[pkg-wine-party] [SCM] Debian Wine packaging annotated tag, wine-1.2-rc3, created. wine-1.2-rc3

Alexandre Julliard julliard at winehq.org
Sat Jun 9 07:22:09 UTC 2012

The annotated tag, wine-1.2-rc3 has been created
        at  40c8e1688651ab221b5f8c4dfd65d1c6956e2ab3 (tag)
   tagging  6517462ac0fb8a637f2401e00e076276b191f499 (commit)
  replaces  wine-1.2-rc2
 tagged by  Alexandre Julliard
        on  Fri Jun 11 19:40:32 2010 +0200

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Release 1.2-rc3
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


Akihiro Sagawa (7):
      taskmgr: Update Japanese translation.
      oledlg: Update Japanese translation.
      wordpad: Update Japanese translation.
      wineboot: Update Japanese translation.
      wininet: Update Japanese translation.
      localui: Add Japanese translation.
      shell32: Update Japanese translation.

Alex Balut (1):
      comctl32/tests: Added a test that checks whether setting a custom default button in a property sheet works.

Alexander Scott-Johns (8):
      msvcrt: Fix comments.
      msvcrt/tests: Properly skip if functions are not available.
      msvcrt: Rename _TRUNCATE to MSVCRT__TRUNCATE.
      include/msvcrt: Define _TRUNCATE; use it in the tests.
      msvcrt: The sizeOfBuffer argument of _vsnwprintf_s is measured in wide characters, not bytes.
      msvcrt: Fix spec file.
      msvcrt/test: Add some simple _vsnwprintf_s tests.
      msvcrt/tests: Move function pointer initialization code in printf.c into separate init function.

Alexandre Julliard (31):
      configure: Remove some dead code.
      msvcrt: Make sure msvcrt doesn't get unloaded.
      winex11: Disable sub-pixel antialiasing if Xrender isn't supported.
      user32: Fallback to normal icon drawing if AlphaBlend fails.
      mlang/tests: Fix some nasty #ifdef syntax.
      winex11: Windows with WS_EX_NOACTIVATE style shouldn't be on the taskbar.
      services: Start the 32-bit winedevice.exe for 32-bit kernel drivers.
      comctl32/imagelist: Don't select the mask bitmap into a DC, it may already be selected.
      comctl32/imagelist: Initialize the mask bits to zero in case the mask bitmap is smaller than the image bitmap.
      winex11: Ignore fontconfig and Xft configuration if the app explicitly requested antialiasing.
      comctl32: Only support an alpha channel for 32-bpp DIB-based imagelists.
      comctl32: Load comctl32 builtin bitmaps as 32-bit DIBs.
      winex11: Fix the X image masks according to the pixmap format in Get/SetDIBits.
      winapi: Get the list of files from git-ls-files if possible.
      winapi: Fix a few C parser bugs.
      kernel32/tests: Fix the process title tests to actually test something.
      kernel32: Make sure we always have a valid process title.
      ntdll: Set a valid process title for the initial process.
      comctl32/imagelist: Grow the has_alpha array also in ImageList_SetImageCount.
      krnl386: Load gdi.exe and user.exe also when initializing universal thunks.
      oleaut32: Fix handling of 'c' format for non-date variants in VarTokenizeFormatString.
      winecfg: Remove the unimplemented device autodetect radio buttons.
      winecfg: Reduce the height of the audio tab.
      winecfg: Reduce the height of the applications tab.
      winecfg: Reduce the height of the remaining tabs to make the window fit in a 640x480 desktop.
      advapi32: Fix Unicode string lengths in LsaLookupSids.
      xcopy: Do not ignore errors caused by processing parameters.
      msi: Don't allow entering text in a scroll text richedit control.
      wine.inf: Avoid creating empty registry values.
      include: Set the oleautomation attribute on XML interfaces so that they get registered properly.
      Release 1.2-rc3.

Andrew Eikum (3):
      msi: Publish icons into the correct directory.
      msi/tests: Fix install tests for Win9x.
      regedit: Escape the value name portion during export.

Andrew Nguyen (4):
      gdi32/tests: Uncomment and enhance a Win9x-specific Restore/SaveDC test.
      gdi32: Fix parameter handling of GetBoundsRect.
      configure: Avoid breaking compilation if AC_PACKAGE_URL is unavailable when regenerating with older autoconf.
      winealsa.drv: Replicate the snd_pcm_recover alsa-lib implementation to cope with older alsa-lib versions.

André Hentschel (10):
      winapi: Init preprocessor_condition.
      winapi: Add ordinal flag.
      winapi: Allow multiple flags.
      equartz: Add ntdll to imports.
      winemenubuilder: Simplify switch cases.
      winetest: Add an else case.
      wine.man: There is no configuration file.
      wineps.drv: Make the Apply button useable.
      comdlg32: Correctly report the filter.
      kernel32/tests: Add a test about unicode collation.

Aric Stewart (2):
      gdi32: Set lpOrder in BIDI_Reorder even for strings not requireing reordering.
      gdi32: Do not ignore USP_E_SCRIPT_NOT_IN_FONT when shaping glyphs.

Aurimas Fišeras (1):
      cmd: Update Lithuanian translation.

Austin English (2):
      ntdll: Add signal context function definitions for FreeBSD.

Damjan Jovanovic (4):
      winemenubuilder: Also extract .lnk icons from file types.
      winemenubuilder: Also extract .lnk icons from file types's open handler.
      wine.inf: Also install winhlp32 into \windows\system32.
      kernel32: CopyFile cannot overwrite a file with itself.

Dan Kegel (1):
      wined3d: Fix size of buffer in swapchain_create_context_for_thread().

David Hedberg (6):
      include: Add SID_ExplorerPaneVisibility.
      include: Update FOLDERVIEWMODE and FOLDERFLAGS.
      include: Add new SBSP_* defines.
      shell32: Fix possible memory leak in CreateUnixFolder.
      include: Add PIDLIST_ABSOLUTE typedef.
      include: Add extended treeview style (TVS_EX_) definitions.

Dmitry Timoshkov (3):
      hhctrl.ocx: Add a trace for the resulting CHM offset to string conversion.
      hhctrl.ocx: If a CHM file reports window dimensions and title but doesn't really set them use default values.
      server: Make layered windows transparent for mouse messages.

Dylan Smith (3):
      richedit: Keep default char format on WM_SETFONT in plain text mode.
      wordpad: Native RegisterClassExW requires cbSize to be set.
      wordpad: Provide buffer for replace with text.

Eric Pouech (8):
      winhelp: Added support for hotspot in images with target window embedded.
      winhelp: When opening a page, don't reopen the same page from macro, even if requested.
      winhelp: Don't reset window position when reusing the current window.
      winhelp: Don't close popup just after they are created.
      dbghelp: In dwarf parser, properly handle array without size specified.
      dbghelp: Ensure that local variables and parameter actually have a container.
      dbghelp: Properly manage in dbghelp interfaces local variables and parameters that are constant.
      winhelp: Implemented ExecFile macro.

Frédéric Delanoy (7):
      comctl32: Fix French translation.
      comdlg32: Fix French translation.
      shlwapi: Fix French translation.
      mshtml: Update French translation.
      kernel32: Fix a spelling error in French locale definitions.
      msacm32: Remove dead "code" from rc files.
      cmd: Update French translation.

Hans Leidekker (12):
      msi: Don't keep handles open to the patch database in MSI_ApplyPatchW.
      msi: Advance to the right cabinet in ACTION_MsiPublishAssemblies.
      msi: Improve parsing of patch summary information.
      msi: Pass the control name to ControlEvent_SubscribeToEvent instead of uninitialized memory.
      setupapi: Add stub implementations of SetupGetNonInteractiveMode and SetupSetNonInteractiveMode.
      msi: Create directories right before installing files.
      msi: Directly pass the disk id to installfiles_cb.
      msi: Display the directory identifier instead of the full path in standard actions.
      msi: Compare file versions as numbers instead of strings.
      msi: Disable an optimization in the execution of WHERE clauses.
      msi: Update an existing record even if the low bit in the transform mask is set.
      msi: Implement MsiGetFeatureCostA/W.

Henri Verbeet (5):
      wined3d: Get rid of some dead code.
      wined3d: Sampler states are 1-based.
      wined3d: Release the context on an error path in buffer_PreLoad().
      wined3d: Also flip the point sprite coordinate origin when rendering offscreen.
      d3d9/tests: Add a test for offscreen point sprites.

Hwang YunSong (2):
      wordpad: Update Korean resource.
      msi: Update Korean resource.

Igor Paliychuk (3):
      winhlp32: Add Ukrainian translations.
      oledlg: Add Ukrainian translations.
      kernel32: Update Ukrainian translations.

Jacek Caban (3):
      iexplore: Use 1 as default icon ID.
      mshtml: Uncomment iexplore.exe registries.
      winbase.h: Added missing COPY_FILE_* flags.

Joel Holdsworth (5):
      iexplore: Renamed iexplore resource file.
      iexplore: Added a Tango compliant icon.
      winecfg: Moved about panel code into about.c.
      winecfg: Added new logo graphics.
      winecfg: Cosmetic improvements to the about panel.

John Voltz (1):
      gdi32: Fix typo in enhanced metafile Arc function.

Jose Rostagno (10):
      setupapi: Update Spanish translation.
      mshtml: Update Spanish translation.
      wininet: Update Spanish translation.
      shell32: Update Spanish translation.
      msvidc32: Add Spanish translation.
      winecfg: Update Spanish translation.
      shell32: Fix Spanish translation.
      write: Add Spanish translation.
      jscript: Add Spanish translation.
      reg: Add Spanish translation.

Juan Lang (2):
      comdlg32: No and escape are equivalent.
      winhttp/tests: Skip tests when a connection fails.

Konstantin Kondratyuk (1):
      mshtml: Fix typo in Russian resources.

Kristofer Henriksson (1):
      winemp3.acm: Update mpegl3.c copyright notice.

Louis Lenders (1):
      xinput1_3: Quiet a noisy fixme.

Luca Bennati (25):
      wordpad: Update Italian translation.
      wineboot: Update Italian translation.
      winhlp32: Update Italian translation.
      oledlg: Update Italian translation.
      setupapi: Update Italian translation.
      cryptdlg: Add Italian translation.
      msvidc32: Add Italian translation.
      iccvid: Add Italian translation.
      sane.ds: Add Italian translation.
      localspl: Add Italian translation.
      gphoto2.ds: Add Italian translation.
      localui: Add Italian translation.
      hhctrl.ocx: Add Italian translation.
      mapi32: Add Italian translation.
      taskmgr: Add Italian translation.
      jscript: Add Italian translation.
      shell32: Update Italian translation.
      comdlg32: Fix Italian Translation.
      regedit: Update Italian translation.
      shell32: Fix Italian translation.
      shdoclc: Add Italian translation.
      wldap32: Add Italian translation.
      oleview: Add Italian translation.
      shdoclc: Fix Italian translation.
      shdoclc: Fix again Italian translation.

Maarten Lankhorst (1):
      dsound: Unofficially support 5.1 sound.

Marcus Meissner (4):
      shlwapi: Handle NULL ptr return from allocation (Coverity).
      mshtml: Add check for doc_obj being NULL (Coverity).
      dbghelp: Add 2 new darf defines and implement DW_OP_stack_value.
      wininet: Fixed buffer lengths in InternetCrackUrlW tests.

Mariusz Pluciński (5):
      gameux: Add initial header for gameux.dll.
      gameux: Add declaration of IGameExplorer interface.
      gameux: Add declaration of IGameStatistics interface.
      gameux: Add declaration of IGameStatisticsMgr interface.
      gameux: Add declaration of IGameExplorer2 interface.

Matijn Woudt (1):
      msi/tests: Testcases for CREATE TABLE.

Matteo Bruni (12):
      d3dx9: Allow modifiers on the ps dcl input instruction.
      d3dx9: Allow modifiers on the ps dcl sampler instruction.
      d3dx9: Fix get_regname debug function.
      d3dx9: Remove stray debug trace.
      d3dx9: Make D3DXCompileShader stub more verbose.
      d3dx9: Allow D3DXAssembleShader calls with NULL parameters.
      d3dx9: Mark builtin compatibility declarations in the shader assembler.
      d3dx9: Support ps_2_0-style dcl instruction in the shader assembler.
      d3dx9: Accept texture coordinate registers in dcl instruction.
      d3dx9: Allow sampler declaration without sampler type.
      d3dx9: Check register type in dcl input instruction.
      d3dx9: Disallow sampler declarations where not supported.

Nikolay Sivov (12):
      shlwapi: Don't limit text size for message boxes from ShellMessageBoxWrapW.
      oleaut32: Copy bytes instead of WCHARs in VarBstrCat.
      comctl32/rebar: Fix index check condition for RB_SHOWBAND.
      comctl32/rebar: Use defined constants as parameters.
      comctl32/treeview: Activate tree verification only when TRACE() is on.
      comctl32/treeview: Remove commented out lines.
      comctl32/treeview: Remove some casts.
      comctl32/tests: Some expand notifications tests.
      msvcrt: Add _snprintf_s implementation.
      msvcrt: Add _snwprintf_s implementation.
      msvcrt: Add _scwprintf implementation.
      msvcrt: Fix __lconv_init() prototype.

Octavian Voicu (1):
      ntdll: Show one-time ERR if NOFILE limit is reached.

Paul Vriens (36):
      browseui: Add Danish translation.
      comctl32: Add Danish translation.
      winedbg: Add the Danish translation.
      wineconsole: Add Danish translation.
      wineboot: Update the Danish translation.
      winecfg: Update the Danish translation and convert to UTF-8.
      taskmgr: Update the Danish translation and convert to UTF-8.
      shell32: Update the Danish translation and convert to UTF-8.
      mshtml: Update the Danish translation and convert to UTF-8.
      regedit: Update the Danish translation and convert to UTF-8.
      notepad: Update the Danish translation and convert to UTF-8.
      setupapi: Update the Danish translation.
      reg: Update the Danish translation and convert to UTF-8.
      kernel32: Fix the Korean resources.
      wininet: Update the Danish translation and convert to UTF-8.
      avifile32: Update the Danish translation and convert to UTF-8.
      winecfg: Update the Danish translation.
      winhlp32: Update the Danish translation and convert to UTF-8.
      wordpad: Update the Danish translation and convert to UTF-8.
      kernel32: Add the Danish translation.
      appwiz.cpl: Add the Danish translation.
      credui: Update the Danish translation and convert to UTF-8.
      mapi32: Add the Danish translation.
      write: Add the Danish translation.
      jscript: Add the Danish translation.
      start: Add the Danish translation.
      devenum: Add the Danish translation.
      cryptdlg: Add the Danish translation.
      winhlp32: Define LANGUAGE only once.
      resources: Fix some copy-paste mistakes in resource files.
      winecfg: Update the Danish translation.
      regedit: Update the Danish translation.
      user32: Update the Danish translation and convert to UTF-8.
      shell32: Update the Danish translation.
      notepad: Update the Danish translation.
      comdlg32: Update the Danish translation and convert to UTF-8.

Robert McDonald (1):
      include: Add missing typedef keyword to avoid multiply-defined symbols.

Sven Baars (10):
      oleview: Fix Dutch translation.
      cmdlgtst: Fix Dutch translation.
      regedit: Fix Dutch translation.
      reg: Fix Dutch translation.
      progman: Fix Dutch translation.
      cmd: Make some help messages more informative.
      cmd: Update Dutch translation.
      winmm: Fix Dutch translation.
      wordpad: Fix Dutch translation.
      comdlg32: Fix Dutch translation.

Sylvain Petreolle (1):
      mshtml: Allow either REG_SZ or REG_EXPAND_SZ for GeckoCabDir.

Thomas Mullaly (7):
      urlmon/tests: Added more test data for the IUri tests.
      urlmon/tests: Added tests for IUri_GetPropertyLength.
      urlmon/tests: Added test for invalid args to IUri_GetPropertyBSTR and IUri_GetPropertyDWORD.
      urlmon/tests: Added tests for IUri_GetProperties.
      urlmon/tests: Added tests for IUri_HasProperty.
      urlmon/tests: Added tests for IUri_IsEqual.
      urlmon/tests: Added tests for IUri_GetHost.

Vincent Povirk (2):
      windowscodecs: Fix the tile coordinate translation in the TIFF decoder.
      include: Add definitions for IWICColorContext.

Wolfram Sang (2):
      wined3d: Clarify some comments about Intel cards.
      user32: No sanity checks for BITMAPCOREINFO in BITMAP_Load.

Łukasz Wojniłowicz (22):
      mshtml: Update the Polish translation.
      wineboot: Update the Polish translation.
      wordpad: Update the Polish translation.
      taskmgr: Update the Polish translation.
      wininet: Update the Polish translation.
      shell32: Update the Polish translation.
      regedit: Update the Polish translation.
      winecfg: Update the Polish translation.
      setupapi: Update the Polish translation.
      notepad: Update the Polish translation.
      reg: Update the Polish translation.
      appwiz: Add the Polish translation.
      crypt32: Add the Polish translation.
      serialui: Add the Polish translation.
      cryptdlg: Add the Polish translation.
      jscript: Add the Polish translation.
      cryptui: Add the Polish translation.
      winedbg: Add the Polish translation.
      mapi32: Add the Polish translation.
      shdoclc: Add the Polish translation.
      user32: Update the Polish translation.
      oleacc: Update the Polish translation.


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