[pkg-wine-party] [SCM] Debian Wine packaging annotated tag, wine-1.1.20, created. wine-1.1.20

Alexandre Julliard julliard at winehq.org
Sun May 31 23:04:23 UTC 2009

The annotated tag, wine-1.1.20 has been created
        at  65ff4a8dbd713b5bae66b44fc3bf040acb78c721 (tag)
   tagging  52b1de84cd49510cb09ee99d7edc38b1fc82e40b (commit)
  replaces  wine-1.1.19
 tagged by  Alexandre Julliard
        on  Fri Apr 24 18:52:05 2009 +0200

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Release 1.1.20
Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (GNU/Linux)


Alexandre Julliard (19):
      c2man: Fix the array reference syntax and the return value regexps.
      user32/tests: Fix a couple of test failures on Windows.
      user32/tests: Fix a few sysparams tests on various Windows versions.
      configure: Remove checks for headers that are no longer used.
      jscript: Avoid size_t in printf width specifier.
      ws2_32/tests: Avoid sizeof in traces.
      kernel32: Make sure the string is properly terminated in QueryFullProcessImageNameW.
      dbghelp: Add a few more 64-bit symbol functions.
      imagehlp: Forward some more 64-bit functions to dbghelp.
      winex11.drv: Don't give focus to a minimized window upon take focus.
      include: Add defines for 32-bit dbghelp functions on 64-bit.
      comctl32: Repaint comboex control upon WM_SETREDRAW, like other common controls do.
      advapi32/tests: Fix a couple of test failures on Vista.
      user32/tests: Fix a couple of dimension checks on W2k3 and Vista.
      include: Fix the SYSTEM_CACHE_INFORMATION structure for Win64.
      include: Fix the DDE structures for 64-bit.
      user32: Fix the DDE service formatting for 64-bit.
      user32/tests: Don't try to unpack or free invalid handles.
      Release 1.1.20.

Andrew Nguyen (1):
      gdiplus: Stub GdipBitmapSetResolution.

André Hentschel (9):
      start: Correct German translation.
      winemaker: Add -m32 flag to support winegcc-changes.
      winemaker: Fix whitespace handling for libs.
      winemaker: Fix wrong place for case-check.
      winemaker: Parse include dirs from vcproj file.
      winemaker: Remove unused function.
      winemaker: Print version in Makefile header.
      winemaker: Print all copyrights in banner.
      winemaker: Canonicalize directory name if used as target name.

Aric Stewart (23):
      msctf/test: Test enabling and disabling Language Profiles.
      msctf/tests: Add framework for a TextService for testing.
      msctf: Correct order of arguments to OnSetFocus sink call.
      msctf: Release focused DocumentMgr on Deactivate and make sure to do a OnSetFocus Sink.
      msctf: ITfDocumentMgr::GetBase returns the top if there is only one context pushed.
      msctf: Correct index for being unable to pop last context. We need to leave one behind.
      msctf: Add locking flags.
      msctf: Helper functions for generating DWORD cookies.
      msctf/tests: Setup test framework for ITfThreadMgrEventSink.
      msctf/tests: Test activation and deactivation of a text service.
      msctf/tests: Test DocumentMgr creation and Focus.
      msctf/tests: Test ITfContext Push, Pop, GetTop and GetBase.
      msctf/tests: Add ITextStoreACP interface for testing.
      msctf: Make use of generated cookies in sinks to allow 64 bit compatibility.
      msctf: Add ITfKeystrokeMgr framework to ThreadMgr.
      msctf: Define ITfKeyEventSink.
      msctf: Define the TF_MOD_* Constants.
      msctf/tests: Framework for testing ITfKeystrokeMgr.
      msctf/tests: Test ITfKeystrokeMgr::UnpreserveKey and ITfKeystrokeMgr::PreserveKey.
      msctf/tests: Test ITfKeystrokeMgr::IsPreservedKey.
      msctf/tests: Test framework for ITfKeyEventSink.
      ole32: CoGetTreatAsClass should return S_FALSE if it cannot even find the key for the requested CLSID.
      msctf/tests: Use ITfInputProcessorProfiles::GetCurrentLanguage to get gLangid.

Austin English (2):
      wineps.drv: Fix a memory leak.
      ole32: Rename a macro to prevent a conflict on NetBSD.

Brad Martin (1):
      wined3d: Fix prototype for EnumAdapterModes.

Christian Costa (19):
      quartz: Data may be incomplete at the end of file so do not assert if we have less data than expected.
      amstream: Turn Initialize FIXME into a TRACE.
      amstream: Initialize the stream in OpenFile if not done before.
      amstream/tests: Beginning of tests.
      amstream/tests: Fix crosstest build.
      mciqtz32: Use opened state to avoid device to be closed several times.
      mciqtz32: Fix some traces.
      mciqtz32: Hook MCI_STOP.
      mciqtz32: Show messages in hex as they are defines in headers.
      amstream/tests: Improve render file test. Move OpenFile specific test into a separate test function.
      winedump: When generating preamble, use 4 spaces instead of tabs. Remove extra break.
      xmllite: Add stubbed dll for xmllite.
      ddraw: Handle refcount of lights when interacting with viewport.
      ddraw/tests: Add tests for refcount handling of light with viewport.
      d3dxof: Accept longer string size.
      mciqtz32: Remove all remaining tabs.
      mciqtz32: Move MCIQTZ_mciGetOpenDev at the top and always use it.
      mciqtz32: Make sure the device is valid before starting the play.
      mciqtz32: Stop the device only after param and device checks are done.

Colin Finck (1):
      mshtml: Fix the size passed to MultiByteToWideChar.

Damjan Jovanovic (1):
      winemenubuilder: Build freedesktop MIME type list for later use.

Dan Kegel (1):
      ntdll: Add missing valgrind hook in RtlAllocateHeap.

David Adam (4):
      ddraw: Remove useless comments.
      d3d8: Add tests for IDirect3D8Device_Reset.
      d3d9: Add tests for IDirect3D9Device_Reset.
      wined3d: SetDepthStencilSurface is always called when AutoDepthStencil is enabled.

Detlef Riekenberg (5):
      oleaut32: VarCat must use localized names for VT_BOOL.
      oleaut32/tests: Replace lstrcpyW and lstrcatW with memcpy to fix failures on win95.
      msi/tests: Replace lstrcatW with memcpy to fix failures on win95.
      winetest: Add support for --version, --help and /?.
      winetest: Add option -x to extract all test.

Dmitry Kislyuk (1):
      kernel32: Added GetPrivateProfileSection and GetPrivateProfileString tests for empty section scenario.

Dmitry Timoshkov (2):
      oleaut32: Add some additional tests for QueryPathOfRegTypeLib, make them pass under Wine.
      winedbg: Fix a typo in the comment.

Dylan Smith (1):
      richedit: Null terminate streamed out rich text.

Florian Köberle (2):
      comctl32/tests: Test expanding of a invisible sub tree.
      comctl32: Fix expanding of invisible sub trees.

Francois Gouget (9):
      wineesd.drv: Add a trailing '\n' to a WARN() trace.
      dinput: Add a trailing '\n' to ERR() messages.
      Assorted spelling fixes.
      winapi: parse_c_declarations() is not used. Remove it.
      winapi: Fix the parse_c_declaration() prototype and remove unused variables.
      winapi: trampoline is not used so remove it.
      winapi: Remove some dead code.
      winapi: Fix the C-parser combined getter/setter prototypes.
      wined3d: Avoid using an implicit value to set fogcoord to 0.0.

Frans Kool (8):
      mshtml: Corrected Dutch translations.
      wordpad: Fixed Dutch translations.
      setupapi: Fixed Dutch translations.
      reg: Fixed Dutch translations.
      regedit: Fixed Dutch translations.
      shell32: Fixed Dutch translations.
      kernel32: Added Dutch translations.
      crypt32: Corrected Dutch translations.

Ge van Geldorp (2):
      secur32: Implement more GetUserNameEx() formats.
      secur32/tests: Fix GetUserNameEx() tests.

Giuseppe Bilotta (1):
      comctl32/toolbar: Fix trace info for TOOLBAR_InternalInsertButtonsT.

Hans Leidekker (13):
      msi: Support setting summary information by importing a _SummaryInformation table.
      user32: By default, return all zeroes in the first half of the keyboard layout name.
      winex11.drv: Set HKCU\Keyboard Layout\Preload key.
      advapi32: Fix buffer size query for CreateWellKnownSid.
      msvcrt: Implement ___lc_codepage_func, ___lc_collate_cp_func and ___lc_handle_func.
      programs: Add stub termsv.exe.
      msi: Fix a double free.
      msi: Fix another double free.
      server: Add requests to set and retrieve default dacl.
      ntdll: Implement NtQuery/SetInformationToken(TokenDefaultDacl).
      kernel32: Improve GetVolumePathName stub.
      wininet: Fix parsing of cookies with attributes.
      wininet: Replace any existing cookie header.

Henri Verbeet (35):
      wined3d: Pass a struct wined3d_shader_dst_param to shader_arb_get_write_mask().
      wined3d: Get rid of the "token" field from struct wined3d_shader_dst_param.
      wined3d: Don't die if a vertex shader has samplers.
      wined3d: Group instruction context information together in struct wined3d_shader_context.
      wined3d: Introduce struct wined3d_shader_src_param.
      wined3d: Store the register type in struct wined3d_shader_src_param.
      wined3d: Store the register index in struct wined3d_shader_src_param.
      wined3d: Store the source modifiers in struct wined3d_shader_src_param.
      wined3d: Create a relative addressing token for 1.x shaders in the frontend.
      wined3d: Store the source relative addressing token as a struct wined3d_shader_src_param.
      wined3d: Store the destination relative addressing token as a struct wined3d_shader_src_param.
      wined3d: Pass a struct wined3d_shader_src_param to shader_glsl_get_register_name() for the relative addressing token.
      wined3d: Pass a struct wined3d_shader_src_param to shader_glsl_add_src_param().
      wined3d: Simplify replicating the .x swizzle in shader_hw_mov().
      wined3d: Pass a struct wined3d_shader_src_param to shader_arb_add_src_param().
      wined3d: Pass a struct wined3d_shader_src_param to pshader_gen_input_modifier_line().
      wined3d: Explicitly pass the source modifier to shader_glsl_gen_modifier().
      wined3d: Store the source swizzle in struct wined3d_shader_src_param.
      wined3d: Add a separate function for converting swizzles to strings.
      wined3d: Pass a struct wined3d_shader_src_param to shader_glsl_get_swizzle().
      wined3d: Pass a struct wined3d_shader_src_param to shader_arb_get_swizzle().
      wined3d: Get rid of the token field from struct wined3d_shader_src_param.
      wined3d: Get rid of the WINED3DVS_* swizzle constants.
      wined3d: Handle the swizzle shift in the frontend rather than the backend.
      wined3d: Handle the source modifier shift in the frontend rather than the backend.
      wined3d: Handle the destination modifier shift in the frontend rather than the backend.
      wined3d: Move some frontend specfic code to baseshader.c.
      wined3d: Move frontend specfic constants to baseshader.c.
      wined3d: Downgrade an ERR to a WARN.
      wined3d: Get rid of the shared_handle parameter.
      wined3d: Handle the opcode specific control shift in the frontend rather than the backend.
      wined3d: Use a more reasonable limit for the number of mipmap levels.
      wined3d: The first shader token should be the version token.
      wined3d: Add a function to read an opcode from SM1-3 bytecode.
      wined3d: Use shader_sm1_read_opcode() in shader_get_registers_used().

Huw Davies (50):
      ole32: Store a cached version of the local data object's enumeration.
      ole32: Change helper function to return the matching entry.
      ole32: Rewrite the clipboard window's wndproc to use the cached enum data.
      ole32: Add support for rendering stream data to the clipboard.
      ole32: Make all formats available to the clipboard.
      ole32: Add support for rendering storage data to the clipboard.
      ole32: Use helper function to duplicate global memory.
      ole32: Unicodify window creation. Don't register the class as global.
      ole32: Add a helper function to return the ole clipboard structure.
      ole32: Add a helper function to set and release the source IDataObject.
      ole32: Add a function to return (and possibly create) the clipboard's window.
      ole32: Don't pass a window if we're reading from the clipboard.
      ole32: Rename a variable.
      ole32: Store the marshalled IDataObject in a window property of the clipboard window.
      ole32: If there's a current data object on the ole clipboard GetData should use it.
      ole32/tests: Tests that show the consumer data object isn't a singleton.
      ole32: The consumer data object is not a singleton, but reflects the state of the clipboard when it was acquired.
      ole32: Now that the consumer side of the clipboard separated from the main clipboard object, simplify the initialization code.
      ole32: After a call to GetData the consumer should hold a ref on the source data object.
      ole32/tests: Add a few more reference count tests.
      ole32: Add support for getting global handle objects from a flushed clipboard.
      ole32: Add support for getting stream based objects from a flushed clipboard.
      ole32: Add support for getting storage based objects from a flushed clipboard.
      ole32: OleFlushClipboard should render all formats to the clipboard.
      ole32: Try global and stream types if the requested types don't match the source.
      ole32/tests: Tests for a flushed clipboard.
      wineps.drv: Fix compile error.
      winex11.drv: Fix ordering of synthesized text formats.
      winex11.drv: Fix typo so that emf -> mfpict synthesis works.
      ole32: Make get_priv_data return target device ptrs (rather than offsets) and add a couple of helper functions to simplify this process.
      ole32: Check that the target devices match.
      ole32: Don't set cf_dataobject if we're clearing the clipboard.
      ole32: Add support for enumerating non-ole clipboard formats.
      user32/tests: Fix tests on win9x.
      ole32/tests: OleGetClipboard doesn't return the same object under win9x, winme and nt4.
      ole32/tests: win9x, winme and nt4 ignore the target device.
      ole32/tests: win9x and winme don't have CF_UNICODETEXT.
      ole32/tests: win64 sets the lsb of the final DWORD in the ole private data header.
      ole32/tests: win9x and winme don't enumerate duplicated cfFormats.
      ole32/tests: Add some tests to exercise the enumerator.
      ole32: Improve the TRACEs by printing the fmtetc contents.
      ole32/tests: Rename variable to avoid a conflict on some systems.
      ole32/tests: For win9x and winme the size of the data on the clipboard may be larger than expected.
      ole32: Add a stub for OleCreateFromDataEx.
      ole32: Register a few more clipboard formats and make them have global scope.
      ole32: Rewrite OleQueryCreateFromData so it compares clipboard format ids rather than strings and be sure to free the enumerator.
      ole32: Expose the marshalled data on the clipboard rather than as a window prop so that other processes can actually read it.
      ole32: Fix a couple of comments.
      winex11.drv: Print clipboard formats in hex.
      ole32/tests: Improve the traces in the test.

Igor Tarasov (3):
      comctl32: Fix regression caused by 2d751ee56afced908d0788b936fa4aac1b29f1a1.
      comctl32: Fix typo in TOOLBAR_SetButtonSize code.
      comctl32: TOOLBAR_SetImageList should recalculate toolbar only if it is necessary.

Jacek Caban (1):
      mshtml: Added IPersistHistory stub implementation.

Jeff Latimer (3):
      ws2_32: WSAAddressToStringA should return length of ANSI address string and should include the trailing null.
      ws2_32: WSAAddressToStringW should return length of unicode address string should and include the trailing null.
      include: Bring in6_addr into line with the MS definition.

Jesse Allen (2):
      dsound: Allow a special cbSize case in CreateSoundBuffer.
      dsound: Fix test for some windows versions.

Juan Lang (1):
      crypt32: Fix a test failure on Windows 98.

Kai Blin (2):
      secur32: Work around ntlm_auth in Samba 3.0.28a being broken for cached credentials.
      sxs: Implement a stub CreateAssemblyCache to make Publish or Perish install.

Ken Sharp (1):
      winedbg: Correct slight typo in winedbg dialog.

Ken Thomases (5):
      winecoreaudio: Eliminate some unnecessary code.
      winecoreaudio: Avoid potential deadlock in wodOpen.
      winecoreaudio: Avoid a race between closing and opening the waveOut device.
      winecoreaudio: For waveOut, don't use STOPPED state; it's redundant.
      winecoreaudio: Avoid a race between closing and opening the waveIn device.

Konstantin Kondratyuk (1):
      fonts: Add Kazakhstan's symbols into tahoma.

Marcus Meissner (1):
      amstream/tests: Handle directdraw not being created (Coverity 920).

Michael Stefaniuc (11):
      opengl32: Remove superfluous pointer casts.
      mshtml/tests: Replace long with LONG.
      riched20/tests: Use better types than long.
      ws2_32: Use better types for some variables.
      msi: Remove superfluous cast of a MSIHANDLE in a TRACE().
      msi/tests: Replace long with LONG.
      comdlg32: Fix the Slovak translation.
      wordpad: "Fix" the Turkish translation.
      rpcrt4: Replace some usage of the long type.
      winedbg: Remove some superfluous pointer casts.
      user32/tests: Don't use the long type.

Mikołaj Zalewski (1):
      winedbg: Add a crash dialog for --auto mode.

Nicolas Le Cam (7):
      msi/tests: Test MsiRecordGetString on null and empty strings.
      msi: Fix buffer length value returned by MSI_RecordGetStringW on null and empty strings.
      wininet/tests: Fix HttpSendRequestW test on IE5.
      msi: Enfore use of GetFileAttributes return value.
      msi/tests: Add empty dir test for the DrLocator part of the AppSearch action.
      msi: Fix ACTION_AppSearchDr on empty path.
      msi/tests: Fix package test when run on a different drive than C:\.

Nikolay Sivov (19):
      comctl32/listview: Fix selection handling in LVM_SORTITEMS (with some tests).
      comctl32/listview: Fix a regression caused by 59148d0bb549ff8690f15f14571a715e3fdd43a5.
      comctl32/listview: Fix some comment typos.
      comctl32/listview: Implemented LVM_SORTITEMSEX.
      comctl32/listview: Add a ListView_GetTextBkColor macro.
      comctl32/listview: Slightly enlarge rectangle when drawing checkbox.
      comctl32/listview: Switching to/from LVS_OWNERDATA isn't allowed after creation.
      comctl32/listview: Fix a regression caused by 9c1a0e468f5cfbe9d863852ed5a42390f2cbfeb4.
      comctl32/listview: Some tests for LVS_SINGLESEL switchover.
      fonts: Fix a typo in copyright text.
      comctl32/listview: LVM_SETITEM is unsupported on LVS_OWNERDATA.
      comctl32/listview: Add a TRACE(..) to LISTVIEW_CreateHeader.
      comctl32/listview: Header should be created when LVS_EX_HEADERDRAGDROP set.
      comctl32/listview: Additional tests for LVM_GETSUBITEMRECT.
      comctl32/listview: Partial fix for LVM_GETSUBITEMRECT for item == -1.
      comctl32/tests: Remove tests failing on most platforms.
      comctl32/tests: Existing items aren't resorted after LVS_SORTASCENDING added.
      comctl32/tests: Tests for LVM_GETCOLUMNORDERARRAY: it actually uses HDM_GETORDERARRAY.
      comctl32/listview: Fix LVM_GETCOLUMNORDERARRAY passing message to header.

Paul TBBle Hampson (1):
      dinput: Add missing newline to trace message.

Paul Vriens (15):
      usp10/tests: Skip some tests on WinME.
      shell32/tests: Fix some test failures on Vista.
      gdi32/tests: Skip several tests on Win9x.
      rpcrt4: Fix NdrDllCanUnloadNow.
      shell32/tests: Fix some test failures on NT4.
      gdi32/tests: Fix a test failure on NT4.
      shell32/tests: Fix a test failure on Win95 and NT4.
      include: Add missing GdipGetLogFontA definition.
      gdiplus: Return the correct result in GdipCreateFontFromLogfontA.
      gdiplus: Convert lfFaceName from W to A, not the other way around.
      gdiplus/tests: Fix test failures on Win98 by using A-functions.
      shell32/tests: Fix some test failures on Win9x and NT4.
      shell32/tests: Fix a test failure on Win98.
      setupapi/tests: Fix a test failure on Win98.
      gdiplus/tests: Fix a test failure on Win98.

Peter Schauer (1):
      comctl32/listview: Fix warning from DPA_GetPtr.

Reece Dunn (2):
      winecfg: Fix the size of the application static text in Spanish.
      winecfg: Fix the size of the application static text in Japanese.

Rein Klazes (5):
      msvcrt: Correct implementation of _ecvt() with tests.
      user32: When repainting a static control with SS_BITMAP style, do not erase the background if there is no valid bitmap to paint.
      msvcrt: Do not set the windows version to 0.5.
      msvcrt/tests: Add some tests for strtok().
      comdlg32: Fix a crash in LookIn combo box WM_COMMAND message handler.

Roderick Colenbrander (3):
      wined3d: Update Nvidia driver version information.
      wined3d: Report the driver description as reported by the Windows drivers when a device string is entered in our device table.
      opengl: Add WGL_EXT_pixel_format_packed_float support.

Stefan Dösinger (5):
      wined3d: Add a more formal framework for driver quirks.
      wined3d: Move the generic mac glsl uniform fixup to the quirk table.
      wined3d: Move the remaining quirks into the quirk table.
      wined3d: Reserve additional GLSL constants on some drivers.
      wined3d: Merge match_apple and implementation_is_apple.

Tobias Jakobi (2):
      wined3d: Add newline to fixme.
      wined3d: Rename some NP2 fixup variables and update comments.

Vincent Povirk (2):
      mciavi32: Remove unnecessary string buffers in MCIAVI_mciSet.
      shell32: Implement SHGetNewLinkInfo[AW].

Vitaliy Margolen (5):
      dinput: Make EnumDevices and GetObjectInfo consistent about GUIDs.
      dinput: Remove redundant stuff.
      dinput: Make props array a part of the generic joystick struct.
      dinput: Convert evdev joystick to new base class.
      dinput: Use more friendly name for the joystick than its device path.

Łukasz Wojniłowicz (2):
      kernel32: Added Polish translations.
      cmd: Updated Polish translations.


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