[pkg-wine-party] Compile WoW64 Setup (Wine 32 and 64Bits)

Berillions berillions at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 22:32:08 UTC 2012


WoW64 Setup allow to create 32 and 64 bits prefix when you build Wine 64. I
follow this guide :

Since Debian Unstable use multiarch, it's impossible to compile Wine 32Bits
in a Debian 64 Bits so :
1- I compiled and built Wine64 in a Debian 64Bits chroot (with ../configure
--enable-win64 in ../wine-1.5.19/64Bits)
2- I copy "wine-1.5.19" into my Debian 32Bits chroot
3- I compile Wine32 (with ../configure --with-wine64=../64) in
4- When i launch the 'make' command, i have these errors : (it's French so
i tried to translate correctly :) )

root at debian64:/home/wine-1.5.19/32# make
make[1]: entering the directory « /home/wine-1.5.19/64/tools »
make[1]: « makedep » is up-to-date.
make[1]: leaving the directory « /home/wine-1.5.19/64/tools »
config.status: creating dlls/acledit/Makefile
make[1]: entering the directory « /home/wine-1.5.19/32/dlls/acledit »
../../../64/tools/makedep  -C../../../dlls/acledit -S../../.. -T../..
make[1]: ../../../64/tools/makedep : command not found
make[1]: *** [depend] Erreur 127
make[1]: leaving the directory « /home/wine-1.5.19/32/dlls/acledit »
make: *** [dlls/acledit/Makefile] Erreur 2
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