[pkg-wine-party] Debian wine package maintenance / debian bug 479659

Michael Gilbert michael.s.gilbert at gmail.com
Sun Nov 14 03:05:07 UTC 2010

On Sat, 13 Nov 2010 15:22:41 -0800 Austin English wrote:

> Howdy Ove,
> I've seen quite a few people asking for Wine on Debian recently. I've
> read up on http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=479659, as
> well as a few other pages. I got your git repository from
> http://pkg-wine.alioth.debian.org/, and after a bit of setup, got it
> to compile the 1.1.33 debs.
> I'd like to take over maintaining the Debian Wine packages, presumably
> with your mentoring/sponsoring.
> For reference, I've uploaded the 1.1.33 debs I made to
> http://www.austinenglish.com/wine-1.1.33.tar (sha1sum:
> 0238aaa52c6d1389365c1f33ecb2528babb02f20).
> Please check these and let me know if they look okay. The install okay
> for me on squeeze32.
> If so, we can get started and get debian wine up to date :-).
> A few starting questions:
> Do I need a 64-bit debian machine to make the build, or will it be
> enough to make the 32-bit packages and have the build bots take care
> of 64 bit.
> Same for old debian versions, will the build bots take care of this?
> Should my first 'real' package be 1.1.34, or 1.2?
> I also noticed that wine --version reports wine-1.1.33-359-g680678e,
> e.g., it's reporting the git sha1, rather than wine-1.1.33 or
> wine-1.1.33-debian1 or something. The package is named correctly, just
> wine is screwing it up...Has this always been a problem, or did I do
> something wrong?


Good to hear that there is additional interest in the wine package out
there. I as well as others have requested to become part of the alioth
wine team, but Ove has not gotten around to reviewing any such requests

At this point, wine in squeeze is frozen at 1.0.1, and the release
team have already indicated that they will not accept any newer version.
Going forward after the freeze, personally, I think unstable should
carry only the stable series (1.2.x right now) and experimental should
have the development series (1.3.x).

However, since there isn't anything really to do right now until the
freeze is over, you could help by triaging existing bug reports (closing
invalid ones, forwarding upstream, etc.).

I think the package could greatly benefit if it were to have more
members on the maintenance team.

Best wishes,

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