[pkg-wine-party] RFS: the mingw-w64 toolchain

Ove Kaaven ovek at arcticnet.no
Sun Apr 3 02:05:37 UTC 2011

Den 02. april 2011 23:16, skrev Stephen Kitt:
> The first strategy would allow the packages to make their way into the
> archive sooner, but I'm not sure what the FTP Masters' reaction would be to a
> NEW package relying on an "Arch: all" package to avoid bootstrapping itself.

They might be understanding about such bootstrapping - provided that all
the packages that depend on each other are all uploaded at once, so that
they all sit in NEW together, and can be checked and approved all at
once. I don't think this is the first time they've seen a bootstrap, and
I don't think it's productive to treat them like they're stupid.

> In addition to that, given the delays in the NEW queue just now, the second
> strategy would probably have the interesting side effect that the bootstrap
> packages would make it into the archive around the time Ubuntu unfreezes;
> having the bootstrap package at that point would allow the toolchain to be
> synced with Ubuntu. (Using the "Arch: all" shortcut would prevent that since
> Ubuntu packages are always rebuilt from source.)

All that would be Ubuntu's problem. If they have absolutely no way to
manually build a Debian package ever, then there's no reason for anybody
to even try to save them from themselves, as such ineptitude would
ultimately doom them no matter what. I would rather assume they know better.

> Thus I'd recommend the second strategy.

Well, neither argument seems convincing, and I believe it would also
have the interesting side effect of delaying Wine updates longer...

> If the packaging meets your requirements, would it be possible for me to
> join the wine party on Alioth and push my package to a git repository there?

The mingw packaging probably do not belong there. And when it comes to
wine-gecko, it probably won't be necessary since I made my own package
long ago. We'll see when the time comes.

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