[pkg-wine-party] Packaging 1.1.37

Scott Leggett scott at sl.id.au
Thu Feb 23 17:13:45 UTC 2012


I'd like to assist with wine packaging and I've managed to build some packages 
for wine-unstable 1.1.37, however lintian is spitting out hundreds of warnings 

W: libwine-dev-unstable: manpage-has-bad-whatis-entry 

I also notice that libwine-dev-unstable_1.1.34 in sid has similar issues. It's 
apparently due to tools/c2man.pl:1450 which does not add a separator and 
'brief description' to the "NAME" section of the manpage.

Is the best solution to this to add a lintian override? Or should I be looking 
at patching the script to add some kind of description? Or something else?

To Ove: in the 1.1.36 changelog you mention planned changes to the packaging 
of wine. Are you able to elaborate on what those changes are likely to be?


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