[pkg-wine-party] Offer of help

Stephen Kitt lists at sk2.org
Tue Jul 27 21:14:55 UTC 2010


Like many others I'd like to see Wine 1.2 make it to squeeze, and I'm
wondering if you'd like a hand (I suppose so given the RFH) and what exactly
you'd like a hand with.

I've had a look at the problems with wine-gecko, and I've done the following
so far:
* packaged gcc-mingw32 4.5.0, based on Robert Millan's and your (Ove's) work;
* done a first packaging of the current svn of mingw64 to replace
  mingw32-runtime (as recommended in the current wine-gecko README, current
  as in git HEAD);
* successfully built (but not packaged, although it doesn't seem difficult)
  wine-gecko using the current git HEAD.

I've started working on updating your wine-unstable packaging for Wine 1.2,
but I've got some more work to do on that before I get something usable.

I also tried rebuilding the current "official" wine-gecko 1.0.0 following the
instructions on http://wiki.winehq.org/BuildingWineGecko, but so far I
haven't been able to get a useful result, even with the hacks in the wiki
instructions. I haven't pursued the matter further because even with a
packageable build, getting a decent version of the Mozilla wintools packaged
for the build seems rather painful (as far as I can tell getting a full
from-source build would involve cross-compiling glib 1.2 which would probably
not gain much support on debian-devel!).

Assuming wine-gecko's git HEAD can be used with Wine 1.2 (perhaps with a
later mshtml?), does the following seem sensible to you?
1. Update gcc-mingw32 to 4.5.0 properly.
2. Build an svn snapshot of mingw64, providing both w64 and w32 runtimes.
3. Build a git snapshot of wine-gecko, using lcab to build the final .cab
   file (it ends up being large but it's probably a trade-off we can live
4. Update wine to 1.2 using the wine-unstable packaging, adapted as

If so, let me know what you'd like help with...



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