[pkg-wine-party] Bug#585409: Possibility of getting an up-to-date version of Wine into Squeeze

Stephen Kitt lists at sk2.org
Mon Sep 6 21:23:56 UTC 2010

On Sun, Sep 05, 2010 at 03:06:35PM +0200, Andreas Barth wrote:
> * Andreas Barth (aba at not.so.argh.org) [100829 15:55]:
> > * Andreas Barth (aba at not.so.argh.org) [100822 23:18]:
> > > * Stephen Kitt (lists at sk2.org) [100820 00:02]:
> > > > The version of Wine Squeeze is going to ship with (1.0.1) is nearly two years
> > > > old and for many users its use is greatly limited. The recently released
> > > > stable version, 1.2, has vastly improved support for a large number of
> > > > applications and games. I have prepared packages in the same style as the
> > > > current maintainer's, and a few people have tested them. I haven't had much
> > > > reaction from Ove but I do know he is aware of their existence; I haven't
> > > > consulted him regarding this particular request.
> > > 
> > > Can we please see this version of wine in experimental first
> > 
> > Any news on uploading wine to experimental?
> ping?

Sorry for the delay, I was waiting to see if Ove answered. I've had
packages ready on http://www.sk2.org/wine/ for a while, but they're
probably not ready for experimental (apart from the wine package, but
that needs wine-gecko).

As it stands, the packages build an updated gcc-mingw32 based on gcc
4.5.0, and a replacement runtime for mingw32-runtime based on
mingw-w64. This is where things get a bit complicated; Robert Millan's
packages based on mingw-w64 have been orphaned, but they pretended to
provide a build environment for mingw32msvc which doesn't match (or no
longer matches, I'm not sure) the upstream usage which is w64-mingw32
(with x86_64 and i686 variants, which would become amd64 and i586 or
i686 on Debian I guess). I could keep the existing targets and prepare
packages for experimental, but given that gcc 4.5 won't be in squeeze
(as I understand it), I thought it would be better to prepare a
complete set of w64-mingw32 packages, with proper build dependencies
on binutils-source and gcc-4.5-source. This would also help clearly
differenciate the mingw32 and mingw-w64 packages.

Thus the plan would be:
1. adopt mingw-w64 (I'll update #594371)
2. prepare binutils-mingw-w64 and gcc-4.5-mingw-w64 packages
3. update the mingw-w64 runtime (version 1.0 has been released)
4. update the wine-gecko 1.0.0 package
5. package wine-gecko 1.1.0 (this is required for wine-unstable 1.3.2)
6. update wine and wine-unstable

I do know that Ove has a wine-gecko (1.0.0) package which builds using
the existing mingw32-runtime, but it still needs an updated
gcc-mingw32. I don't know if wine-gecko 1.1.0 builds with
mingw32-runtime, but the official build instructions use mingw-w64. I
also know that Ove has worked on moving the wine packaging in a new
direction, so I wouldn't want to package wine against his wishes (but
my wine package hardly changes his existing packaging at all).

All in all it seems rather unrealistic to try hard now to get wine 1.2
into squeeze...



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