[pkg-wine-party] Wine and Debian-backports

Berillions berillions at gmail.com
Wed Jul 11 21:41:32 UTC 2012

I know that it's too late to have wine 1.5.6 in Testing but i didn't
explain correctly my question.
Actually in Sid, there are 2 wine package, wine=1.4.1 and

When Wheezy will be stable and when it will be possible to push the package
in the new Testing from Sid, i would like to know :
- In the new testing, there will be only the wine package which corresponds
at the stable version in winehq.org (wine 1.6 ??)
- Or, there will be the same thing as in Sid => wine package (wine 1.6,
stable version) and wine-testing package (wine 1.7.X, development version)

If there is the second solution it will be easier to backport wine.
In Stable-backport, the package must to have the same/inferior version than
the package in Testing, not superior ?

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