[pkg-wine-party] Bug#535154: Bug#535154: Bug#535154: wine: package broken after /emul -> /usr/lib32 transition

Ove Kaaven ovek at arcticnet.no
Sat Jul 11 22:48:08 UTC 2009

Ove Kaaven skrev:
> Török Edwin skrev:
>> I also noticed that ia32-apt-get created a package called ia32-wine.
>> Should that one be used now?
> That's the ia32-libs-tools maintainer's recommendation, yes. I may have
> to make some empty wine packages that depend on ia32-wine.

No longer is, by the way. Mark Hymers is taking over ia32-libs, and will
upload a new version of it (soon, hopefully), so that ia32-apt-get won't
be needed anymore.

In the meantime, anyone who hates ia32-apt-get and are using the old
ia32-libs package may be able to use my lenny debs at

And even people who do use ia32-apt-get might be able to ia32-apt-get
the i386 debs from there. Wine 1.1.25-1 is there now, which is newer
than the version in experimental. I probably won't upload to
experimental anymore (as due to a package reorganization, it'd have to
go through NEW if I did, but wine-unstable is already pending in NEW, so
may as well just keep waiting for that then).

So for now, until wine-unstable gets accepted into sid, the debs on that
site (even if only built for lenny, not squeeze/sid) are probably your
best option for an up-to-date Wine (unless you want to compile it
yourself, of course).

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