTMLScriptElement get/put Defer.
      mshtml: Implement IHTMLStyle get_backgroundImage.
      msxml3: Corrected getAttributeNode to return correct values.
      mshtml: Implement IHTMLStyle get_position.
      msxml3: Make functions static.
      msxml3: Add ISupportErrorInfo interface to IXMLDOMDocument.

Andrei Derevyanko (2):
      mshtml: Silence IMarshal QueryInterface FIXME.
      mshtml: Updated test of QueryInterface.

Andrew Nguyen (4):
      jscript: Fix some errors detected by Valgrind.
      jscript: Fix the lexicographical order of the String class properties array.
      jscript: Implement the String.sub() method.
      jscript: Implement the String.sup() method.

Andrew Talbot (34):
      widl: Remove unneeded address-of operators from array names.
      widl: Remove unneeded address-of operators from function names.
      winex11.drv: Sign-compare warnings fix.
      msi: Remove an unused declaration.
      winhttp: Sign-compare warning fix.
      wininet: Sign-compare warnings fix.
      shdocvw: Remove unneeded address-of operators from array name.
      wined3d: Remove unneeded address-of operators from array names.
      wintrust: Sign-compare warnings fix.
      ws2_32: Sign-compare warnings fix.
      winmm: Sign-compare warning fix.
      user32: Sign-compare warnings fix.
      comctl32: Remove unused Wine debug channel.
      d3drm: Remove unused Wine debug channel.
      d3dx8: Remove unused Wine debug channel.
      d3dx9_24: Remove unused Wine debug channel.
      d3dx9_25: Remove unused Wine debug channel.
      d3dx9_26: Remove unused Wine debug channel.
      d3dx9_27: Remove unused Wine debug channel.
      d3dx9_28: Remove unused Wine debug channel.
      d3dx9_29: Remove unused Wine debug channel.
      d3dx9_30: Remove unused Wine debug channel.
      d3dx9_31: Remove unused Wine debug channel.
      d3dx9_32: Remove unused Wine debug channel.
      d3dx9_33: Remove unused Wine debug channel.
      d3dx9_34: Remove unused Wine debug channel.
      d3dx9_35: Remove unused Wine debug channel.
      d3dx9_36: Remove unused Wine debug channel.
      d3dx9_37: Remove unused Wine debug channel.
      ole32: Remove unused Wine debug channel.
      msvcrt40: Remove unused Wine debug channel.
      msvcr71: Remove unused Wine debug channel.
      kernel32: Remove unused Wine debug channel.
      jscript: Remove unused Wine debug channel.

Aric Stewart (9):
      imm32: Implement ImmAssociateContextEx.
      imm32: Implement W/A handling in ImmEscape.
      user32: Implement handling of WM_INPUTLANGCHANGE.
      user32: Proper handling of WM_INPUTLANGCHANGEREQUEST.
      msi: EndDialog with Ignore should not be an error.
      x11drv: If a keyboard layout is an IME only check the loword when comparing to the x11 keyboard layout.
      x11drv: Allow ActivateKeyboardLayout to set the keyboard for the thread and GetKeyboardLayout to return the stored keyboard.
      user32: Remove the driver call for GetKeyboardLayoutList and instead populate from the registry.
      msi: Fix some NULL checking in MSI_RecordGetStringA.

Austin English (3):
      shell32: Fix German translation.
      uxtheme: Fix a compiler warning.
      kernel32: Convert a warn to an err.

ByeongSik Jeon (3):
      gdi32: Unify Chinese and Japanese default font name.
      *Zh.rc: Update the Chinese resource font name to "MS Shell Dlg".
      *Ko.rc: Update Korean resource.

Chris Wulff (1):
      mscoree: Add a stub for LockClrVersion.

Christian Costa (23):
      quartz: Accept null clsMinorType for pins when registering filters + tests.
      ddraw: Fix trace.
      winedbg: Make frame numbers display starting from 0 so we match frame command.
      d3dxof: Increase strings buffer size.
      devenum: Fix traces and fixmes.
      quartz: Turn some fixmes into traces.
      setupx: Add stub for DiInstallClass.
      d3dxof: Add a test to dump an X object data (enabled when objects.txt and templates.txt are present).
      d3dxof: Improve error handling.
      d3dxof: Increase string buffer size.
      dplayx: Fix typo.
      dmime: Improve IDirectMusicPerformance8Impl_PlaySegment(Ex) stubs.
      dmime: Check input params in IDirectMusicSegmentState8Impl_QueryInterface.
      amstream: Implement IDirectDrawMediaStream.
      amstream: Some fixes.
      amstream: Add stubbed implementation of MediaStreamFilter.
      d3dxof: Improve IDirectXFileImpl_CreateSaveObject stub.
      d3dxof: Add some preliminary support for binary objects.
      d3dxof: Remove IDirectXFileObjectImpl stuff. That's not needed.
      dswave: Add missing segment vtbl initialisation (with DirectMusicSegment8_Segment_Vtbl).
      winealsa.drv: Initialize correctly the header before adding it to the queue.
      dmusic: Move IDirectMusicThru and IDirectMusicPortDownload to DirectMusicPort object where they belong.
      winealsa.drv: Handle midi sysex greater than a buffer.

Damjan Jovanovic (1):
      winemenubuilder: Create xdg_config_dir if it does not exist.

Dan Kegel (2):
      msvcrt: fread: Exhaust buffered data before using unbuffered data in ascii mode.
      winver: Add version resource.

Daniel Nylander (6):
      clock: Updated Swedish translation.
      winefile: Updated Swedish translation.
      winhlp32: Updated Swedish translation.
      notepad: Updated Swedish translation.
      winecfg: Updated Swedish translation.
      shell32: Updated Swedish translation.

Dylan Smith (15):
      richedit: Use ME_EnsureVisible to implement EM_SCROLLCARET.
      richedit: Compare editor rather than hWnd in ME_CalculateClickCount.
      richedit: Removed an unnecessary call to GetScrollInfo.
      richedit: Removed unused hwndEdit variable for the RTF parser.
      richedit: Missing capitalization on TxGetScrollBars.
      richedit: Move implementation of EM_GETTEXTRANGE to its own function.
      richedit: Move implementation of EM_GETTEXTEX to its own function.
      richedit: Removed some unnecessary SendMessage calls to itself.
      richedit: Move implementation of WM_CHAR to its own function.
      richedit: Fixed ITextHostImpl return values for tests.
      richedit: Added tests for the formatting rectangle.
      richedit: Made sure text is offset by formatting rectangle.
      richedit: Removed redundant editor height variables and calculations.
      richedit: Avoid re-calculating positions found in wrapping for painting.
      richedit: Move message handling to function callable without window.

Francois Gouget (70):
      ws2_32: Add MSG_WAITALL and MSG_INTERRUPT.
      ws2_32: Add the inet_ntop() and inet_pton() prototypes and their relatives.
      dsound: Remove unneeded casts of zero.
      winspool.drv: Remove unneeded casts of zero.
      port: Remove unneeded casts of zero.
      fnt2bdf: Remove unneeded casts of zero.
      winealsa: Fix a couple of types and avoid unneeded casts.
      avifil32: Remove unneeded casts of zero.
      crypt32: Remove unneeded casts of zero.
      kernel32: Remove unneeded casts of zero.
      msacm32: Remove unneeded casts of zero.
      netapi32: Remove unneeded casts of zero.
      oleaut32: Remove unneeded casts of zero.
      wnaspi32: Remove unneeded casts.
      gdiplus: Add a trailing '\n' to a Wine trace.
      wininet & winhttp: Fix a pointer type mismatch warning when compiling on Windows. On Windows setsockopt() expects a char* while on Unix it accepts anything.
      msvcrt/tests: Stricter fstat() tests.
      msvcrt/tests: Add a stat() test.
      msvcrt: Fix the permissions returned by fstat*() (with test).
      appwiz.cpl: It's ok to use "SysListView32" directly.
      clock: Remove spaces before '\n' in the Swedish resources.
      msvcrt/tests: Add a trailing '\n' to ok() calls.
      msvcrt: Remove _adjust_fdiv() as it is unused.
      shell32: Add a couple of spaces in the spec file.
      ole32: Fix the STORAGE_dump_pps_entry() description.
      cabinet/tests: Make CopyProgress() static.
      d3d9/tests: Make some functions static.
      gdi32/tests: Make test_GdiAlphaBlend() static.
      msvcrt/tests: Make void test_cp_table() static.
      ntdll/tests: Make rtlraiseexception_vectored_handler() static.
      shell32/tests: Make test_cbsize() static.
      ole32/tests: Make test_runnable() static.
      user32/tests: Make some functions static.
      msvcrt: Point the set_new_handler() entrypoint to the right implementation.
      wineoss.drv: Make widOpen() and wodOpen() static.
      userenv/tests: Make userenv_dbgstr_w() static.
      kernel32: Remove _hread16() as it is not used. Move _hwrite16() next to the other related functions.
      wininet & winhttp: Remove the MSG_WAITALL definition as it is not needed.
      devenum: French and German should use SUBLANG_NEUTRAL.
      ole32: Use the IStream16_(CreateStream,CreateStorage,Write) implementations.
      cmd: Make WCMD_DumpCommands() static.
      d3d8: Make D3D8CB_CreateSurface() static.
      port: S_IWUSR and S_IX* are not needed. Remove them.
      msiexec: Make KillService() static.
      winapi_check: Add support for '-arch=xxx' in spec files.
      explorer: Make appbar_wndproc() static.
      winejack.drv: Make some functions static.
      wineesd.drv: Make some functions static.
      wineaudioio.drv: Export widMessage().
      setupapi/tests: Make devinst_RegDeleteTreeW() static.
      riched20/tests: Make keep_responsive() and customWordBreakProc() static.
      mlang/tests: Make strstrW() static.
      gdi32: Make [GS]etDCState() static.
      gdi32: Export three implemented 16bit Engine*() functions.
      kernel32: Make some functions static.
      ddraw/tests: Make some functions static.
      net: Make output_string() and output_error_string() static.
      oleaut32/tests: Make the Widget_*() and KindaEnum_*() functions static.
      msi/tests: Make enum_stream_names() and package_RegDeleteTreeW() static.
      devenum: Explicitly identify the translation as being for SUBLANG_PORTUGUESE_BRAZILIAN.
      wrc: Add a trailing '\n' to some warning and error messages.
      msvcrt/tests: Add a trailing '\n' to an ok() call.
      dmloader: Add a trailing '\n' to a Wine trace.
      rpcrt4/tests: Fix the trailing '\n' in an ok() call.
      wined3d: Fix double const.
      winapi_check: Extend support for '-arch=xxx' in spec files.
      devenum: Make the Romanian translation LANG_NEUTRAL.
      wintrust/tests: Add a trailing '\n' to ok() calls.
      wineoss.drv: Fix the m[io]dMessage() documentation.
      winealsa.drv: Fix the m[io]dMessage() documentation.

Hans Leidekker (34):
      setupapi: Forward pSetupIsUserAdmin to IsUserAdmin.
      setupapi: Implement StringTableAddStringEx.
      setupapi: Fix typo in StringTableGetExtraData.
      wininet: Set secure flag when scheme is https.
      winhttp: Prepend slash to request path if necessary.
      clusapi: Add stubs for OpenCluster and CloseCluster.
      ws2_32: Implement WSAIoctl(SIO_KEEPALIVE_VALS).
      winhttp: Validate parameters per component in WinHttpCrackUrl.
      winhttp: Resolve host port at the latest possible moment.
      wininet: Adapt tests to winehq changes.
      hal: Add version resource.
      wine.inf: Create fake hal.dll.
      pidgen: Add stub implementation.
      pidgen: Add a placeholder BINK resource.
      janitorial: Don't depend on user32 for the self registration functions.
      janitorial: Remove unneeded user32 imports.
      wuapi: New dll.
      include: Add IAutomaticUpdates, IUpdateSession, IUpdateSearcher, IUpdateDownloader and IUpdateInstaller interfaces.
      wuapi: Add a stub implementation of IUpdateDownloader.
      wuapi: Add a stub implementation of IUpdateInstaller.
      wuapi: Add a stub implementation of IUpdateSearcher.
      wuapi: Add a stub implementation of IAutomaticUpdates.
      wuapi: Add a stub implementation of IUpdateSession.
      wuapi: Add class factory.
      wuapi: Register interfaces.
      wintrust: Open test file with share mode FILE_SHARE_READ.
      wintrust: Don't test last error on success.
      wintrust: Implement CryptCATAdminAcquireContext.
      wintrust: Implement CryptCATAdminReleaseContext.
      wininet: Relax a notification test.
      wintrust: Implement CryptCATAdminAddCatalog, CryptCATAdminReleaseCatalogContext and CryptCATAdminReleaseContext.
      wintrust: Add tests for adding and removing catalog files.
      mscat32: Forward more functions to wintrust.
      wintrust: Implement CryptCATAdminCalcHashFromFileHandle.

Henri Verbeet (50):
      wined3d: Load texture coordinates from the correct streams.
      wined3d: Explicitly pass the shader version to shader_get_param().
      wined3d: Explicitly pass the shader version to shader_skip_unrecognized().
      wined3d: Return early from shader_trace_init() when a NULL pFunction is passed.
      wined3d: Avoid disabling numbered arrays if we're going to enable them afterwards anyway.
      wined3d: Remove some unused code.
      wined3d: Don't leak memory in IWineD3DPixelShaderImpl_GenerateShader().
      wined3d: Add functions to initialize and free shader buffers.
      wined3d: Fix the IWineD3DVertexShader and IWineD3DPixelShader IUnknown methods.
      wined3d: Fix some spelling errors.
      wined3d: Use the actual fixup for the stage in gen_ati_shader().
      wined3d: Rename texture_stage_op.color_correction to texture_stage_op.color_fixup.
      wined3d: Compare & copy with the correct clipplane size in IWineD3DStateBlockImpl_Capture().
      wined3d: Make some constant arrays also static.
      wined3d: Get rid of the "len" variable in shader_trace_init().
      wined3d: baseShader.functionLength should be 0 when a NULL pFunction is passed.
      wined3d: Remove some more unused code.
      wined3d: shader_trace_init() shouldn't have side effects.
      wined3d: Don't trace the shader if nobody's looking.
      wined3d: Don't reparse the entire shader just to update the sampler types.
      wined3d: We only care is a sampler is sampled at all in device_map_vsamplers(), not the specific type.
      wined3d: Get rid of the textureDimensions field in the state block.
      wined3d: Use a simpler way to calculate the number of texture levels.
      wined3d: Don't leak memory on failure in allocate_shader_constants().
      wined3d: Explicitly pass the shader version to some more functions.
      wined3d: Move the shader version to reg_maps.
      wined3d: Simplify shader_generate_main() a bit.
      d3d8: Create a d3d8 declaration as parent for FVF based declarations.
      d3d8: Use the wined3d declaration to retrieve the d3d8 shader in IDirect3DDevice8Impl_GetVertexShader().
      d3d8: Remove unused code.
      wined3d: Refuse to create shaders with a NULL function.
      wined3d: Shaders will never have a NULL function.
      wined3d: Fix use_vs() usage in vertexdeclaration().
      d3d8: Add a test for GetVertexShader() with a FVF set.
      wined3d: Remove GetFVF() and SetFVF() from IWineD3DDevice.
      wined3d: Record floating point pixel shader constants in EndStateBlock() as well.
      d3d9: Fix the shader constant test.
      wined3d: Remove the shader_cleanup() method from the shader backend.
      winex11.drv: Fix color conversion for 16 bpp cursors.
      d3d9: Fix a trace.
      d3d9: Add a test for shader constant application through IDirect3DStateBlock9_Apply().
      wined3d: Fix constant setting for the ARB backend.
      wined3d: Don't mark shader constants dirty when we're recording a stateblock.
      wined3d: Track shader constants in the shader backend.
      wined3d: Don't call allocate_shader_constants() from Init3D().
      wined3d: Set the initial viewport in InitStartupStateBlock().
      wined3d: Properly reset the stateblock.
      wined3d: Only apply shader constants that changed.
      wined3d: Remove a useless FIXME.
      wined3d: Consistently use .xyzw for vector components.

Hwang YunSong(황윤성) (2):
      cryptdlg: New Korean resource.
      oleview: Updated Korean resource.

Jacek Caban (14):
      mshtml: Make IHTMLElement::get_document vtbl offset independent.
      mshtml: Skip tests on broken IE6 versions.
      mshtml: Fixed a typo.
      jscript: Added Math.PI implementation.
      jscript: Added Math.E implementation.
      jscript: Added Math.LOG2E implementation.
      jscript: Added Math.LOG10E implementation.
      jscript: Delay setting named info if SCRIPTITEM_GLOBALMEMBER flag is not set.
      mshtml: Fixed IHTMLInputTextElement vtbl and QueryInterface implementation.
      jscript: Correctly handle SCRIPTITEM_GLOBALMEMBERS flag in identifier_eval.
      urlmon: Remove broken IBindCtx ref count test.
      mshtml: Use stored nsINetUtil interface.
      mshtml: Added nsIChannel::[Get|Set]Owner implementation.
      mshtml: Write aCount bytes in nsIInputStream::ReadSegments.

James Hawkins (27):
      msi: Fix the type of the last parameter of MsiEnumPatchesEx.
      msi: Add the MSIPATCHSTATE enumeration.
      msi: Forward MsiEnumPatchesExA to MsiEnumPatchesExW.
      msi: Implement MsiEnumPatchesExW.
      msi: Fix an uninitialized variable.
      msi: Add tests for MsiEnumPatchesEx.
      msi: Add the ability to open multiple users product keys.
      msi: Add the ability to open multiple users' component keys.
      msi: Add the ability to open multiple users' install properties key.
      msi: Remove a duplicated function.
      msi: Remove a duplicated function.
      msi: Add the ability to delete multiple users' component keys.
      msi: Forward MsiEnumPatchesA to MsiEnumPatchesW.
      msi: Implement MsiEnumPatchesW.
      msi: Add tests for MsiEnumPatches.
      msi: Forward MsiGetProductPropertyA to MsiGetProductPropertyW.
      msi: Implement MsiGetProductPropertyW.
      msi: Add tests for MsiGetProductProperty.
      msi: Add a stub implementation of MsiGetPatchInfoEx.
      msi: Forward MsiGetPatchInfoExA to MsiGetPatchInfoExW.
      msi: Add the ability to query a specific context for a product key.
      msi: Add the ability to query a specific context for a patch.
      msi: Add the ability to query a specific context for install properties.
      msi: Implement MsiGetPatchInfoExW.
      msi: Publish the patch information.
      msi: Set the property specified by the Source attribute of the Media table when applying a patch.
      msi: Add tests for MsiGetPatchInfo.

Jeff Zaroyko (2):
      msadp32.acm: Make the szFormatTag the same as windows.
      imaadp32: Report the same driver details as windows.

Jeremy Drake (1):
      oleaut32/tests: Fix double GlobalFree in olepicture tests.

Jonathan Ernst (7):
      wordpad: Updated French translation.
      winhlp32: WINE->Wine.
      winhlp32: Updated French translation.
      shell32: Updated French translation.
      crypt32: Updated French translation.
      cryptdlg: New French translation.
      oleacc: New French translation.

Juan Lang (57):
      crypt32: Remove unnecessary casts.
      crypt32: Allow setting CERT_KEY_PROV_HANDLE_PROP_ID if CERT_KEY_CONTEXT_PROP_ID has not previously been set.
      wintrust: Add stub for WVTAsn1SpcSpOpusInfoEncode.
      wintrust: Add tests for WVTAsn1SpcSpOpusInfoEncode.
      wintrust: Implement WVTAsn1SpcSpOpusInfoEncode.
      wintrust: Add tests for WVTAsn1SpcSpOpusInfoDecode.
      crypt32: Add tests for CryptQueryObject.
      crypt32: Validate input arguments to CryptQueryObject.
      crypt32: Don't claim to have queried an object as a serialized context when reading it has failed.
      crypt32: Downgrade a fixme to a warn.
      crypt32: Support base64-encoded context objects in CryptQueryObject.
      crypt32: Split querying PKCS messages into helper functions.
      crypt32: Support base64-encoded PKCS messages in CryptQueryObject.
      crypt32: Implement CryptStringToBinaryW.
      crypt32: Support wide character base64-encoded PKCS messages in CryptQueryObject.
      cryptui: Ignore additional prop sheet pages when calling CryptUIViewCertificateW from CryptUIViewCertificateA.
      cryptui: Call WinVerifyTrust if the caller has not.
      cryptui: Show (empty) certificate dialog.
      cryptui: Show subject, issuer, and validity period for a cert in the properties dialog.
      cryptui: Show icon and text representing trust state of certificate.
      cryptui: Show valid policies for a cert.
      cryptui: Show issuer statement in cert properties dialog.
      cryptui: Add a (empty) details page to the cert properties dialog.
      cryptui: Add selections to field selection list in details page.
      cryptui: Show the X.509 v1 certificate fields in the details page.
      cryptui: Show detailed value of a field when it's selected in the details page.
      cryptui: Show the certificate extensions in the details page.
      cryptui: Show the certificate properties in the details page.
      cryptui: Remove unnecessary check.
      cryptui: Add a (empty) hierarchy page to the cert properties dialog.
      cryptui: Show cert chain in hierarchy page.
      cryptui: Show status for end cert in hierarchy page.
      cryptui: Show certificate status for selected certificate in hierarchy page.
      cryptui: Allow viewing another cert in the chain from the hierarchy page.
      crypt32: Make a function static.
      cryptui: Remove code duplication in formatting an enhanced key usage value.
      cryptui: Show cert when it's double-clicked in the hierarchy page.
      cryptui: Add (empty) edit cert properties dialog.
      cryptui: Show cert's friendly name and description in edit properties dialog.
      cryptui: Show/hide description's scrollbar depending on how much text it has.
      cryptui: Show a cert's allowed usages in cert properties dialog.
      cryptui: Redraw purposes list based on purpose selection.
      cryptui: Set purpose selection radio button based on enhanced key usage value.
      cryptui: Add an add purpose dialog.
      cryptui: Show/hide add purpose OID's scrollbar depending on how much text it has.
      cryptui: Validate OID in add purpose dialog.
      cryptui: Toggle a usage when it's clicked.
      cryptui: Set cert friendly name and description in response to applying the edit cert properties dialog.
      cryptui: Apply changes to enabled usages in response to applying the edit cert properties dialog.
      cryptui: Refresh tabs in response to cert properties changes being applied.
      include: Document definitions missing from cryptuiapi.h.
      cryptui: Partially implement CryptUIDlgViewContext.
      cryptui: Don't crash if a chain can't be created for the viewed cert.
      cryptui: Fix problem with usage checkbox bitmap not being visible after the first time the edit cert properties dialog is shown.
      crypt32: Don't restrict file stores to binary-encoded files.
      crypt32: Don't check for the TLV after indefinite-length sequence items, the item's decoder has already done so.
      crypt32: Fix encoding OIDs with only two components.

Jörg Höhle (2):
      msvfw32/tests: ICCOpen() is case-insensitive on MS-Windows.
      winecfg: Prevent crash when clearing volume serial number input.

Konstantin Kondratyuk (1):
      mshtml: Correct UIDs of interfaces.

Lei Zhang (5):
      user32: Check input to GetAsyncKeyState().
      qcap: Don't clip intermediate values in YUV to RGB conversion code.
      quartz: Enumerate all the pins on filter and check directions when rendering.
      gdi32: Prevent integer overflow in CreateBitmapIndirect.
      quartz: Ignore unknown chunks when parsing AVI headers.

Maarten Lankhorst (7):
      includes: Fix packing for commdlg in Win64.
      wintab32/winex11.drv: Add CDECL to imported functions.
      winex11.drv: Make XIM functions hidden.
      winex11.drv/explorer: Add CDECL to exported functions.
      ntdll: Make all exported wine functions CDECL.
      gdi32/user32: Make __wine_make_gdi_object_system CDECL.
      ntoskrnl.exe/winedevice: Make wine_ntoskrnl_main_loop CDECL.

Marcus Meissner (2):
      gphoto2.ds: Merge ds_ctrl.c into gphoto2_main.c.
      include: Add prototype for GetConsoleInputExeNameA/W().

Michael Stefaniuc (6):
      rsaenh: Do not cast zero.
      taskmgr: Replace malloc with HeapAlloc.
      taskmgr: Remove some superfluous casts.
      setupapi: Remove some superfluous casts.
      winedos: Don't cast zero.
      d3dxof/tests: Remove redundant NULL check before HeapFree (Smatch).

Mikołaj Zalewski (1):
      devenum: Italian, Spanish, Dutch and VERSIONINFO should use SUBLANG_NEUTRAL.

Nikolay Sivov (6):
      oleaut32: Added SAFEARRAY support for RecordInfo::RecordClear.
      gdiplus: Stub for GdipGetNearestColor.
      oleaut32: Added PICTYPE_NONE and PICTYPE_UNINITIALIZED to IPicture::Render.
      gdiplus: Added GdipAddPathCurve3/GdipAddPathCurve3I with tests.
      gdiplus: Fix Font test failure on charset mismatch.
      ole32: Make OleSetClipboard affected by previous OleInitialize() calls.

Paul Chitescu (1):
      shell32.dll: Return SE_ERR_FNF if file not found before checking for associations.

Paul Vriens (33):
      advapi32/tests: Fix a few test failures on NT4.
      crypt32/tests: Fix some test failures on Win9x and NT4.
      advapi32/tests: Fix some test failures on NT4.
      riched32/tests: Remove an incorrect comment.
      msi/tests: Run tests again on Win9x and NT4.
      advapi32/tests: Only skip tests on NT4.
      advapi32/tests: Fix a test failure on NT4.
      gdi32/tests: Fix a failure on NT4.
      riched32/tests: Remove the todo_wine logic where appropriate.
      riched20/tests: Remove the todo_wine logic where appropriate.
      msi/tests: Skip tests on win9x due to different registry keys.
      gdi32/tests: Remove the todo_wine logic where appropriate.
      rsaenh/tests: Fix a test failure on NT4.
      setupapi/tests: Fix a test failure on Vista/W2K8.
      ddraw/tests: Fix a test failure on a Win98 VMware box.
      gdi32/tests: Fix some test failures on Win9x.
      gdi32/tests: Fix a few failures on Win9x.
      user32/tests: Destroy the windows after the tests.
      xinput1_3/tests: Call FreeLibrary() after tests.
      rpcrt4/tests: Use GetModuleHandle instead of LoadLibrary.
      rpcrt4/tests: Move function pointer initialization to the init function.
      msi/tests: Run tests again on Win9x and NT4.
      comctl32/tests: Destroy the window after the tests.
      riched20/tests: Fix test failures on Win9x, WinMe and Wine in win9x mode.
      jscript/tests: Fix test failures on Win9x.
      shlwapi/tests: Fix some test failures on Vista.
      setupapi/tests: Fix a test failure on Vista (and skip some tests).
      imm32/tests: We check for failure not success.
      quartz/tests: Fix test failures on Win9x by using A-functions.
      riched20/tests: Fix tests on Win9x by using A-calls.
      wintrust/tests: Fix test crash on Win9x.
      wintrust/tests: Don't crash on NT4 and W2K.
      msvfw32/tests: Fix a test failure on W2K3.

Ricardo Filipe (5):
      clusapi: Add stubs for ClusterEnum, ClusterOpenEnum and ClusterCloseEnum.
      hal: Add stubs for ExAcquireFastMutex and ExReleaseFastMutex.
      advapi32: Add stub for UnregisterTraceGuids.
      include: Add DEVNODEID and DEVINSTID definitions.
      include: Add header information for CDN_INCLUDEITEM notification.

Rico Schüller (3):
      wordpad: Fix German translation.
      winhlp32: Fix German translation.
      comdlg32: Fix German translation.

Roderick Colenbrander (4):
      wined3d: Add GL_ARB_texture_rg / GL_EXT_texture_swizzle support. These extensions are needed for more efficient R32F/RG32F support.
      wined3d: Add R16F using ARB_texture_rg.
      wined3d: Add R32F using ARB_texture_rg.
      wined3d: Add GL_RG16F / GL_RG32F support using ARB_texture_rg.

Rok Mandeljc (12):
      regedit: Updated Slovenian translation.
      serialui: Added Slovenian translation.
      start: Updated Slovenian translation.
      winecfg: Updated Slovenian translation.
      mshtml: Fixed Slovenian translation.
      shell32: Updated Slovenian translation.
      wordpad: Updated Slovenian translation.
      cmdlgtst: Fix problem with ellipses in Slovenian translation.
      winefile: Fix problem with ellipses in Slovenian translation.
      appwiz.cpl: Added Slovenian translation.
      winhlp32: Updated Slovenian translation.
      setupapi: Added Slovenian translation.

Simon C. Ion (1):
      winemaker: Correctly process directories containing regexp metacharacters.

Stefan Dösinger (21):
      ntdll: Print the SYSTEM_PERFORMANCE_INFORMATION only once.
      wined3d: Don't load INT and BOOL constants needlessly.
      WineD3D: Abstract some ATIfs op debug TRACEs.
      wined3d: Fix ARG_UNUSED and use it properly.
      wined3d: Give ATIFS a pixel shader handler.
      wined3d: Remove a blank line in state.c.
      wined3d: Fake GL_ARB_multitexture.
      wined3d: Set up the shaders when delaying fixed func applying.
      wined3d: Reinstall the G16R16F format surface load fixup.
      wined3d: Some GL_EXT_fog_coord prototype fixes.
      wined3d: Remove some needless initializations.
      wined3d: Emulate GL_EXT_fog_coord.
      wined3d: Correct a stage number.
      wined3d: Initialize max_combined_samplers properly.
      wined3d: Avoid loading opengl32.dll.
      wined3d: Get rid of IWineD3DPixelShaderImpl_GenerateShader.
      wined3d: Pass the ps_compile_args structures to the shader generation code.
      wined3d: Make use of the ps_compile_args structure in glsl_shader.
      wined3d: Make use of ps_compile_args in arb shader.
      wined3d: Use the ps_compile_args struct in glsl.
      wined3d: Make pixelshaders disable fog properly.

Vincent Povirk (10):
      explorer,shell32: Improve ABM_GETTASKBARPOS stub.
      gdiplus: Fix a memory leak in GdipCombineRegionRegion.
      gdiplus/tests: Fix a double-free in the region test.
      gdiplus/tests: Fix a double-free in the graphics test.
      shell32: Fix a memory leak in the run dialog code.
      shell32: Use the NO_UI flag in ShellExecute.
      shell32: Display error messages in ShellExecuteEx.
      shell32: Use ShellExecuteEx instead of ShellExecute in the run dialog.
      shell32: Use ShellExecuteEx to create error dialogs for the run dialog.
      winex11.drv: Do not assume window managers support _NET_WORKAREA.

Vitaliy Margolen (1):
      dinput: Remove DIEnumDevicesCallbackAtoW.

Wolfgang Walter (1):
      wineps.drv: Fix freeing of not allocated memory in type42.c.


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