[pkg-wine-party] Bug#585409: Bug#585409: "Please package wine1.2 series"

Ivan Baldo ibaldo at adinet.com.uy
Mon Mar 21 13:38:06 UTC 2011


El 21/03/11 06:08, Stephen Kitt escribió:
> [snip] I'm not sure though that allowing wine-unstable into
> testing would be a good idea, since testing is the next stable and I'm
> not sure we'd want to ship wine-unstable in stable.
     But for some people/applications wine-unstable works better than 
wine stable, so it has value even on a stable distribution.
     Wine stable should be tried first and users should settle on it if 
it works with their applications, but when that doesn't work having 
wine-unstable to try easily even on a stable distribution is very useful 
and appreciated.
     THANKS A LOT guys for your hard work, this isn't an easy package, 
but I just want to let you know that some of us are very grateful and 
appreciate your hard work.
     Have a nice day!!!


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