[pkg-wine-party] Anything to help with?

Stephen Kitt steve at sk2.org
Fri Aug 5 06:50:29 UTC 2011

On Thu, Aug 04, 2011 at 11:52:05PM +0200, Ove Kåven wrote:
> OK, I've tried to build, but have you perchance broken mingw-w64 a bit
> in the meantime? It seems that configure is giving this:
> ...
> checking for gcc -pipe support... no
> checking whether compiler supports -Wno-long-long... no
> checking whether C compiler supports -fprofile-generate... no
> checking whether C compiler supports -fprofile-arcs... no
> checking whether C++ compiler has -pedantic long long bug... yes
> configure: error: Your compiler appears to have a known bug where long
> long is miscompiled when using -pedantic.  Reconfigure using
> --disable-pedantic.
> *** Fix above errors and then restart with               "/usr/bin/make
> -f client.mk build"
> make[1]: *** [configure] Error 1
> make[1]: Leaving directory `/tmp/buildd/wine-gecko-unstable-1.0.0+dfsg'
> Would adding that option be sound advice?

It shouldn't be necessary, the error is probably due to something
else. I remember encountering it in the past, but I can't remember
exactly what the problem was - I think it was due to the configure
script mis-detecting whether it was cross-compiling. (This would
happen for example if wine and binfmt-support are installed.) Could
you send me the full config.log?

On my system wine-gecko still builds fine, including within pbuilder.
In fact I use wine-gecko as a regression test before uploading new
versions of gcc-mingw-w64 or mingw-w64!



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