[pkg-wine-party] Build Wine on 64Bits

Hilko Bengen bengen at debian.org
Sat Aug 4 13:09:13 UTC 2012

* Maxime Lombard:

> Like Debian Sid uses multiarch, so it's impossible to build myself
> Wine (without create a package, only build) on 64Bits system.

It may still be possible, but not without tricking the configure script.
In any case, you will need the 32-bit libraries eventually.

IIRC, the last non-multiarch packages of Wine had some features on amd64
missing because the libraries weren't there.

> I must to create a 32bits system with debootstrap for exemple to
> compile and build wine without problem...

That's certainly the saner approach. For actually building packages,
you may want to consider sbuild.

> I don't like Multiarch... So there are 2 solutions :

What specifically don't you like about Multiarch? I find that it solves
the 32/64-bit problems with Wine quite nicely. And it also makes it
possible to build co-installable packages for a WoW64 setup. (This may
be done after the wheezy release.)


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