[pkg-wine-party] Bug#670532: wine-unstable: Please drop ia32-libs-dev and use --enable-win64 for Multi-Arch support.

Miguel A. Colón Vélez debian.micove at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 12:49:01 UTC 2012

Source: wine-unstable
Version: 1.1.36-1


Since dpkg/apt with multiarch support is already in sid it would be
nice if this package would transition to multiarch too.

I currently build wine 1.4/1.5 and the multiarch dependencies to build
a multiarch version of this package since this package is extremely

Currently the only packages missing and blocking this request are:
Debian|main|source: json-c 0.9-1.1~multiarch1
Debian|main|source: lcms 1.19.dfsg-1.1~multiarch1
Debian|main|source: libcap2 1:2.22-1.1~multiarch1
Debian|main|source: libgd2 2.0.36~rc1~dfsg-6.1~multiarch1
Debian|main|source: libogg 1.2.2~dfsg-1.1~multiarch1
Debian|main|source: libvorbis 1.3.2-1.3~multiarch1

I build 5 more packages but I believe they are not wine dependencies.
There are packages like pulseaudio which are already multiarch but
have been binNMU'ed but those packages would get fixed with their next
source upload.

Hope this helps,

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