[pkg-wine-party] PlayOnLinux and Wine

Bertrand Marc beberking at gmail.com
Sun Mar 8 01:06:59 UTC 2009

Gonéri Le Bouder a écrit :
> Hi Bertrand,
> (Cc: pkg-wine-party)
Hi all,
> The package sounds ready for an upload for me, except this point: 
> During a package installation, PlayOnLinux grabs prebuilt version of Wine
> from Internet. For example after Google Chrome installation, I also have a fresh
> copy of Wine 1.1.5 in ~/.PlayOnLinux. I suppose it's a way for the installer
> script maintain to be sure user will have a compatible installation. Do you
> know if those prebuilt Wine have specific patches and if it's possible to use
> the one from Debian (Wine 1.1.15 is already in experimental).
I don't think these prebuilt Wine have any kind of patches. At the 
beginning, PlayOnLinux downloaded Ubuntu packages I think and used to 
untar them in ~/.PlayOnLinux. But there was some incompatibility with 
the glibc of some distribution I don't use (maybe Fedora), and 
PlayOnLinux developers decided to compile their own Wine packages to 
avoid this kind of issues.

This system was introduced in PlayOnLinux because there used to be a lot 
of regressions around Wine 0.9.50. I guess there are still a lot 
regressions, even if Wine developers are trying to implement regression 
tests against this problem. That's why there is a stable branch (1.0.1 I 
think) and a development branch (1.1.16 I think). Here are [1] for 
example changes (including regressions) published by Wine AppDB 
recently. You can see many regressions. I don't think we could use only 
Wine 1.1.15 for all the scripts. Wine version control  is one of the 
main advantage of PlayOnLinux, it would be a shame to drop it. And as 
far as I know, PlayOnLinux authors use the default wine version 
(installed system wide) as long as they can. They claim they introduce 
dependency (as the one in the google chrome script) on a particular 
version of wine only if it is necessary.

> Since PlayOnLinux has a strong dependency on Wine and wonder if it shoudn't be
> maintained under "Debian Wine Party" umbrella.
That would also make sense, I guess it depends on the interest both 
teams have for PlayOnLinux.
> Best regards,
>       Gonéri Le Bouder

[1] http://www.winehq.org/wwn/356#Weekly%20AppDB/BugZilla%20Status%20Changes

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