[pkg-wine-party] Bug#585409: Announcing the month of wine/wine-unstable NMUs

Michael Gilbert mgilbert at debian.org
Fri Apr 20 18:32:02 UTC 2012


I have decided to go ahead and work toward solving bug #585409 (the
please package wine 1.2 series bug).

As I am not a package maintainer, I will be using my power as a DD to
push NMUs.  I think this work qualifies as an "Other NMU" according to
the Developers Reference section 5 (which requires at least a 10 day
delay), so I have started by uploading wine-unstable 1.1.37-0.1 to the
DELAYED/10 queue.  As Ove had a requirement to package each new 1.1.x
release at a maximum rate of one per day, I will also be uploading
each of the subsequent versions to the following versions DELAYED/11,
DELAYED/12, and so on.  Each changelog entry will state
"Non-maintainer upload."  I will only make the essential changes
needed to get the each new version working, and there will be no
cosmetic changes.

Seeing as the debdiffs for this work are far too unwieldy to attach
usefully as a patch, I am instead including a link to my personal wine
vcs, which was originally cloned directly from the existing alioth
wine repo:

Here is the schedule:
4/20/2012 (today) begin uploads to DELAYED/10 and greater
5/01/2012 wine-unstable 1.1.37 enters unstable
5/02/2012 wine-unstable 1.1.38 enters unstable
5/03/2012 wine-unstable 1.1.39 enters unstable
5/04/2012 wine-unstable 1.1.40 enters unstable
5/05/2012 wine-unstable 1.1.41 enters unstable
5/06/2012 wine-unstable 1.1.42 enters unstable
5/07/2012 wine-unstable 1.1.43 enters unstable
5/08/2012 wine-unstable 1.1.44 enters unstable
5/09/2012 wine-unstable 1.2.0 enters unstable
5/09/2012 wine 1.2.3 uploaded to DELAYED/10
5/10/2012 wine-unstable 1.2.1 enters unstable
5/11/2012 wine-unstable 1.2.2 enters unstable
5/12/2012 wine-unstable 1.2.3 enters unstable
5/19/2012 wine 1.2.3 enters unstable

Best wishes,

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