[pkg-wine-party] Debian wine package maintenance / debian bug 479659

Ove Kaaven ovek at arcticnet.no
Tue Nov 16 11:09:14 UTC 2010

Den 16. nov. 2010 07:14, skrev Austin English:
> Well, you could disable the wine-gecko installation prompt, relatively
> easily, as a stop gap measure.

That would generate a crippled Wine, and a hostile upstream that would 
tell users to uninstall the Debian packages, delete ~/.wine, install 
Wine binaries from somewhere else, and reinstall all their applications, 
for every single problem that might happen.

Not really a good option, I think.

> to avoid having to get them compiled in mingw, which is sometimes a
> pain. To meet debian policy, will these need to be built by hand? If
> so, I'll start on a script to do it, and consider packaging them, a la
> Fedora...

Well, that's a question best asked the mingw maintainers.

In my wine-gecko package, I solved the problem of outdated 
mingw32-runtime by including the sources of a newer runtime in the gecko 
package and building it before building Gecko proper. You could, in 
theory, do that - include the sources of all those packages in the 
wine-mono package and automatically build them all in its build scripts.

Getting mingw versions of all those packages into Debian proper is not 
likely to be approved by the Debian Cabal before multiarch happens. And 
even then I'm not entirely sure how good the chances are for an 
Arch:mingw32. Like I said, you should consult the mingw maintainers, 
they'd know more.


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