[pkg-wine-party] Compile WoW64 Setup (Wine 32 and 64Bits)

Hilko Bengen bengen at debian.org
Thu Dec 20 18:10:17 UTC 2012

* Berillions:

> Yes, I set "--enable-win64" in my AMD64 chroot but like it's explain in the
> guide, to compile 32Bits Wine for the share WoW64 setup, you must to use the
> 64Bits Wine sources compiled (--with-wine64=../64Bits_source)

When you look at the configure.ac and the Makefiles, you will notice
that --with-wine64 only disables building some components). Because some
tools are needed in the build process, the pre-built tools from the
existing 64-bit installation are then used. That's pretty much it.

> So it's possible to create package with 2 systems (main Debian and
> chroot ) ?

Just leave --with-wine64 out and you'll be fine. You'll just have to
make sure that fonts, tools, and server are only installed from the
64-bit build. (This is the part that is a little tricky to get right in
the package.)

As I mentioned, I had wine-1.4-based packages working a few months ago.

Most changes I made can probably just be cherry-picked, some need to be
adapted because of some patches that we applied to the package to make
it fit for release with wheezy. As soon as I manage to assign some time
to the task, I'll upload updated packages to experimental. I expect this
to be the case over the next week or two.


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